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CHAPTER 18: Surprise

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as things get back to normal Jen gets a surprise

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CHAPTER 18: Surprises

In the weeks that follow my beloved Nikki finds his way back to me again. Just when I think that its over and all hope has been lost he comes back. Now I know he loves me and he is doing all he can to show me. We still have to keep our love hidden from everyone, everyone but Tommy.Tommy seems really happy that we have one another. I think a part of Tommy believes Im the only thing keeping Nikki alive. Nikki tells me this too.
I havent seen Nikki stick one single needle into himself lately. Things seem to be better. However I cant allow myself to embrace that everything is in fact better. Every time I start to think that something happens. I find myself constantly waiting for the bottom to fall out. It has happened so many times before. Like some recovering drug addict I find myself taking it just one day at a time.
I awake to a sick feeling in my stomach. I move back the covers. The movement of them across my bare breasts seems to hurt. I rush to the bathroom and fall to my knees in front of the toilet. I heave and vomit. Nikki must hear me because when I look up hes standing in the doorway.
" ok?"
I nod, "Yeah I woke up feeling sick."
I watch as Nikki seems to turn pale and hes already pretty pale. Even his lips look pale. I wonder if I should move away from the toilet. Does he need to throw up? Has he got whatever Ive got? Did we eat something bad? But wait...Nikki doesnt eat. I see him standing there frozen to that spot like hes seen a ghost or is about to spray chunks all over the floor. "You ok?" I ask him.
He grabs the door frame and lowers himself to the floor. "Oh Jen..." he says looking at me. He looks like he has the unfortunate duty of telling my whole family has died in an accident or something. He puts his hand to his mouth and can only stare at me. Now Im wondering If Im covered in blood or something.
"Whats wrong?" I ask him.
I see him take a deep breath and look down. "Baby...get dressed. Im calling a doctor."
"I feel better now...really you dont have to call."
"Just get dressed baby." He sighs as he stand and turns to go back into the room. I can hear him on the phone asking the front desk to send up a doctor. I go and get some fresh clothes from my suitcase and return to the bathroom to get dressed.a few minutes later I can hear Nikki talking to someone. I can only assume its the doctor. I open the door to see Nikki standing there with his arms folded and looking to the ground nodding. He looks over and smiles at me weakly. The doctor then starts walking over to me.
"Hello Im Dr. Jacobs."
"Hi...Im really feeling much better...theres no need to..."
He extends a cup out to me. "I just want to check a few things to make sure. Could you please give me a urin sample."
I look at him strangely then to Nikki who is still giving me some fake smile to hide what hes really thinking. He just nods at me, urging me to do it. So I do and leave the sample on the back of the toilet. I exit the bathroom and the doctor enters it. I sit on the bed looking at Nikki. He seems as if he knows something I dont.I watch him silently for a while before I finally ask, "Whats going on?"
About that time the doctor exits the room. Nikki's posture straightens as he looks to the doctor. The doctor nods and simply leaves the room. I look to Nikki in confusion not understanding what has happened. Nikki loses that sympathetic smile on his face and crosses over to me looking down like hes ashamed.
"Would you please tell me what the hell is going on?" I ask.
Nikki's lips part and he looks as if he wants to tell me something but he isnt. I can tell from his eyes and scrunched up eyebrows how conflicted his thoughts seem to be. What the hell was going on. Nikki sticks a finger out and points at my stomach. I glance down...what is he pointing at? He then runs that finger down my stomach. "Im sorry Jen," he shrugs shaking his head.
"For what? Would you please tell me what the hell is going on?"
"I-I...I fucked up Jen..."
I have no clue what hes talking about.
"Youre pregnant..." he almost whispers shamefully.
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