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Chapter Eighty One - Pulse

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Poison had stayed true to his word but was now slowly dying as a consequence.

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A/N This chapter was exciting for me to write, I'm really looking forward to writing the next chapter after writing this one! Thankies to Chemical_30 and thisbrokencitysky for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome :D If you can please review, I love seeing what you guys think so far. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eighty One - Pulse

"Do you feel more confident now, Miss Oliveson?" Dr. Isoda's assistant Lia, formally known as the Killjoy Silk Blood, asked Rosanna.
She nodded, brushing her dark brown bangs out of her eyes and away from the sweating surface of her rosy cheeks.
After making a swift recovery from her surgery, they'd convinced her to take one of their many classes on self defense. One of the many advantages to the newly implanted chip in Rosanna's neck was her ability to absorb new information at a fast rate, they knew the class would come in handy for when Rosanna arrived in the Zones with the Fabulous Killjoys.
"Yes, I do."
"I know your parents greatly appreciate the hard work you're putting in for your sister, Miss Oliveson."
She gave Lia a friendly smile. "Please, call me Rosanna, Miss Scarlow."
"Only if you call me Lia, Miss Scarlow makes me sound like my mother." Rosanna liked Lia. She was different to a lot of the other Better Living employees; she showed traces of emotion and kindness towards Rosanna. The only other people who treated Rosanna the way Lia did were her parents, but they'd been no where to be seen for a few hours.
"May I ask you a question?" Lia wondered, her blond hair, which was naturally curled tightly, bouncing slightly while she tilted her head to the side.
"Of course."
"Are you at all scared of the Killjoys?"
Rosanna nodded. "A little, however since I have no memory of them I think I am not as panicked as I would be if I remembered them perfectly."
Lia smiled. "That makes sense. What you are doing is extremely brave of you, Rosanna."
She nodded. "Thank you, Lia. Have you ever come into contact with any of the Killjoys?"
Lia shook her head. "No, I have not. Dr. Isoda likes to keep me close to her at all times in case of any emergencies. I rarely interact with other Better Living employees, never mind Killjoys."
"Do you enjoy your work, Lia?"
She paused. "It's very challenging, however it is occasionally rewarding." Lia didn't want to directly answer the question since she didn't enjoy her work. She never had, it was just always something that had been planned for her.
Rosanna nodded and tied her hair up into a pony tail to keep it out of her eyes.
They were interrupted seconds later by Rosanna's mother Diane.
"Miss Scarlow, may I have a moment alone with my daughter?"
"Of course, Mrs Oliveson. I shall be outside if you need anything."
"Thank you, Lia."
Once they were alone, Diane sat down her youngest daughter.
"I can't thank you enough, Rosanna."
"Mother, this is for Bandit. You don't have to thank me for helping my own sister. I'm happy to do this," She sounded like she was trying to convince herself she was happy and ready to do this.
"I just think there is something you should know before you leave. The Killjoys who are taking you . . . we think they may be mentally unwell."
"Mentally unwell?"
"Yes. While we have not been fortunate enough to capture one for examination in a few years, from their behavior they appear to posses some form of mental illness. They seem to have hallucinations and different ideas of how events in their lives happened."
"May I ask what evidence you have to support this theory of yours, mother?"
"There was one Killjoy, a girl no more than fifteen years old, who believed her dead mother had been brutally murdered by our beloved company. She continued to scream at our workers here and grew very violent quickly. She believed her mother was in the same room as her."
"You think the Killjoys after me are the same as the girl who believed she could see her dead mother?"
"It's a possibility we cannot confirm as of yet, Rosanna."
She nodded. "Does this put me and my sister in further danger?"
"It is possible."
Her nerves began to grow as she thought about what she was getting herself into. She was going to let a group of mentally ill rebels kidnap her, take her far away from her family in Battery City and search their hideout for her little sister who she didn't even remember.
"Do you think it's also possible they could have already hurt Bandit?"
Diane paused, pretending to consider the idea. "I like to think Bandit is well. While the Killjoys are ill, they do seem to care for her in a strange way."
"How bizarre."
"Yes, it was a strange observation we made. Do you feel prepared, my daughter?"
She nodded, despite the fact it was a lie. She wasn't prepared at all, she had no idea what would really happen during her short time with the Killjoys who'd attempted to end her life. "I feel prepared enough, mother."
"Good. We suspect the Killjoys will be here soon. You have the tracking device?"
Rosanna momentarily pulled the small device out from her pocket to show her mother. "I have it." She confirmed.
"Good. Now come with me."
She obeyed her mother, knowing no different to what she told her.

