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Arriving in Disneyland

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Me and the gang arrive at Disneyland

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Tiny Toons in...


By TTAFanatic13(


Charles Alder as Buster Bunny

Tress MacNeille as Babs Bunny

Eric Ridenour as Himself

Frank Welker as Calamity Coyote

Kath Soucie as Fifi La Fume

Gail Matthius as Shirley The Loon

Joe Alaskey as Plucky Duck

Maurice LaMarche as The Manager

And Rob Paulsen as Yakko Warner

The Bus stopped and the gang and I made our way towards the main gate. "Wow I'm so excited." I said. "I have a feeling that he's gonna..." said Plucky "I'm gonna sing!" I said. I then sang this song.

Where the streets are paved with gold.
Where the kiddies never go. In Hollywood!
Hollywood! Where the stars go shine in the night.
They walk in the bright daylight!
Right here in Hollywood!

The music then stopped. "Wow that was pretty good. Who ever knew you could sing?" said Babs. "Ah I was in a choir. But enough of me let's have some fun." I said. "Yeah!" shouted everyone. So we headed to get our tickets. We got inside and we ran towards Space Mountain. I rode with Calamity, Buster rode with Babs, Fifi rode with Hampton, and Plucky rode with Shirley. When the ride was over we headed to the Pizza Port. We got our food and started to discuss about the ride. "Oh man that was the best." said Buster. "Oui. It had thrills." replied Fifi. "Yeah. Like weren't the effects awesome or some junk?" asked Shirley. "I agree Shirley. The effects were great. But I like the ride and the music." I said. "I don't know about you but I liked the whole thing." said Plucky. "Yeah. I just feel bad that Hampton got sick while on the ride." said Babs. "Oh man. I don't feel so good." said Hampton. "Well I'm pretty suprised that he survived through the whole ride without puking once." I said. "So Eric. Your the master of this place. What ride's next?" asked Buster. "Well Fantasmic doesn't start till 9:30 tonight. But we have to get our seats at 7:00. How Bout Pirates of the Caribbean?" I said. "Okay. I heard the changed the ride." said Plucky. "Yeah. They put Jack Sparrow on it." I said. "Alrighty gang. Let's move." said Buster. We then headed towards New Orleans Square.
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