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“Poison, you know I love you, but shut up and shoot.”

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| ZONE 3
| December 25, 2015

Ordinarily, Gerard would be trying to scrounge something for his friends at Christmas, even though they’ve attempted to make him understand that they didn’t need it. This year, though, Gerard was far too busy preparing for what could very well be suicide for himself and his friends.

Pete managed to smuggle six other ray guns out of Battery City over the past few weeks. Gerard had just finished decorating the last one.

Frank was stitching something onto Mikey’s jacket- a cobra. He had also stitched KOBRA on the left sleeve, right on the black and white racing stripe.

Mikey was put in charge of the masks. He was almost done with a purple and green Frankenstein mask for Frank.

Ray and Jimmy had found an old Trans Am in the desert and, with great difficulty, brought it back to the station. Ray had been working two days straight on the car, which Gerard was eager to see. (They refused to let Gerard go anywhere near them, for fear that he might try to help- let’s just say Mikey was the only member of the Way family that had any skill when it came to technology.)

Finally, after every repair was made, Ray allowed Gerard to take a look at the Trans Am and decorate it (under the watchful eye of Mikey, of course) while he and Jimmy crashed not even ten feet away from the makeshift garage.

A good hour or so after Gerard and (to a lesser extent) Mikey had started painting the Trans Am, Gabe arrived with a few bottles of water and food that he managed to steal from a supply truck out on Route Guano. Gabe playfully smacked Mikey’s ass, which nearly caused the younger to drop the airbrush, thus smudging one of the legs of the spider he was in the middle of painting on the hood of the car.

Gabe laughed loudly, even when Mikey turned the airbrush on him, spraying the taller male with black, and most likely highly toxic, paint.

“Hey, if you guys are looking to enjoy each other’s company,” Gerard grumbled, not looking up from the car door, “could you at least do it in the other room?”

Mikey’s face turned bright red, but Gabe didn’t seem to mind. He just started kissing Mikey’s neck, not caring that he was receiving a very dark glare from Gerard.

“G-Gabe, could you not… y’know…”

“Relax, sweetie, I’m not going to go too far.”

Gerard sighed, “Get a room, you two.”

| ZONE 3
| January 1, 2016

“Great way to start the year, don’t you think?”

Nobody answered Gerard’s question. They were too bewildered by fact that his hair was now shorter, straightened, and bright red.

Gerard wasn’t the only one who had changed his appearance. Mikey had bleached his hair and gave it a trim as well.

“Yeah, I thought so too,” Gerard continued, not caring that nobody answered his question. “I know our little Missile Kid likes it. Don’t you, baby girl?”

The little girl they had taken in, who Gerard had started calling /Missile Kid/, to Gabe’s delight, giggled and reached for Gerard’s bright red locks of hair.

“From this day forward, I’m not Gerard. He’s not Mikey, and none of you are who you used to be. We’re going against the system, against the world that we used to be a part of. There’s no doubt about it- we’re gonna die eventually. But not now. Not while we’ve got a difference to make. And if we don’t succeed, then we can count on the future generation to do what we died trying to do.

“This is suicide, I know it. But unlike your typical suicide, this one will have a positive impact. If nothing else, we’ll have at least started a fire. And that fire will burn the tree that is Better Living Industries, the one that absorbs all the sun so everyone else can’t get any. We’ll be the fire that burns them to the ground and paves the way for a new world, a brighter future.”

Gerard paused, trying to string the last few words together.

“We are the Fabulous Killjoys… we will change this world, even if it means going out in a firefight.”

| ZONE 5
| May 7, 2016

After months of small raids and takeovers of supply trucks, the Killjoys took on their first big target- a six-man Draculoid patrol without a S/A/C/R/E/C/R/O/W chaperone.

Cherri Cola was obviously the best shot out of the Killjoys, easily taking out three of the six without breaking a sweat.

Kobra Kid was more hands-on. He avoided using his ray gun, and instead used his mastery of Kung-Fu to fight one of the other Draculoids. It eventually got to the point where close combat would not work for him, and he did eventually have to resort to incapacitate the one he had been fighting with his ray gun after being shot in the shoulder.

