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Chapter Eighty Two - Half Dead

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She'd seen Poison at what she thought was at his worst, but the state he was in beat all the past mental images she'd had of him by far. The man was almost dead.

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A/N Hey guys, I was pretty eager to write the chapter after I posted the last one so I'm hoping you'll all find it interesting to read! Thankies to Chemical_30 and thisbrokencitysky for reviewing the last chapter, it means a lot :D If you can, please review. I'd love to see any theories you guys have on what you think'll happen next. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eighty Two - Half Dead

"J-Jet, he's not dead. Find his pulse, I know it's there."
"Kobra, I don't-"
"Fucking find it Jet!" He demanded Jet to find his brother's pulse, almost shouting angrily in the process.
Jet continued to desperately find a pulse from one of his best friends, he tried extremely hard until he felt the smallest flutter of a heartbeat under his fingers from Poison's neck.
"It's barely even there, but I think he's still alive for the moment."
Kobra sighed in relief. "Thank god."
"He's not out of the woods yet, Kobra. I need something to cut the blood circulation from his wrists so he doesn't lose anymore blood . . . are any of you wearing belts?"
Violet took the leather belt off from around her waist and handed it to Jet without thinking twice about it, as did Kobra.
Still fearing his for Poison's life, Jet cut the circulation off as soon as he could, piercing new holes in the belts to make sure he didn't lose anymore blood still left inside his body.
"Poison? Poison, it's Jet can you hear me?"
Poison was motionless. Jet tried slapping him gently around the face in the hope he'd come around.
Poison groaned in agony, feeling the pain of the torture he'd endured on every inch of his body.
"Poison, it's Jet Star. We're taking you back to the diner."
"Death . . . sh-she's still here . . . she had . . . the surgery." His frail voice was barely even a whisper.
"Cherri and her group have gone to get Death. Right now, you're our main focus. Do you know how long you've been here bleeding?"
"Who did this to you? Was it Isoda?" Kobra said, still kneeling next to his brother.
"Not Isoda . . . Karl O-Oliveson."
"Karl Oliveson? As in Lexia's father, that Karl?"
"We need to get him out of here, we can ask him questions later." Ghoul joined in.
Ghoul and Kobra picked him up with one of Poison's arms around their necks to give hi support with walking. Poison couldn't force his feet to move one infront of the other, he was too weak.
While Ghoul and Kobra practically dragged him through the halls of the Better Living headquarters, droplets of Poison's blood left a trail from the torture room he was in all the way down the hallways until they reached the elevators. Kobra, Jet, Static and Violet defended themselves and Ghoul, Kobra and Poison. They fought the Draculoids so Ghoul and Kobra could still support Poison's weak body.
With laser beams bouncing and narrowly missing the Killjoys by inches, they all threw themselves into the spotless glass elevator and prepared themselves for the Draculoids they knew would be waiting for them on the ground floor.
"Poison, you need to try and stay awake for us. Don't close your eyes or go back to sleep okay? You gotta stay awake, man." Jet said when he noticed Poison's eyes slowly drooping.
"I'm s-so . . . tired. Everything hurts." He complained with a fragile voice.
"I know, man. But think of Bandit, you need to stay awake for her. Can you do that?"
"I-I'll try." He promised as the doors to the ground floor slowly opened.
As they anticipated, a large crowd of Draculoids had their guns pointed in their direction as the doors opened. Kobra and Ghoul tried running towards the doors to make an escape with the severely injured Killjoy, the rest of the Killjoys tried to hold off the Dracs.
They successfully got Poison into the back of the car with Cherri and her small group waiting for them inside.
"It's about time, what where you- Holy shit, Poison." Cherri said when she saw the horrific state Party Poison was in. He had blood a mixture of dried and fresh blood coming from his lip and nose. His eyes were swollen and bruised to a point where he struggled to open them. The man was lucky to be breathing, they just hoped he'd make it back to the diner before one of the many severe injuries he'd received from Karl killed him.
"He's spend the last few hours being tortured by Acid's father." Kobra said while grabbing his gun.
"What are you doing with that?"
"Going back, there's too many Dracs for them to deal with on their own. There's gotta be at least thirteen of those bastards and there's only a few of them."
Had Poison been able to speak easily, he would've told his little brother not to be stupid. He would've taken his brother's place and gone back himself. But he couldn't. Not when he felt like he was dying.
Death sat in the car, quiet with wide eyes. She hadn't spoken a single word to the Killjoys, she just recited her instructions in her head over and over again to make sure she followed them perfectly.
"Death," Poison weezed. "She's . . . she had . . ." Before he could finish, he began coughing up blood and continued to ruin his already blood-stained clothes.
"Ssh, Poison, you need to rest. Just relax, you're safe now." Just as Cherri spoke, a laser beam shot straight through one of the windows in Cherri's car. They all looked to where the shot was coming from.
Kobra, Static, Jet, Ghoul and Violet ran towards the Trans Am behind Cherri's car.
"Go, go ,go!" Kobra ordered, causing Cherri's foot to slam against the car's pedals. The tires screeched painfully as they drove away from the headquarters with lasers still shooting wildly against the car.
"Well that was a fuckin' close call."

