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CHAPTER 12: A Change For The Better

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Tommy finds out jen and nikkis secret

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CHAPTER 12: A Change For The Better

In the months that follow the secret relationship between Nikki and I blossoms. During the day we look like we have a typical work relationship, even though EVERYBODY knows I am merely Nikki's baby sitter. At night we alternate on who sneaks into whose room. However sometimes we are stuck on the bus out on some lonely stretch of interstate. But the nighs when we are in a hotel are always so sweet. Nikki is really taking to the love of a good woman. He' not doing nearly as much coke. His drinking has slowed down. And I havent seen him touch one crumb of heroin. He has yet to tell me he loves me or I him, but Im fairly sure we both know.
Nikki has so much love to give and he is giving it all to me. I must have heard the phrase 'where have you been' come from his lips a thousand times by now. There seems to always be a smile on his face and when he looks at me he looks completely mesmurized by me. He tells me that Im beautiful and so happy that Im his girl. When we make love its like something straight out of the movies or some cheezy romance novel. Ive never been with anyone like Nikki. To me he hung the moon. I think he finds it refreshing to finally have someone who can accept him for who he is and not what they can get out of him or try to make him into.
As I lay across his bed I can feel him running his fingertips down my bare spine. Not many people know this but the fingertips of a bassist or a guitarist are hard and callused over. The strings sometimes cut them as they play. Over many years and many cuts the tips of the fingers are basically a collection of dead skin cells that are jagged and course. Ive come to love this familiar scratchy sensation.
About that time there is a knock on the door. We soon hear Tommy calling out. "Sixx! Hey dude lets go out! I hear theres a really kickass club downtown!"
Nikki sighs and says, "Wait here. Ill go get rid of him." He slides on a hotel robe and ties it and the waist and leaves the room to go answer the door. He opens it to Tommy's happy go lucky playful smile.
"Hey dude...get dressed." Tommy very excitedly says. He is always loud when he is excited.
"Dude," Nikki says scratching his head, "Im fine right here. Ive got my own entertainment going on," he smiles and motions with his head towards the bedroom.
Tommy tisks, "Dude you can get more pussy later. Come on bro, lets hang out. Its been a while since the terror twins did some terrorizing," Tommy urges him giving it his all.
"No thanks bro...Im good," Nikki tries to answer politely without offending Tommy.
By now Tommy is beginning to wonder what is wrong with Nikki. Lately his behavior had made no sense to Tommy. He wasnt strung out and sick...why didnt he ever want to hang out and have fun anymore? Tommy seems almost hurt that Nikki would rather stay in his room with some girl. "Well fuck it dude. Ill just go next dor, scoop the baby sitter and drag her ass out. Shes gotta be bored to death." Tommy turns to leave.
"N-no..." Nikki stammers, "Shes already out...with some friends."
"Out with friends?" Tommy questions strangely, "Who? She doesnt know anyone but us."
"uh...ya know she didnt say," Nikki shrugs.
Tommy looks at Nikki long and hard for a moment. He can read Nikki like a book and sees right through his charade. A coy smile creeps over his face. "Oh I get it dude!...You're fucking her!"
"Shhhh," Nikki says trying to quiten him down.
"Its true! Isnt it?" Tommy gleams.
"Dude keep your voice down," Nikki says as he grabs Tommy and pulls him into the room. He shuts the door.
"Where is she man? She in there?" Tommy asks pointing to the bedroom.
"Bro nobody said she was here," Nikki sighs.
"Oh bullshit Nikki...I know you dude! Youre totally fucking the baby sitter! Arent you?" He excitedly asks.
"Keep your goddamn voice down dude!" Nikki halfway shouts.
By now I can Tell that Tommy isnt going anywhere. So I pull on a robe and walk into the room where they both are. Tommy's jaw hits the floor when he sees me.
"Dude! You are fucking the baby sitter!!!"
Nikki sighs shaking his head because of how loud Tommy is being.
"Way to go there bro!"
"Look cant tell anyone," Nikki says.
"Why is it a secret bro?"
"Dude...come know theyll never go for this fucking the help and shit...
"Dude your secret is safe with me," Tommy smiles putting a hand on his heart and raising his hand.
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