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Chapter Eighty Three - More Than Anything

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"I love you, Acid. If I ever say I don't, I'm a fucking liar."

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A/N I'm really sorry for the delay, I've been suffering from what I guess you'd class as writer's block recently. I mean, I've been thinking about a lot of different ideas but I'm just struggling to decide on which direction I want to take the story into. This chapter's not the most thrilling, but I'm hoping I'll make a decision soon on which direction the story's going in so I can make it more exciting for you guys. Thankies to thisbrokencitysky for reviewing the last chapter, it's really appreciated! If you can, please review I love seeing what you guys have to say. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eighty Three - More Than Anything

After a few hours of sleeping beside his bed, Acid stretched out her arms and looked down at Poison, who slept peacefully with patches of blood still dried onto his body. Her heart ached and she couldn't help but blame herself for the condition he was in. Certain bones were still broken, the miracle medication Better Living Industries had created didn't seem to have started fixing his broken bones yet.
She glanced at the clock in the corner of his room, noticing it was almost eight in the morning, a time she never seemed to be awake for anymore. Acid put her attention back onto Poison and carefully brushed locks of his red hair out of his eyes with the tip of her finger. She accidentally caught one of his swollen bruises with her finger, causing him to groan in pain slightly.
If Poison groaned, was he awake?
"Poison? Are you awake?"
She smiled, partially relieved he was responding. "Yeah, it's Ace."
"Acid . . . If I'm dead, why am I in so much pain?" Some of the drugs Jet had given Poison were strong, from the way his voice was slurred Acid suspected they hadn't completely worn off yet.
"You're not dead, Poison. You're gonna be okay now."
"You're sure I'm not dead? I was in so much pain, then it went black . . . I thought he'd killed me." He almost sounded disappointed to still be alive, causing the aching to get worse in her chest.
"I'm sure, Poison. You're safe now and my father will never be hurting you again. I'm so fucking sorry he hurt you so badly. I-"
"Don't blame yourself like you always fuckin' do, Acid. You and I both know what he did wasn't your fault."
"But it was my fault, if I hadn't-"
"It wasn't your fault."
"But I-"
"I don't want any ifs or buts. I already said it's not your fault, Acid. I don't blame any of this on you."
Acid laced her hand into his. "I still can't believe he did this to you. I know my father's not the same person he used to be when I was a kid, but I never expected him to do this," She paused, remembering the man she'd once adored as a child. "I always knew he was capable of hurting people to an extreme measure after Better Living practically brain washed him, but I guess I never wanted to believe he'd actually torture people, y'know? I used to love him so much."
"I know you did, Ace. I know you did. But you need to remember, that man isn't your father, not anymore. As far as I'm concerned, you and our daughter have nothing to do with him. I don't think any differently of you, I still love you more than anything."
Acid stopped. He loved them both? Meaning he loved Acid as well? The drugs Jet had given him really were strong.
"How much pain are you in right now? Do you need more meds?" She changed the subject, still in shock after he'd told her he loved her.
"The pain's there, but it's bearable. I've been in a lot more pain before now."
She nodded. "That's good."
The silence wasn't awkward for both of them, it was just awkward for Acid while Poison was too drugged up to realize he'd said he loved her.
"Are you still there?" He asked after she'd been quiet for a while.
"I'm still here, Poison."
"Good, I don't want you to leave me Acid."
"I won't leave you, I'll stay with you for as long as you need me."
"I miss you."
"You miss me?"
"Yeah, I miss you. Why couldn't we ever work it out, Acid?"
"B-because uh . . . we, um . . . we were, and sometimes still are, angry."
"Yeah . . . I left, Poison. You were angry and had a right to be, I was angry because you were pissed too and I'm still angry because of what those bastards did to me."
"You're still beautiful."
She almost laughed, thinking she was far from beautiful. "I'm not. What I'm is a fucking freak and a cold blooded killer."
"You're wrong. You're so fucking wrong. You're Acid; beautiful, smart, funny and fantastic Acid." Poison seemed completely out of it with his speech still slurred and almost unclear. "Why do you just remember all the bad things about yourself?"
"Because when it comes to my past and the things I've done, the bad things out weigh the good."
"They don't. I remember who you were before they took you away from me and I know you now after you came back. Nothing could make you a bad person, Acid. You're perfect."
"You asked me why I only remember the negative things about myself, well why are you only remembering the good things right now?"
He smiled, his eyes still closed. "Because they're all good memories and I love you."
"You're so high on drugs right now, Poison. You're gonna forget this conversation, I know you are."
"No I won't." He sounded like a stubborn child. "I'll remember everything, Acid."
"Yeah, right."
"You're so stubborn whenever you've made your mind up about something. It's funny."
"Oh, I'm the stubborn one?"
"You've always been the stubborn one. Stubborn as a mule." He smiled.
"Try and get some sleep, Poison. Your body's been through a lot, you need to rest okay?"
"You promise you won't leave?"
"I said I'd stay where, didn't I?"
"Okay. I love you, Acid. If I ever say I don't, I'm a fucking liar. A fucking huge liar."
"I believe you." She didn't.
"Do you love me too?"
"I wanna hear you say it."
She paused. "I . . . I love you, Poison."
"Thank you."
"What exactly are you thanking me for?"
"For everything. For staying with me, for taking care of me . . . for saying you love me," He took a moment to laugh. "You love me."
She kissed his forehead. "Sleep for me now?"
"Anything for you."

