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Arkham mayhem

by Wonderbat 4 reviews

How did Wonder woman end up in a cell next to the Joker?

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wonder woman's pov

"Welcome to the madhouse," he said through his crooked smile as we entered the fragile doorway. Bruce Wayne watched from the observation room, beside him was commissioner Gordon. I looked away from them. The hurt on his face was enough to say that I had messed up.
I stumbled through the damp corridor. Inmates shouting profanity as I walked passed their metal cages, they called home.
My wrists were tied behind my back using the lasso, I was bound. I couldn't break the lasso, it was too powerful.
They escorted me to my cell. I was next to the Joker and on my right Victor Zsasz. These extremists fascinated me, we never had them on Themyscira.
As I entered my new home I took one last glance at the observation deck, towards Bruce, he was no longer there.

I half (heartedly) entered the rest of the cell hoping to go unnoticed, the shame. I had failed you. I'm sorry.
All I hear is cars going by the outside world continuing without me.

“Great Hera, what was that?” I thought to myself. Jokers hysterical laughs were getting louder. Then I heard a familiar voice.

"I know you are somehow involved!” He said gruffly.

Joker laughed and answered "Why not ask your girlfriend? Looks like she's gone crazy like the rest of us HAHAHA!" I never caught the rest because all I heard was the breaking of bones.

I moved towards the bars and called out "BATMAN!"
Except the clanging of metal.

I sank to the bottom of the wall and fell asleep, I thought sleeping might make it better but it never did. I woke up to a blinding light.

“Why am I letting a man get to me so much?” I thought to myself as I looked up to the light. It doesn't make much sense I'm an Amazon. I heard the bolts holding my cell door clash to the floor, I looked up and I was greeted by an unwelcoming but familiar stare.

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