Fun Ghoul and Party Poison were both rather creative. They had conversations about music and superheroes, or they threw out quips and puns, or some very creative insults.

Jet-Star, on the other hand, chose to keep it short and sweet- just shoot the gun.

The Draculoids called in reinforcements, which ended up being another ten of the monstrous creatures. Kobra was shot again in the leg. He was still a quick thinker, though, and used the last of his stamina to get out of the fight. Ghoul was in pursuit of the injured Killjoy, first aid kit ready to go. This left Jet, Poison, and Cola alone with the remaining seven Draculoids.

“Seven to three,” Poison sneered, “Gotta say, I love those odds.”

| ZONE 3
| June 8, 2016

Kobra Kid hadn’t said a word since he and Fun Ghoul came back from a raid at one of BLI’s outposts. He just sat there, staring at the ground. Not even the Mad Gear’s flirting could get the kid to snap out of it.

“What happened?” Poison asked Ghoul.

Ghoul gave Poison a look of concern for Kobra. “Kobra made his first kill today… I know he didn’t mean it, but… god, the poor guy’s just drowning in guilt, even if it was the enemy.”

Kobra was never a person who’d even consider killing. Maiming, sure, if he had a good reason. But /killing/? Kobra wouldn’t even kill a spider, even if it was a poisonous one that bit him.

“He knows you don’t think he’s a murderer, right?”

“Well, yeah! But he’s not listening…”

Poison nodded. He walked towards his brother and sat down next to him on the battered couch. He draped an arm over Kobra’s shoulders and asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Kobra shook his head. Poison nodded before pulling his brother into a side hug, letting the blonde’s head rest on his shoulder.

“Well, I’m here if you do, okay? I really don’t like to see you like this, baby brother.”

Kobra nodded. He made no move to leave his older brother’s partial embrace.

| ZONE 3
| October 4, 2016

Poison’s journal, October 4 of 2016.

Slowly but surely, Kobra’s getting over the trauma and guilt of his first kill. He’s able to pick up his ray gun again without throwing it right back down or having his hand shake the entire time. I think he’s starting to realize that in order to win this war, there will need to be blood. I don’t like that any more than he does, but it’s necessary.

Missile Kid’s been a big help when it came to getting Kobra out of his pit of depression. She doesn’t see the blood on his hands (none of us do… but he does). She doesn’t see the guilt in his eyes. She just sees him, uncle Kobie, and she’s always able to get him to smile. Even for a few minutes, as he helps her walk or lets her babble on and on in her language, he’s able to smile, to actually smile, something I’ve been seeing him do less and less.

Mad Gear’s also had a part in helping my little brother. Even though he and Kobra aren’t, for lack of better word, fooling around anymore, he’s still been a great friend. Gear isn’t exactly a conventional therapist, but whatever he’s doing, it seems to be working, for the most part. (Part of me suspects it’s a ‘friends-with-benefits’ situation... but I’m not going to judge either of them.)

As for our seemingly endless war with Better Living Industries, we seem to be making a dent in the proverbial wall. I heard from Pete that there are pictures of us all over Battery City with giant red X’s and the word EXTERMINATE written in the middle. I wasn’t sure whether to be nervous or excited, because at this point, we were becoming legends. Pete, though, was less than enthusiastic when he told me. He even scolded me for being so excited. (Pete Wentz, scolding ME. That’s new.)

Ghoul has started making maps of BLI patrols, which have proven to be useful for everyone in the Zones. Kobra, using this map, was able to find several routes that could be used to find water, food, and other supplies that could be useful. A friend of ours, Tommy Chow Mein, even used the map to start a supply shop at the Paradise Motel.

I hate to say this so early in the game… but I think we might be able to win this thing.

| ZONE 3
| December 23, 2016

Poison heard a shriek from Kobra, which freaked him out. When he came to check on his little brother, ray gun in hand, he found Kobra holding the girl in his arms, a grin on his face.

“Poison, she said her first word!” Kobra said. He sounded more excited than the time he got his first bass.