Poison lay on the floor in a pool of his own blood, his eyes and face swollen, wrists bleeding at an alarming rate after Karl had slashed them open without batting a single eyelid. After almost seven hours of torturing, Karl had given up and accepted the fact he wasn't giving away his granddaughter's location. Poison had stayed true to his word but was now slowly dying as a consequence.
"It really is a shame, Party Poison," Karl cleaned one of his blades of Poison's blood with a hand cloth. "In 2019 shortly after your memories had been wiped away, you did some phenomenal work for this company. I know you could have done much, much more great work for us had you been willing to cooperate."
"I'd never . . . cooperate with you." He struggled to speak through his bleeding lips, the pain of being strangled and mercilessly hit time and time again had caught up with him.
"In a sense, I feel this is some kind of revenge as well as serving the company."
"Yes, revenge. You see, before he was killed my daughter was set to marry Korse. If he were still alive, she would have had a good life. She may have even had children with Korse by now instead of a child by you."
"I-I have no regrets . . . I loved your daughter . . . a lot."
With out applying any pressure, Karl put his foot onto Poison's badly broken ribcage causing him to groan. "You didn't deserve my daughter's love. You were, and still are, garbage. My daughter deserved someone who could give her the life she is destined to have."
"Sh-she loved me . . . She told me so many times," He managed to smile even though it caused him pain. "Always loved me . . . Always will . . . No matter what, you c-can't change that. Not ever."
Karl only had to press his foot down ever so slightly for Poison to cry out in pain. "You twisted her mind, gave her a false illusion of what love really is."
"Says the man who brainwashed her . . . Who took her away from her own d-daughter . . . And you dare to call yourself her father . . . You're the one who doesn't deserve her, Karl . . . Not me." He weezed in pain and quickly began coughing up unhealthy amounts of blood.
"My daughter doesn't even remember who you are anymore, Killjoy. If she ever loved you, that love she felt is dead and it has been for almost six years. However, she knows who I am. I'm her father, I raised her, I cared for her, I fed her when she was hungry, I gave her money when it was needed . . . but you, you're nothing to her. You're garbage. Complete and utter garbage."
"Maybe I am . . . But . . . It doesn't change the fact . . . I'm tied to her, whether she knows it or not . . . A mix of my blood and hers runs through our daughter's veins . . . We're always tied together through our daughter, Karl . . . How does it feel . . . Knowing garbage like me is always going to be connected to her?"
"Silence!" Karl commanded, harshly punching his ribcage again. "As far as myself and the company are concerned, the child you conceived with my daughter has no relation to you. We see her as Alexandria's daughter only, not yours. In my eyes, you have no connections or ties to either of them."
Poison tried to cough out words, but just more blood came up. Karl laughed, removing his foot from his ribcage.
"Soon, you will be dead and none of this will matter anymore. I am just glad I got to be the man to end your pathetic life, Party Poison. Enjoy your slow, painful death. I know I've enjoyed every second of it."
Karl left the room, leaving Poison to bleed to death slowly.
Once again, Karl began walking towards Dr. Isoda's office to inform her Party Poison was extremely close to death. He knocked on the pure white door, accidentally staining the wooden surface with blood.
"Come in."
He opened the door. "Dr. Isoda, I bring good news."
"Party Poison spoke of his daughter's location?"
"No, however as we speak he is dying."
She sighed. "No useful information was found?"
"Unfortunately, no."
"You used the same medication we used on Grace Jeanette to try to get him to speak?"
"He seemed to be one of the rare few who are immune, Dr. Isoda."
"Okay then. We should celebrate his death once we have found Alexandria's daughter through Rosanna."
"We should, Dr. Isoda. This is a great achievement."
"That it is, Mr. Oliveson." She agreed, her small lips curved into a smile beaming with excitement.

While Kobra, Static, Ghoul, Violet and Jet searched for Party Poison desperately, Cherri, Lie, Attack and Hurricane hunted the building for Death.
Everything seemed to be normal, Draculoids regularly tried to stop them from finding her and shot at them while they searched the prison cells to find the missing Killjoy.
"How many sections do we have left to search in here?" Cherri wondered, shooting at the closest Draculoid with her helmet in place.
"We've searched A, B and C, the only one left now is section D." Lie informed her, his eyes quickly scanning the map in front of him.
"You guys go ahead, I'll hold these Dracs off." Attack said, shooting the Draculoids effortlessly each time.
"You're not doing it alone, I'll stay." Hurricane agreed with Attack and began shooting while Lie and Cherri ran down the hall ways until they reached section D.
They opened the doors to the cells, each one either empty or occupied by a fresh dead body. It took them a while to find Death, but the second they found her they didn't even waste time in talking. They grabbed her by the arm and began taking her back to where Hurricane and Attack were shooting the Dracs.
Rosanna took a deep breath, trying to mentally prepare herself for what she'd have to do in order to save herself and Bandit once they arrived at the diner.

Kobra scurried into the torture rooms, the rest of the Killjoys shortly followed behind him while he frantically searched for his brother. Even though they'd spend what felt like long, painful hours searching for Poison, the second Kobra saw his brother he instantly regretted laying his eyes on the scene.
His brother lay there, pale and bloody with stained clothes and broken bones. Everything stood still while the mental image of his brother lying broken and defenseless was burned into his brain.
Kobra ran over to his brother and fell to his knees, soaking his jeans in the cold blood next to his brother's body.
Poison was either dead or unconscious, but either way it wasn't looking good for him.
"We need to get him out of here now and in the car." Ghoul said, staring at his best friend with wide, traumatized eyes while Violet cried into his shoulder.
Jet shook his head. "I don't know if we'll get that far," Jet desperately tried to find a pulse but failed to each time he searched for one. "I-I can't find a pulse."
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