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Ok, as promised here i am adding on another chapter, mostly for sing4me09, who is a cool kid and reviews, i just hope i don't dissappoint.

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After Kate had run offstage in tears she didn't have the courage to show her face in front of the people who cared about her most, so she opted for a walk. Yes, she realized that is was late, dark, and that she was a female in a strategically planted baby doll dress walking alone, but she figured that she could handle weird perverts a lot better than having Patrick see the hurt in her eyes again. She glanced around, and crossed her arms over her chest attempting to shield herself from the cold. As if on cue, she heard footsteps behind her,/ 'Great, now I get to get raped and killed, this is obviously my night.'/ She thought and quickened her pace. The footsteps quickened to match hers. She was scared but also very stubborn and pushy, so instead of running for her life, she stopped, turned, and yelled
"What the hell is it you want?" she was surprised to see Patrick standing there instead of Jack the Ripper's cousin.
"I just wanted to make sure you were Ok." He replied obviously surprised by her sudden outburst.
"Don't do me any favors. What do you care anyways?" she spat at him.
"C'mon Kate, don't be like that, you know I care for you."
"Whatever Patrick, you should go home, you look like hell, is there something the matter
with your face?" She didn't wait for an answer, she just continued "Maybe Chelsea can
make you feel better." And with that said she turned back around and continued
walking. Patrick followed. After about five minutes of Patrick following she turned around again,
"Ok I'm not used to someone staring at my ass for that long, so what is it you want?"
"I told you, I'm making sure you're ok. Where are you going anyways?"
"I'M FREAKING TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM YOU." She yelled obviously annoyed.
"Is that what you really want?" He questioned her.
"Fine I will, but can I at least walk you home? Pete would kill me if anything ever
happened to you."
"Yeah God forbid I'd get hurt." She said sarcastically "I'm pretty sure I'd get more hurt
with you, then if I roughed it myself, thanks."
"Please." He pleaded.
"Fuck You Patrick. I think I hear your girlfriend calling you, you better hurry." Kate said, as she heard heals clicking along the pavement. Sure enough Chelsea was running down the street yelling for her Patty Cakes. Patrick sighed and slightly turned to look at the ridiculous looking blond running in heals, when he turned back to face Kate, she was gone.
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