“Really?” Poison asked. Kobra nodded.

“Go ahead, baby girl,” Kobra said, “Tell Poison what you said.”

“/Poy-yon,/” the girl squeaked.

Poison smiled. Shit, her first word was /Poison/. Not mama or daddy, but /Poison/.

He never felt this proud since the day he became a big brother.

| ZONE 3
| December 31, 2016

Within a few days, the girl was able to say something that resembled the Killjoys’ names. (/Ko-bah, Goo, Jeh, Poh-ee, Chee, Dee,/ and Ger, in that order.) Now that she was able to talk, the Killjoys knew that things would get a little more exciting around their little home. They couldn’t exactly have big long conversations, but Kobra and the little girl seemed to be able to talk for hours with one or two words.

“Colour?” Kobra would ask.

“/Bwoo./” Would be the little girl’s reply.


“/Cat./” (This was the first word she could pronounce perfectly. This made Kobra go and look for a stray cat just about every night.)

Kobra had most recently found a battered copy of one of his favorite books as a child- /The Cat in the Hat/. It had quickly become the girl’s favorite, and when it was time to sleep, she would point to the book and Kobra would just chuckle as he grabbed the book.

/The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.”/

It was fun to hear Kobra read, since he used a lot of expression, something he didn’t usually do every day. It was a rather nice change of pace each evening, as it got their minds off the horrors they faced.

Then, after the girl was asleep, Kobra went back to being nearly silent.

| ZONE 3
| May 1, 2017

Poison’s journal, May 1 of 2017.

Missile Kid’s growing fast. Since turning three last November, she’s been sneaking around, nearly giving us all heart attacks. I thought Kobra would have a fit when he left her alone for one minute to retrieve an invention that he was working on and came back to an empty room. Turns out, she had crawled into an empty box to play with the stray cat he found a week back.

We’re all in disbelief. She’s given us some form of normality to our dangerous lifestyle… I’m willing to bet that everyone, for the most part, was happy to leave Battery City.

| ZONE 3
| September 10, 2017

The sun hadn’t even come up when Poison’s eyes opened.

Kobra was curled up on the bed on the other side of the small room the brothers shared, sound asleep. The blanket had fallen off his thin frame during the night and was currently on the floor.

Poison smiled at the sight of his sleeping brother. He retrieved the fallen blanket and tucked it around Kobra before kissing his forehead.

Poison then went out for a smoke and stare at the stars. The city’s lights could be seen far off in the distant, but they didn’t block the stars.

Poison heard footsteps approaching. He didn’t have his ray gun on him, but he did have a brick in his hand.


Very few people knew his real name. In disbelief, Poison lit his lighter to reveal the darkened figure standing in front of him.

“Pete!” Poison said, relieved. “What are you doing out of Battery City?”

“I… I left,” Pete sighed, “I’ve saved up plenty of carbons over the past few years to be of some use. And you remember Brendon and Patrick?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“They tagged along. Well, kinda. They set up camp about a quarter mile back, but they know I’m here.” Pete slipped the bag he had off his back and started digging through it. “Where’s Mikey? I have something for him.”

“He’s inside, sleeping,” Poison said, “You can go see him if you want, but please don’t wake him. He doesn’t get much sleep… not since he made his first kill.”

Pete nodded in understanding. Poison watched as he entered the building, a small, fuzzy object in his arms.

| ZONE 3
| February 14, 2018

There wasn’t enough room at the radio station for three extra people, but the Mad Gear was happy to find a place that wasn’t too far from the station for Brendon, Pete, and Patrick. The three of them had been there since moving to the Zones last September.

Kobra tended to visit them quite often. In public, Pete would refer to him as Kobra. But in private, he’d always use Kobra’s real name.

Pete was well-aware of the Killjoys and their vigilante lifestyle. Predictably, though, he was worried. After all, Pete had protected Kobra since they were teenagers, and now, there roles were somewhat reversed. The Killjoys had the world resting on their shoulders, plus they had a little girl to take care of. It was a lot to keep track of.

