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CHAPTER 21: Gone

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ikki wakes up alone

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CHAPTER 21: Gone


I wake up with my head reeling from last night. What time is it? I lift my head searching for a clock and see that its close to noon. I look to Jen's side of the bed but I dont see her. Is this her room or mine? I honestly have no clue. I look around the room and see none of Jen's things so it must be my room. I sit up on the side of the bed and reach for my wake up shot. I search for a vein for some thirty minutes with no luck. Just about all of them have dried up on me. Before I can find one there is a knock at my door. I turn my head and look. It must be Jen. I lay the needle on the night stand and cross over to the door.
When I open it I expect to see Jen, but instead its Tommy.
"Hey bro," I nod.
"Dude," He says shaking his head and looking down. "Im sorry bro."
Sorry I wonder. What does he have to be sorry about? Dis something happen and I dont remember it? "For what?"
"Dude you dont have to act like it dont matter man...Its me."
"Tommy I dont know what youre talking about man."
"You can drop the act dude. I know how much she meant to you."
"Dude what the fuck are you talking about?" I ask again.
"Jen dude." He says.
"What about her man?" I ask. I wish he would go away so I could finish what I was doing.
"Im talking about her leaving bro."
I shrug, "She probably just went out shopping or some shit."
"No bro," Tommy shakes his head. "shes gone."
"what do you mean shes gone?" I ask not really getting his point.
"Dude...she packed her shit and left. Joe put her in a cab for the airport this morning at 2am...shes gone dude."
I stand there and wait for the impact of his words to hit me. She left me? But she promised she would never leave me. What had I done to drive her away. Had something happened last night? I cant remember. I try to save face to Tommy by shrugging it off. "Chicks dude..."
"dude you dont have to be all hard and act like it doesnt matter. I know how much you loved her."
I glance to the floor. "Apparently not enough...huh?"
"Bro Im sorry..." Tommy says reaching out to hug me.
I think the shock is starting to set in now. Id lost her. What had I done that I normally dont do?
"You gonna be ok bro?" Tommy asks backing away from me.
I nod out of reflex.
If you need me dude...or if you want some company Im just a few doors down."
I nod again. "yeah thanks."
Tommy leaves and I walk back into the room. It seems so different now that I know shes gone. I knew I was going to drive her away too. What the fuck is wrong with me. I sit back down on the bed and reach for my heroin. I need something for the pain.
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