After a few hours of staying in Poison's room, Jet walked in to check on both of them.
"How's he holding up?"
"What the fuck did you give him, Jet?" Acid whispered, cranky.
"What do you mean?"
"How many drugs did you give him and how strong were they? He woke up before, fucking out of his mind telling me he fucking loved me. That had to be strong shit, right?"
"I gave him some of the Better Living meds and pain killers."
"Have you ever given the combination of Better Living meds and pain killers to someone before?"
"No, however I know for a fact it's impossible to overdose on the Better Living pills. I knew he'd be okay if I gave him both."
"Don't do it again, he's acting all weird . . . it's like he's drunk or something. Really, really fucking drunk."
"Did you say Poison told you he loved you?"
She nodded slowly. "Yup, he said it a few times."
He shrugged. "Maybe it's the truth. You know how much he loved you in the past, feelings like that don't disappear easily."
"But he's drugged up, Jet. It can't be the truth."
"Or you're just in denial. We're not stupid, we all know you two have had something going on behind our backs, Ace. It's just hard for him to admit how he feels about you after everything that happened."
She paused before talking to Jet. "You think he'll remember any of this once he sobers up?"
"It's possible he will, but it's also possible he won't."
"Good. I don't want it to be awkward between us when he's thinking straight again."
"But he fucking loves you, Acid. He said it himself."
"Once upon a time he did, but right now he's not thinking clearly. He doesn't mean it, Jet."
"Please don't take this the wrong way, both you and Poison mean a lot to us and we all love you but holy shit, you two can be stupid as fuck sometimes. You both very clearly still love each other, you have a daughter together for crying out loud! Yet you can't get over the fear of being hurt again in order to be together and to be happy."
Acid folded her arms across her chest. "It's not that easy, Jet."
"But it is, Acid. You still have Poison here with you, all you need to do is sit down and talk about how you feel. Some of us don't have that option anymore, Ace. I mean look at me, I lost Jessey and I won't ever get the chance to tell her I love her again but it's not too late for you and Poison. You still have the chance to tell Poison you want to be with him, so don't waste that chance, Acid. I promise you'll regret it if you don't." He closed the door carefully behind him, leaving Acid alone to think about what he'd said.
Acid's thoughts about the whole situation began to spin around her head. She knew Jet had a point, she still loved him even though she didn't want to sometimes. There just seemed to be so many complications whenever they were together romantically.
Poison twisted and turned in his sleep before grunting and slowly opening his eyes again.
"Hey." Acid said.
"How do you feel?"
"Weird . . . The room feels like it's spinning. Can you make it stop?" Again, he sounded like a child to Acid. She brushed his forehead with her hand gently and felt his temperature; it was slightly warmer than usual but not too abnormal.
"I wish I could, but there's nothing I can do. You're on a lot of medication right now, Poison."
He groaned. "It's fucking annoying. I want it to stop, Ace."
"I'm sorry it's so irritating. There anything I can do to make you feel a little better?"
"Yeah . . . I want you in bed with me."
She arched an eyebrow. "Poison, I'm not sleeping with you while you're fucking dr-"
"I didn't mean it in a sexual way . . . I just . . . I wanna hold you." She heard enough of his slurs to hear what he'd asked her to do. She hesitated for a couple of moments before taking off her dusty boots and climbing onto the bed with him.
She wrapped one of her arms across his chest and snuggled into his side while being cautious of his broken ribs. Acid angled herself so she didn't hurt him but was still close to him.
"Feel better now?"
"Yeah . . . A lot better, Acid."
"Good. You gonna go back to sleep?"
"Yeah . . . I'm tired . . . promise you won't leave?"
"I'll never leave. Plus I promised you before I'd stay with you." She placed a kiss on his slightly swollen cheek
"Yeah, you did."
"Sweet dreams."
She lay there for a while, feeling his chest raise up and down slowly and felt his heart beat steadily. While she was unsure of what to do with her relationship with Poison, being close to him was enough in that moment. She eventually slipped into a deep sleep with him and took a break from the drama for a little while.
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