Pete, Brendon, and Patrick would take turns babysitting the girl when the Killjoys had an important mission and Doctor Death-Defying was busy. She quickly took a liking to all three of them, referring to them as he uncles.

Missile Kid was perceptive, too. Two days ago, as Kobra and Pete were just casually talking, she approached them. Kobra picked her up and asked, “What’s wrong, baby girl?”

“Why you not kiss unka Pete?”

Both of their faces turned red. They thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t laughing. The little girl was completely serious, as though they were talking about cancer.

Poison had laughed when Kobra told him about it. But, he did agree with the kid. He was starting to get tired of the two not being together.

And so, two days later, Poison was not surprised when Pete showed up with a package in hand. Before Pete could even ask, Poison told him where Kobra was. He hid behind a corner to watch the two as they awkwardly exchanged gifts.

“Um… Mikey… I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time,” Pete said, “Like, a really, really, really long time…”

“Yes?” Poison could detect a hint of excitement in his brother’s voice.

“I… yeah. Since high school, actually. I just wasn’t sure if you’d, y’know, hate me, or laugh at me, or already-”

“For god’s sake,” Poison finally yelled, “Just fucking kiss him!”

To his surprise, it wasn’t Pete that made the first move- it was Kobra. He kissed Pete full on the lips, which caught him by surprise. But, he was smart enough to start kissing back before Kobra pulled away, thinking that Pete didn’t like him.

Due to being mammals, and seriously having the need to breath, they pulled away, breathing hard.

“Dude,” Kobra said, “What… what took you so long?”

“Good question,” Pete replied.

When they kissed again, Poison couldn’t help but smile when he saw the little girl clapping.

| ZONE 3
| April 9, 2018

Poison’s birthday was rather quiet, but after all that had happened the past few weeks, he was perfectly fine with that. The other Killjoys respected that and let him have some peace and quiet.

Kobra and Pete had somehow managed to find a copy of A.K.A. Loretta’s new album, something Poison had been dying to hear for a long time. For dinner, they had something other than dog food, but that was about it for Poison’s birthday.

“Hey… Poison?” Poison looked over at Pete, who seemed to want to ask him something.

“Yeah, Pete?”

“…Do you know where I can find leather? And a mask?”

Poison’s eyes widened. “Pete, are you-”

“Well, sort of. Patrick, Brendon, and I have been discussing it, actually. I just… I can’t stand the thought of not being there for Kobra, y’know? I’ve loved him for so long, and now that he’s finally mine… I can’t lose him. Not without a fight. I know that I can’t really protect him- he doesn’t need me that much. But I do want to watch his back.”

Poison nodded. “Kobra’s gonna hate me for telling you this… but I know a guy. His name’s Tommy Chow Mein. Go see him at the Paradise Motel. If he doesn’t have it, he’ll get his paws on it, for the right price.”

Pete grinned. “Thank you, man. Do me a favor, though- don’t tell Kobra. I want to wait to tell him.”

Poison agreed, in the end. But he sure didn’t like going behind his brother’s back.

| ZONE 3
| September 11, 2018

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to surprise you, Kobra.”

“By almost getting killed? Dammit, Pete…”

Poison was watching Pete and Kobra argue from a distance. It had been the first time they fought since the younger’s senior year of high school.

Pete took Kobra’s hand in his own. “Baby, I’m not dead… I admit, what I did was fucking stupid, but I couldn’t think straight at the time. The Drac had his gun aimed at the back of your head and you didn’t see it. I couldn’t call out to you, I was so fucking scared.”

Kobra’s facial features softened. “Pete… that’s sweet of you, really. But, you could’ve, y’know, pushed the Drac down, rather than take the shot yourself.”

“Like I said,” Pete said sheepishly, “I wasn’t thinking straight. I never do, not when it comes to you, Mikey.”

The use of Kobra’s real name made him realize that every word Pete said was true. The room was silent for a few minutes before Poison yelled, “What the fuck are you waiting for? Kiss and make up already!”

| ZONE 3
| December 12, 2018

When Ghoul came home from searching for water alone, Poison’s heart started racing, knowing something bad must’ve happened. The look of sheer terror that filled Ghoul’s eyes told him that, yes, Poison’s instincts were right.

