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Crown Game continues

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North Tower-Rd3

Hitsugaya still saw red when he saw this person. He should have been locked in the deepest reaches of the Soul Society prison but here he was standing before him, with the same smug grin on his face. Histugaya of course being a Captain Shinigami in the Gotei 13, he was paired with Kenpachi the one who loved bloodshed and Sui-Feng, leader of the Stealth Corps. The greatest threat right now was that there were two Arrancar, Yammy and Coyote Starrk and Sousuke Aizen was leading them. It appeared that his hypnosis over them all was still in affect and whenever any of them tried to attack him, Aizen could manipulate everything they were seeing.
Aizen wasn’t concerned with them, but they were a nuisance. Especially in a place where there were others he had to contend with whom were not under his control. He was fast losing patience. Once Aizen had the crown he had many coming for him, he cut through Orochimaru’s entire body but he was only a mud clone. Outside of Aizen the whole battlefield were fighting one another. The scientist Verde had done his best to compete for the round but significantly out of his depth. Meryem, the Chimera Ant king injured Verde to within an inch of his life. If it hadn’t been for Verde’s medical ninja teammate Shizune, he would have surely died. The captain of their particular team Sarutobi Hiruzen retreated and wanted no more part in this game if it meant innocent people would be killed on his watch. The finish of the round left Aizen in control of the crown sitting on the throne.

North Tower-Rd4

As the fourth round began. Aizen was very cocky sitting on the throne with the crown on whilst being protected by both Starrk and Yammy. The thing is, he wasn’t able to enjoy this round as he had the last. At the opening of the round and the next teams came out a beam of light hurtled towards him. If he had not got out from the throne, it would have pierced through his brain, he was lucky enough already to have dodged it. Now that he had got off the throne he was to be forced to relinquish the crown to the closest person, which would be the team who had pressured him. The team of Admiral Kizaru, Rob Lucci and Vice Admiral Momonga. Momonga was put on the throne with the crown whilst the others were there to protect him. Aizen content with the points he had tallied kept his men back and said there was no more need to risk death or injury against such opponents. They stood on the fringes whilst the other teams battled it out.
Adelheid had sent out many of her ice clones around the arena but couldn’t quite get the advantage for her team as Jugo, Hiyori and Om were quite formidable, but it was Kizaru who dominated this round.

North Tower-Rd5

As for the final round, there were teams there in panic as they were in the bottom portion of the tally and hence wanted to grab some last effort points. Luckily enough Adelheid’s team and Jugo’s team were able to remain out there as no other team had elected to. Trafalgar Law was by far the strongest in his team, but he was struggling to do it on his own as Bonney and Arlong couldn’t match up to his strength. This weakness in their team is what faltered them. Sui-Feng in the team of shinigami was able to dominate using her high speed to reach the throne and take the crown. The shinigami were quite skilful in their tactics of holding the crown whilst retreating. Adelheid’s team was doing everything they could to get points. In the chaos, Jugo almost lost control once more creating havoc. The AT riders with Agito were not too pushy and suspiciously held themselves back.

1st- Aizen/Starrk/Yammy
2nd- Hidan/Kakuzu/Kisame
3rd- Borsalino (Kizaru)/Lucci/Momonga
4th- Gin/Gray/Killua
5th- Midnight/Ultear/Zancrow
6th- Meryem/Orochimaru/Uvogin
7th- Hitsugaya/Kenpachi/Sui Feng
8th- Guy/Naruto/Temari
9th- Ace/Rayleigh/Robin
10th- 15th- Hiyori/Jugo/Om, Arlong/Bonney/Law, Agito/Orca/Yoshitune, Hiruzen/Shizune/Verde, Adelheid/Chrome/Gokudera

East Tower-Rd1

The Fourth Raikage A had bet on his speed to reach the throne first. As the gates opened for the opening round he electrified and sped up his entire body and got there. However it wasn’t as easy as he thought and right behind him was a guy who had steam coming from his body. Monkey D Luffy wasn’t as fast as A, however he was fast and had a long range reach A didn’t. The pistol shot by Luffy narrowly missed A who managed to grab the throne. The Third Tsuchikage Onoki who was also on A’s team with Mifune the Samurai General were doing their best to back him up but met two pirates. Marco and Boa Hancock were allied with Luffy and it would be these two teams that were outflanking and fighting fiercely for this round. Hibari, Yamamoto and Xanxus were all on the same team, as they knew eachother from their own world. However two of them had strong personalities and refused to fight as a team. A and the Kage-ninja team held the crown on the run for almost the entire round. Luffy and the pirates were able to take it from them at the death and get Boa with it on the throne.

East Tower-Rd2

It was difficult to imagine that one of the strongest teams in the entirety of the Crown Game across every single tower wasn’t as dominant in this round. The World Government team of Magellan, Akainu and Smoker entered round 2. Luffy had an immediate emotional response to seeing Akainu. However there would be two teams allying with each other for this round which meant 6 very strong people working together. The Shinigami-Vizard alliance was too strong a force for all to handle in this round. The Shinigami team led by Genryusai also had Matsumoto and Rukia. The Vizards led by Shinjy had Hachigen and Rojuro alongside him. All of their attacks were varied in nature from illusions to fire and they could share the ownership of the crown between them to ensure they had enough to be safe.

1st- A/Onoki/Mifune
2nd- Genryusai/Matusmoto/Rukia
3rd- Shinjy/Hachigen/Rojuro
4th- Luffy/Marco/Boa Hancock
5th- Magellan/Akainu/Smoker
6th- 7th – Bermuda/Genkishi/Skull, Hibari/Yamamoto/Xanxus
Not yet attempted-Itachi/Jiraiya/Jinbe, Neji/Sakura/Elfman, Ulquiorra/Nnoitra/Hody Jones, Erza/Jura/Bando Mitsuru, Hades/Brain/Basil Hawkins, Nike/Arthur/Mukuro, Morel/Gon/Biscuit, Madara/Kimimaro/Kuma, Ringo/Silva/Ishida
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