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A competition arises for the lead part between Jay and Archie, meanwhile Theresa convinces Atlanta into trying out for Juliet, unknowingly diminishing her own chances at the lead part

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"I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being." The drama teacher said as she entered the room to the first drama meeting "My name is Madame Van Bellot"

"What is she talking about?" Atlanta whispered to Theresa

"Our first of two production this year will be the timeless classic, 'Romeo and Juliet'" she continued "A story of tragedy, love and family hatred"

She looked out to the room at her new acting troop

"This meeting will be short, more of an introduction than anything else" she pointed to a table with a pile of booklets on it "Please take a script and then take a seat" she indicated to chairs put in a circle in the middle of the room

Jay and Archie took a seat next to Theresa and Atlanta

"I would like you to pick a part that you think you could portray to make everyone in the audience believe that you are that character, the auditions will be next Wednesday, class dismissed"

"She seems a little...eccentric" Atlanta laughed as they walked out on the auditorium

"So what part do you guys think your going to tryout for?"

"I was thinking Romeo" Jay said

"I was thinking Romeo to" Archie said looking at Jay

"Is that a challenge?" Jay said now looking directly into Archie's eyes

"You bet it is" Archie replied

"Your on" Jay said shaking Archie's hand

"What about you? Theresa said looking at Atlanta

"I don't know, I was thinking Lady Capulet" Atlanta said shrugging

"I think you should try out for Juliet" Theresa said smiling

"I think you'd make a great Juliet" Archie added

Jay and Theresa gave a silent snicker to Archie's remark

"I don't know, I've never done this before, I don't want to make a fool out of myself' Atlanta pleaded

Theresa looked at her with puppy dog eyes

"Fine" Atlanta gave-in

"What about you?" Atlanta asked Theresa

"Juliet" Theresa said happily

"So what your trying to turn this into a competition?" Atlanta asked

"I dunno, maybe" Theresa replied innocently


The following Wednesday

"I trust you have all practiced, the parts you have chosen" she said glairing at the group, everyone nodded "Ok then, let the auditions begin"

A couple of people where up before our Theresa and the others, Archie was up first. They where all impressed, they didn't think he was so good, Jay was to follow. His performance matched Archie's. Theresa and Atlanta knew it was going to be hard for the teacher to pick between them.

Theresa was up next, her performance was beautiful, stunning even. She said her lines perfectly, without studder or hesitation. Atlanta was now more nervous than ever when Theresa said her last lines. She hesitated to go up, but she was not one to quit.

"And what part art thou trying out for?" The drama teacher asked her

"Juliet" Atlanta answered briefly

"Very well, proceed"

Atlanta cleared her voice before speaking

"What devil art thou, that dost torment me thus?
This torture should be roar'd in dismal hell.
Hath Romeo slain himself? say thou but 'I,'
And that bare vowel 'I' shall poison more
Than the death-darting eye of cockatrice:
I am not I, if there be such an I;
Or those eyes shut, that make thee answer 'I.'
If he be slain, say 'I'; or if not, no:
Brief sounds determine of my weal or woe."

Mme Van Bellot responded as the nurse, Atlanta continues

"O, break, my heart! poor bankrupt, break at once!
To prison, eyes, ne'er look on liberty!
Vile earth, to earth resign; end motion here;
And thou and Romeo press one heavy bier!"

With that she finished, everyone was in shock, her words where like that of angels, as if it was pure liquid honey that came from her lips instead of the scripted words. The teacher gave her a stinting ovation. Theresa knew she was beat.

When all was said and done the four friends walked out the door.

"Wow, are you sure you've never been in a drama club, or school production before?" Jay asked still in disbelief

"Yah, I'm pretty sure" Atlanta responded "Why are you guys making such a big deal out of this? I wasn't that good"

"Are you kidding that was absolutely amazing" Theresa burst out

"What ever, we'll wait until tomorrow when she announces the parts" Atlanta said "Come on, we're late for our training session with Artemis" she laughed as they all sprinted to the janitors closet.


The following day in the auditorium

A women walked into the auditorium, Mme Van Bellot, she held in her hands what they knew to be the appointed roles

"Fore the leading roles, Juliet will be played by Atlanta" she said, everyone clapped, Atlanta seemed like she was in shock, she proceeded "and Romeo will be played by..."Their was a scilence, Archie whispered in his head, praying it would be him, he knew the script, he felt like this was his chance to finally kiss Atlanta. "It was a hard decision, but, Romeo will be played by, Jay"

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