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Chapter 11

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Reid was unconscious for longer then what the medic who was tending to him would have liked. She had already taken his vitals and had looked him over, aside from exhaustion and being a little under weight she had seen no reason why he should have been out this long. She was minutes away from talking to his supervisors, she had been part of the medical staff of the FBI for years and so she was very familiar with Dr. Reid. She knew that he had always been on the thin side but this was ridiculous. How could he have lost this much weight and no one noticed? She had known of the tragedy that had befallen this particular BAU Unit. Why had no one bothered to make sure that the young man had gone to talk to someone? She knew that they liked to treat everyone as an equal but the fact was Spencer was socially awkward and so he tended not to deal with emotionally charged situations like everyone else would should have given them the common sense to help him out. The fact that they had stood by watched this young man slowly decay was unacceptable and it made her angry.

Spencer sat up, his head throbbed but other than that he knew that he was fine. The medic, Edna was flipping through some papers. He could see from the concern on her face that she was comparing his last medical exam to what the Psychiatric evaluation that he had done just after they had discovered that Gideon was dead. Undoubtedly she had noticed that he was not doing as well as he had said that he was. This was not for lack of trying; he would be the first one to point that out.

Edna looked up and smiled in relief as she noticed that Spencer was awake, and obviously eager to get back to work. Before she had the chance to say another Aaron Hotchner had walked in, the expression that he wore would have silenced anyone. Spencer took a deep breath and swallowed hard as Aaron approached where he was sitting.

"Edna, could we have minute?"

"Of course." She put the papers that she had been looking at on the table and left the room.

Hotch stood near Spencer. "This stops now. I need to know exactly what is going on with you. Neither one of us is leaving this room until you tell me." He knew that his words sounded harsh but at the same time he had tried doing things the way that Spencer would have wanted but that was getting them nowhere fast. The last thing that he had expected was that Spencer would grab his arm, bringing him close as if he wanted to whisper something to him. Instead he pulled him close, buried his face in the fabric of Hotch's shirt and cried.
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