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Hmm, ok so things are getting spicy. ok, i hope you enjoy.

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As soon as Patrick turned his head Kate took it as a sign from God and hauled ass. She ran until she couldn't run anymore. When she stopped she realized she was completely and utterly lost. GOD DAMN she cursed herself, she looked up at a street sign 'Apple Grove Ave.' What the hell? I've never even heard of this freaking street and I've lived here my whole life. she looked around, yeah, she had no idea where she was. She pulled out her cell phone, flippin' hell it was dead, she shut her phone and looked around again, there was a pay phone at the end of the street. Kate cautiously walked over to the pay phone put in her money and sighed again as she dialed the only number she knew by heart.
on the third ring he answered.
"Hello." He sounded frantic.
"Patrick?" She quietly asked before she burst into tears.
"Kate? Where are you?" He questioned now on the brink of crying himself.
"I don't know, Apple Grove or something." She said in between sniffles. It was then when she heard her in the background. "Who is it?" "Oh." "What does she want?"
"Ok, I'll be right there, don't move." He said before hanging up. She hung up and quietly slid to the floor of the phone booth with her face in her hands, silently crying. She was there for about five minutes before she heard footsteps. She looked up hopefully. It wasn't Patrick. Oh God its Jack the Ripper's cousin. she curled up into a ball on the floor and closed her eyes hoping he wouldn't see her. She was wrong, he saw her and walked over.
"What's a pretty little thing like you doing on this side of town so late at night, and so alone?" he questioned laughter in his voice. Kate looked up, he had slime ball written all over him. She mumbled out something about having to go,
"Go? Oh you're not going anywhere sugar." He grabbed her casted arm, and laughed.
"Injured are we? Well good, maybe you wont put up so much of a fight." She tried to wiggle out of his grip with no success. He pined her against the side of a building.
"LET ME GO YOU FREAK!" she yelled, silently vowing to hit herself later, if she survived this, for not thinking of anything better to call him than a freak. She tried her best to kick him, only to get slapped in the face.
"Shut up you stupid bitch, no one cares about you, no one is going to save you." He whispered in her ear. She squirmed and screamed out 'HELP' as he pushed open her legs. Suddenly he got pulled away and thrown on the floor. Kate collapsed into her savior's arms crying as someone else proceeded to beat the shit out of 'Jack the Ripper's cousin.' Patrick's distinct smell flooded into Kate's nostrils and she immediately knew who it was. As for the identity of Patrick's wingman, his slight lisp was apparent as he was yelling profanities at the now severely beaten man on the floor, it was Joe. Patrick slowly rocked Kate back and fourth in his arms trying to soothe her, until she finally relaxed and fell asleep from complete shock and exhaustion.
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