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Dinner with Ethan has caused Lara to realise some things...

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The catch up with my apparent work colleague started off smoothly with Ethan rambling on about what was taking place at work and talking about other work colleague’s private lives which did not interest me. Overall, it was rather informative. I have learnt that I was a hardworking employee with rumours that I might be able to have a higher position in the magazine industry. I was impressed but also had a sinking feeling that all that success might go to waste with my current condition.

Ethan turned out to be a lovely gentleman asking how my injuries were healing up. I started to think that maybe he was not – as he would call it – a jerk. He was smiling all the time and took his time trying to inform me of all the things I could not remember that might help me in healing.

We were in the middle of discussing the music world when my phone started ringing that awful ringtone again. I excused myself whilst taking the phone out of my pocket. It was Tom calling.
“Hey, where are you? I’m at your place,” he paused. “Are you okay? You’re not lost are you?”
“Oh, I must have forgotten to mention that I went out to help in recovering…” I bit my cheek. “I’m at a café right now with Ethan… my work colleague.”
“What?” he sighed in a harsh manner. “Where are you? I’ll pick you up, it’s late.”
“Oh, uhh…” I move the phone from my ear and leaned towards the curious Ethan. “Sorry, but where are we located?”
He chuckled before giving me the address.
I repeated the address to the speaker.
“Alright, I’ll be there in ten,” and he hung up.

I knew I have upset him by wandering around only a few days after checking out of the hospital with no notification of my whereabouts. He was after all the person who will be looking after me and he has promised my parents over and over that he will take good care of me.
“Sorry about that,” I gave the sandy blonde hair man a tight-lipped smile.
“That’s alright. If you don’t mind me asking, was that Tom Hiddleston on the phone?”
I nodded.
“I’d really like to meet him but I doubt he would give me a chance because of how crowded this place is,” he gestured around him.
It was almost 9pm and the streets were still alive with people wandering about.
I nodded in agreement. “He doesn’t like crowded places?”
“Well, I wouldn’t know. It’s just that, you know, his status and everything you would think that he would not step out in a crowded place where anyone would recognise him. It would cause a big scene,” he chuckled.

I rubbed my forehead and gazed out the busy street outside the café and contemplated in asking what he meant by what he said. I was not sure if I should ask Ethan by not knowing what consequences might lay underneath that action. Learning from our conversations, Ethan seemed to know about everyone’s private life and it would not help if I revealed that I had no idea about Tom and his life other than the fact that the man was English and was my boyfriend.
I looked back at Ethan who was watching me and nodded to him in agreement without saying anything more.
We continued our conversation about the music world. Ethan updated me on the mainstream music that was loved by everybody. I wasn’t at all surprised seeing as the mainstream music has not changed in the last three years. It was when Tom called letting me know he was outside that Ethan to the queue to get up and pay the bills in which I tried to object but he ignored me.

We left the café together and faced the black shiny car which I remembered was Tom’s. The passenger window went down revealing Tom with a tight smile.
“Hey! Here’s your missus all safe and sound,” Ethan put a hand on my shoulder.
“Thank you Ethan for looking after her,” Tom said.
“It is such an honour to meet you finally, I really love your work – even though I work in the music section of our magazine,” he chuckled.
I glanced up at Ethan with a questioning look then delivered the same look to Tom. His status? His work?
“Thank you,” he nodded. “Listen Ethan, I’m quite in a hurry so-“
“No, no! That’s okay! I’ll be on my way, nice meeting you!” Ethan then looked down at me. “And I hope you get well soon.”
I thanked him and smiled before climbing into the car.

The car ride was silent and uncomfortable. I wanted to apologise but was afraid that the atmosphere around me will become tenser and swallow me up. Instead I looked out the window and watched the dark lit streets fly passed me. A ridiculous amount of thoughts and questions were cluttered in my mind taking turns to think and question every one which increased my anxiety level. I have never really thought about it. I have never really thought about who this man seated beside me was. I was so consumed by my strategies of gaining my memories back that I have never really thought about the present moment, at all.

I have no even acknowledged Tom entirely and was engulfed by my own problems, trying so hard to retrieve my memories, always doing whatever it took to regain them. I was not concerned about him at all. I did not try to get to know him as well. My eyebrows were knitted at my very thought that I have no tried to get to know him. He was after all, a large part of my life. I obviously did not know how true that was but seeing as he was apparently my steady boyfriend, it would mean that the majority of my life was spent with him. I closed my eyes shut and silently cursed myself. All I was doing was staying about this man to keep my independence.

Finally we arrived to my apartment and the car went to a halt. I sighed and unbuckled my seatbelt before glancing at Tom.
“I’m really sorry for heading out without telling you,” I watched to see any signs of response. He only pressed his lips together and avoided looking into my eyes. So I continued, “I honestly did not know I would be out for so long, and when Ethan called I thought-“
“You thought that he could help?” he interrupted. His polite voice was threaded in dismay.
“Well, yes.”
“Look, Lara,” he shut his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose. “I know this is going to make me sound like an aggressive and possessive person but I don’t want you to see that man ever again.”
I frowned at him in disbelief, “What makes you say that?”
“I would refer to the reason that I am your boyfriend and I have the right to be jealous but that won’t work in this case since you don’t remember any aspect of our relationship,” he spoke quickly and calmly. “But I will say this, he tends to be rather nosy which I don’t like and he has bothered you quite a lot. I wouldn’t want a repeat of that.”

I sighed and glared out the windscreen at the blank white concrete wall.
“I’m just trying to be cautious, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” it really wasn’t but I was not ready to argue. I absently fiddled with the hem of my coat and looked back at Tom who was already looking at me.
His brows were furrowed as he studied my face. From that look I knew that he knew that I was lying.
“I should go inside,” I broke the silence. I had a faint idea of how to get back to my apartment.
He nodded. I know it’s your decision to make but by your intense struggle to try to regain your memories is bothering me, so…” he opened his door. “I’m going to have to spend some quality time with you and help get back those memories.”
“You don’t need to…” I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of spending quality time with this man. He was gorgeous, yes, but that could distract me from my goal.
“I think I do,” he grinned at me. “After all, most of the memories you have lost had me in it and it kills me to respect this personal space of yours.”

I have a few things to blame for the delayed chapter.

1. Uni

2. Exams

3. Writer's block

I'd appreciate if any of you have any ideas that you would like me to consider, or you know, give me some feedback of how this is going.

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