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A week earlier

We waited silently on the rooftops about the dark streets of Gotham. The city lights barely light the pavements.
"This is the wrong place to get to know you" He mumbled.
I looked at him and smiled at myself whilst concentrating on the congesting traffic that was building up. I smiled at him without thinking and kissed his cheek. He blushed and I smiled more.

"Are you sure we need to be here?" I asked as we patrolled Gotham City one more time.
The city's streets were quiet for a friday night, I looked at him puzzled at his behaviour. It was most unusual.
After the patrol we went back to the Batcave.

He smiled weakly at me as he sank into his chair. Gotham was beginning to defeat him. I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear.

"Master Bruce, you have a phone call sir" Alfred announced walking into the Batcave.
"I should come back later as I see you have company sir" He smiled brightly then left the Cave.

"Diana, you need to leave" He said as we walk through his dark mansion towards the door. He hurriedly pushed me out the door. I tried to speak to him but he slams the door in my face. This isn't like Bruce, actually it is.
I shrug it off and walk out of the grounds that are considered Wayne manor. As I walked the dim lighted streets of Gotham, thinking about what might have upset Bruce, I stumbled upon an unusual sight granted that most things I see in Gotham are unusual but this one was different.
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