"They should be back now, Dr. Death. It's been fucking hours. Something must've gone wrong. It has to or they would've been back by now." Acid walked around the diner anxiously while Dr. Death had to put up with her worrying.
"Ace, they've been gone longer before for less serious missions. I'm sure they're just fine, they're probably on their way back as we speak, honey."
"I have a weird feeling about this. What if Death's hurt? Or Poison?"
"If any of 'em got hurt, they'll get better. They always do, they've been brought back from the dead before now, Ace. I don't know if you noticed, but we Killjoys ain't that easy to get rid of." His voice managed to sooth Acid's nerves slightly, but she never managed to shake the feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. She felt like something had gone wrong, she almost knew it had.
Her theories had only been proven right when they came bursting through the door with Poison half dead in his brother's arms.
"Poison!" Acid felt as if she were having a heart attack. She'd seen Poison at what she thought was at his worst, but the state he was in beat all the past mental images she'd had of him by far. The man was almost dead.
She darted straight towards him, trying to get a better look at his broken body.
"Ace, Jet needs to attend to him straight away." Kobra warned.
"Who the fuck even did this to him?" Her heart was breaking, she could feel it crack into two pieces.
"We'll talk after."
She watched them take Poison into his room then locked eyes with her sister. Before bursting into tears, she wrapped her arms around her.
Rosanna didn't know what to do with the stranger hugging her. Did she just stand there or wrap her arms around her too? She decided to contribute to the hug, it'd look more natural if she did.
"A-are you okay? They didn't hurt you too, right?"
"No, no one hurt me."
"Good. I was so fucking worried about you, Death. I had this feeling something bad had happened to you, I was going crazy here." Death? Why was she calling her Death?
"Well . . . I'm okay."
"I love you, little sister." Little sister? This stranger was claiming to be Rosanna's sister? Her mother had only told her she had a little sister called Bandit, she never mentioned an older sister. However, Diane did say the Killjoys were mentally insane. Maybe this was just an example of their mental illness.
"I l-love you too." Rosanna lied, hoping she believed her for the sake of her little sister.

Jet removed his bloody rubber gloves after finishing his work on Poison, who lay on his mattress with his eyes shut tightly. Jet took Kobra outside, leaving Poison to rest.
"How is he, Jet?"
"Right now, he's stable. He lost a lot of blood, Kobra. He needs a blood transfusion, but I obviously don't have the equipment to do that right now. I've stitched up all the major wounds so he won't lose anymore blood, all we can do now is hope he pulls through."
Kobra sighed. "There's no way he can have a transfusion? I mean, we're brothers. I know for a fact we have the same blood type, we found out when we were kids."
"I could try, but it wouldn't be safe being in the environment we're in. It'd only put him in more danger than he's in now, Kobra."
"If you think a transfusion would put him in more danger, we won't do it. I just want him to be okay, Jet. That's all I want."
"I know it is. It's all any of us want, Kobra."
"Sorry to interrupt, but I just want to ask a couple questions." Acid's eyes were bloodshot, everyone knew she'd been crying ever since they walked in with Poison.
"First of all, is he going to be okay?"
"I just told Kobra that Poison's stable for the moment, but I can't say he's out of the woods yet. He needs a blood transfusion, but it's a high risk and we don't have the appropriate tools to use to do it. We just have to wait and see what happens for the time being."
"Do you know who did this to him? Was it Isoda or was it an Exterminator?"
Both Kobra and Jet paused. They didn't know how to tell Acid her own father was the one who'd pushed Poison to the brink of death.
"When we got there . . . he'd been left with his wrists cut open so he'd bleed out slowly. When he gained consciousness . . . he . . . he said it was Karl Oliveson."
Acid paused. Her father, her own father was the one who'd harmed Party Poison to a point where he was dying? She didn't want to believe them. She really didn't, but knew it was probably true. Her father was a cold blooded killer, just like she once was.
"I-I want to deny it, but I know my father. It's most likely the truth, he's done it before and he'll do it again." Her voice sounded hurt.
"I'm sorry, Acid."
"It's okay. Back to Poison . . . could I see him? Is he awake right now?"
"He's resting and struggling to talk right now, but if you really want I don't see any harm in you staying with him for a little while."
She found herself bringing Jet into her embrace. "Thank you for everything you did for him."
"Don't mention it, Ace. Just be careful with him."
She nodded, pulling away. "I will."
Acid opened the door to his room, looking down at his broken bones and stitches.
Every time she thought she could handle seeing him, she proved herself wrong and felt the aching begin all over again. Her dad was responsible for this. He was the one who'd hurt the father of her own daughter.
"Jet told me you can't talk right now, but it's me. It's Acid." She sat next to his bed and laced her hand into his. "I just wanted to say how fucking sorry I am for this. I know it was my dad who did this to you, Kobra told me."
Like she expected, there was no response.
"I wish I wasn't his daughter right now, Poison. I remember how my dad felt about our relationship back when we first found them again, I know he probably made you suffer even more because of how much we meant to eachother." Her eyes filled with tears again. "I just . . . I just want you to know that I never meant for any of this to happen. I never meant to leave you or to ever put you in danger like this. I fucking loved you for crying out loud." Her voice cracked through the tears. "I'm just sorry the fact you used to be with me is still hurting you. I'm so sorry."
The fact Poison was in so much pain was enough to bring her to tears, however if Poison suffered this badly from being with her five years ago would Bandit suffer from being Lexia's daughter one day too? It was unbearable for her to even think about.
Acid didn't move for a while. She justed cried until she eventually fell asleep next to Poison, hoping and praying he'd pull through.
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