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The first Day Back

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When Archie, Atlanta, Jay and Theresa all sign up for the drama club, thier first production turns out to be 'Romeo and Juliet', Jay and Archie are fighting for the leading role of Romeo, guess why?

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A/N:Ok, sorry if this segment's short, i wanted to only do an intro for this chapter and this is all i could fill in without it being useless giberish
Disclaimer:I do not own Class of the Titans

"Alright" Theresa exclaimed "So, new semester new class, how's everyone feeling?"

The rest of the gang was a little less enthusiastic than Theresa that morning. They where all sitting around the table in the kitchen eating breakfast or drinking coffee

"Great, 'cause you know we're all enthusiastic to go back to school" Archie said sarcastically


After a long welcome back speech
"In conclusion, I would like to say once again, welcome back everyone" the principal said(a.k.a. Hera) "Now please line up behind your respective tables to collect your new schedules"

Odie and Atlanta walked over to the table with the sign reading 'Junior'

"I didn't know Hera could talk for so long" Atlanta joked

After picking up their schedules Atlanta and Odie met up with the others. They compared their courses.

"Ok, let's see, we've all got gym together, but that's about it" Jay said

"Considering, we're in different grades, that seems like the logical thing, unless you guys wanna dumb yourselves down to join Atlanta and me" Odie said putting his arm around Atlanta in a joking manner

"Their having club sign up in the gym, you guys wanna check it out?" Atlanta asked the rest of the gang

"Might as well, nothing else to do" Archie grumbled

The walked into the gym, it was backed with little stations along the sides showing the different clubs. They passed along the front of the clubs looking at them all

"Remember guys, we can't be busy, we have our other job remember" Jay reminded everyone

Jay can be such a downer Theresa thought

"Hey" Theresa pointed out to Atlanta "Theirs the drama club"

"Theresa, you know I'm not into that kind of stuff" Atlanta pleaded

"Come on, please, for me" Theresa pleaded

"Ok, for, you, but you owe me one" Atlanta added

They walked over to the drama club sign-up

"I don't get it, what the big attraction with the drama club" Archie asked Jay

"I dunno" Jay said staring at the girls

Just then a very attractive guy walked by the two on his way to the drama club sign-up. He was about as tall as Jay, had a medium build, he looked kind of like Neil. He signed up and started to talk to Theresa and Atlanta, they both giggled.

"Drama club?" Jay said turning to Archie

"Drama club" Archie confirmed looking back at Jay
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