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Friendship is Love

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This Story is... just read it. Oh, BTW don't own anyone in this story.

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Friendship is love


It was a decent day and the gang were enjoying themselves. A young man in a white shirt, black slacks and loafers had invited them over. He had dark purple and lavender streaked hair and purple eyes. He also had dusky colored skin. He wore a horn that was made out of a solid lavender crystal on a platinum chain. “Welcome, guys.” He said in a soft voice.

The first one was blond and green eyed, he also had freckles on his face, he was dressed in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his middle bicep, a vest, jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. “Hey Dusk,” he said in a country drawl. “What's up, why'd y'all call us?”

“I just found something very interesting.” Dusk said, just then a young man with reddish-pink hair and blue eyes walked up to him. He was in a stripped T-shirt, vest, ripped jeans and sneakers.

“What is it Duskie?” He said, he was the type of guy that would break the 4th wall and his voice proves it.

“Well, I was looking through some old books and found a grimore.”

“Grimore?” The others asked.

“B-But didn't you say that they were dangerous?” Said a young man with pink, shoulder length hair in a ponytail, teal eyes, yellow robes, and sandals, the robes were so flowing it looked like they were wings. He was poking his fingers together.

“They are, if read.” Dusk said, “but I didn't read it. I haven't even opened it.”

“Well, that's good.” Said a young man with rainbow colored hair, purple eyes, white 'A' shirt, tear away pants with bike shorts on underneath, sneakers, wrist bands and a rainbow colored lighting bolt hanging from a chain. He had wings tattooed on his back.

“But Dusk,” said a young effeminate man. He was in a white T-shirt, blue slacks, boots, vest and a scarf. He had blue hair and eyes, he had sapphire rings on his middle fingers, a sapphire horn hanging like a pendant around his neck and blue wristbands. “Didn't you tell me that the only way it could be safe is if it's locked?”

“Yeah Elusive, so?” He pointed to the book and Dusk saw that there wasn't a lock on it.

“Oh no,” Dusk paled and panicked. It started to glow, just then it popped open with a huge glow coming out of it. They were hit with a flash of light and had disappeared from their world.

Chapter 1

It was a nice day in 'Equestria' and everyone were doing their normal jobs, enjoying themselves. At a huge library, a young woman was going through some books and was using some magic to put them away. She had purple hair with lavender streaks in it, violet eyes, dusky skin and a horn made out of a solid piece of violet crystal. She was dressed in a shirt, purple tie, purple sweater vest, purple skirt, stockings and loafers. 'Sigh,' she, well sighed. 'It's so boring here, I almost wish Trixie was here, at least she'd be entertaining.'

But, you know that old saying; 'Be careful what you wish for'? Suddenly there was a huge flash of light blinding the librarian and all of the sudden there were six bodies on the floor. She went over to them to help. She had seen one of them, he looked like a male version of her. He was in a shirt, tie, slacks and loafers. It was love at first sight, she tried to make them comfortable. “I got to find help for them.” She said, then she had someone watch over them and went to get help.

As she was running to find help, she accidentally bumped in to a young woman. She was very beautiful, she had sapphire blue hair and eyes and eye shadow on her eyelids. She was dressed in a short white wrap with a sapphire holding it to her and white heels with a solid piece of sapphire shaped into a horn hanging from her neck. “Oh I'm sorry, Rarity.” She said, “I didn't mean to.” The woman stopped her by touching her arm.

“It's alright darling Twilight.” She said, “what's got you running all around?” So she told generous woman about what happened in her library. “A group of men that look like us?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Oh, I have to see this.” Rarity said with a smile, “where are they?”

“They are still there, I'm going to see if I can get the others to help.” Twilight said and rushed off. Then she met up with a pair of pink haired women, one was dressed in a pink and white top with balloons on the chest, pink jean shorts, pink and white stockings and hi-tops. She also had blue eyes and her hair was curly.

Her friend had long hair with a butterfly hair clip in it, teal eyes and was dressed in a yellow flowing dress and sandals. The dress looked like she had wings on her back. Hi, Twi!” Said the first one, “Where's the fire?” So Twilight told them what was going on and they were shocked. “Wait what?” She said.

“Yeah Pinkie, they're at the library. Rarity's headed there right now.”

“M-Maybe we should go?” Said the friend who was very shy and had a blush on her face.

“Yeah Fluttershy!” Said Pinkie, “let's go help Rarity!” They took off with Pinkie running and Fluttershy bowing to Twilight.

“Sigh, why does she always do that?” Then she headed for 'Granny Smith's Apple Orchard', she came up to a beautiful blond with green eyes and freckles, she was in a flannel shirt, vest, jeans, boots and a cowgirl hat. She saw Twilight coming and went over to her. “Apple Jack I need your help!”

“Okay nah, calm down and catch yuh breath.” She said, “nah what's wrong?” She told her about what happened and she was in shock. “Wait a minute, they look like us?”

“Yeah, I've been trying to get the others to help out but I can't find Dash anywhere.”

“Hold on, DASH!” Just then a rainbow came flying down to the orchard and in it was a young woman with rainbow colored hair, purple eyes and dressed in a blue 'A' shirt with a rainbow lightening bolt on it, blue hot pants, rainbow colored socks and sneakers.

“What's up Twi?” She said, so Twilight told her what was going on and Dash was surprised. “Male versions of the 'six'?” Twilight nodded.

“Ah'm going,” Said Apple Jack.

“Well, come on.” Said Twilight, when Dash picked her up. “PUT ME DOWN DASH!”

“We Can Get There Faster!”

“Y'all go on ahead ah'll catch up!”

Sure enough, Twilight was there and they had seen the other waiting on them.

“Hey Dashie!” Said Pinkie.

“Hey guys,” Dash said.

“Um, hi Dash.” Said Fluttershy.

“Now Fluttershy, don't be so shy darling.” Said Rarity, “Where's Apple Jack?” Dash was about to answer when Jack showed up.

“Right here,” she said. Then they walked in and they saw their male counterparts. One of them was awake, it was the one that looked like Twilight. He was trying to stave off the pounding in his head. She went to him.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“Head.. killing me.” He said, she used some magic to help him. “Thank you.”

“Who are you?”

“ My name's Dusk Shine.”


This weird little story was inspired by ZOE-Productions on deviantart.
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