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so here we go again. hooray. lets throw a party.

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Kate awoke in a room that was not her own, the walls were navy, the comforter was black as were the sheets, and there were clothes all over the floor, it was Patrick's. She sat up quickly putting her hand to her face to attempt to shield the sun that was coming though the window. Kate noticed that she wasn't in her clothes from last night and was now in a Mariner's baseball shirt, she didn't have pants on (underwear yes, you perves! Lol). She mumbled profanities under her breath as she arose from the bed only to trip over something, no scratch that, someone who was sleeping on the floor. She hit the floor with a thud and groaned as she flipped onto her back. Patrick mumbled something incoherent and just shifted in his sleep. Kate laughed a little but stopped, even if he did save my life last night, I'm still mad. That sounds retarded she thought He broke my heart, that's not ok. She shook her head and silently told herself to stop talking to herself as she stood up. Kate walked over to the mirror that was behind the door and took a good look at the bruise on her cheek that was blue and yellow.
"That's disgusting." She said out loud and then turned to a sleeping Patrick. She walked up, got close to him, and waved a hand in front of his face just to make sure he was in fact asleep. When she was satisfied with the sleeping Patrick, she grabbed her dress that was thrown on the counter, slipped off the shirt,
"Whoa, good morning." Patrick laughed. Kate groaned,
"Turn around!" she said now annoyed.
"What for? Its not like I haven't seen you."
"Because I said so!" Kate squealed. She used one arm to cover her bare chest and the other to chuck a shoe at his head. He ducked.
"You missed." He laughed still not turning around. He leaned forward and snatched her dress from her hand.
"What are you going to do now?" He stood and laughed. Patrick held the dress high over his head waving it around. Kate scrunched up her face in aggravation. She looked around,, all the clothes on the floor were out of reach.
"GOD!" she yelled, and Patrick laughed,
"I don't think he can help you right now." She smiled sweetly, and Patrick gave her a confused look.
"PETER!" Kate wailed. Pete ran into the room but stopped short.
"Oh this is unnecessary for me to see." He said and covered his eyes.
"He took my dress and won't give it back." Kate whined.
"I'm not getting into this." Pete said while walking out of the room. Kate groaned again and looked at Patrick.
"Give it or I swear on everything holy that I will kill you and you're little girlfriend." Patrick just laughed and replied,
"What girlfriend?"
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