“What happened? Where’s Kobra?”

“T-they took him. They captured Kobra. Some bald-headed guy from BLI left me there, nearly unconscious, and told me to tell you that he’s open for a trade. Kobra… Kobra for the girl.”

That took Poison by surprise. What could BLI want with the girl?

And BLI… they were tricky. For all he knew, Kobra could be dead, or worse, even. He would never know if it were a fair trade or not.

Poison made a promise to protect the girl… but Kobra was his baby brother. What was there to do?

The solution was simple- go in, find Kobra, and shoot anyone that got in his way. This one was personal, Poison figured, so risking his neck was necessary.

“Ghoul, do me a favor,” Poison said, handing the girl to him, “Take her to Patrick and Brendon. Bring Pete back with you. We’re gonna need his help. I’ll see if Chow Mein knows where they might have taken Kobra… it’s highly unlikely that they’d take him to Battery City, at least, not now. And before you go, I need to know where you last saw him.”

The only probable location, other than Battery City, was Ghost Station 1, which wasn’t too far from the radio station.

To Poison’s surprise, there was very little security at the outpost, which made him nervous. What if Kobra wasn’t there? What if they had already killed him?

But he had to check. Poison had to be sure he was okay. And in order to do that, he had to infiltrate the building. With Jet and Ghoul handling the security, that left him and Pete to go in as quietly as possible.

Chow Mein had a map of this Ghost Station. (It cost him forty carbons to get, so it had better have been accurate.) There were two probable places to keep a prisoner- in the cell block, or in the interrogation room. There was also a laboratory, but Poison waited to check there.
There was nobody in the cell block, and there were two people in the interrogation room- but they were in the middle of something Poison really wished he hadn’t seen. To Poison’s fear, there was only one other place to check- the lab.

Poison had barely left the interrogation room behind when he heard a scream of pure agony. Kobra’s scream of agony. Stealth could go fuck itself- right now, his brother needed him. With his gun drawn, Poison ran as fast as he could to the lab, shooting anyone that got in his way. He kicked in the door, just in time to witness something horrible.

There were two people in the room. One of which was Kobra, who was strapped to a table without his jacket or shirt. Electrodes had been attached to his thin frame, and judging from the way he was screaming, they were being used for reasons other than research. The other person was a bald-headed man in a frilly shirt and long brown jacket. He was standing at a strange device about a foot away from Kobra with a number of blinking lights and gauges.

“Take care of the intruder,” the man said, not even looking away from the device.

Poison felt a blast from a ray gun hit his shoulder. Standing behind him was someone who obviously worked for Better Living Industries, but they didn’t appear to be an underling. Poison prepared himself for the firefight.

While Poison was occupied with the other guy, he listened to Kobra’s screams, each growing louder and even more agonizing with each shock that ran though his body. If Poison didn’t end this soon, Kobra would be gone.

A shot was fired at the other man, but it wasn’t from Poison- it came from Pete. The man didn’t get a chance to defend himself, and Pete’s shot splattered his brains across the floor. But that was the last thing Poison was worried about.

With as much precision as Poison could draw together, he fired off three shots. Two hit the machine, causing sparks to fly from it. One hit the man’s shoulder.

The man hadn’t been prepared for it. He had been too busy torturing Kobra to care. But even Poison had to admit that the man was smart. Neither the leader of the Killjoys nor Pete made any move to stop him as he ran out the door.

“Kobra?!” Poison struggled to speak. His brother didn’t respond through verbal or physical means.

Pete cautiously placed his head on Kobra’s chest, searching for any sign of life. A sigh of relief escaped him. “He’s alive… his breathing’s a bit shaky and he’s unconscious, but he’s alive.”

Poison let himself relax slightly. He looked around the room in search for Kobra’s shirt and jacket. They were on a table across the room, folded neatly (to his surprise). He gathered Kobra’s jacket and shirt from the table and handed them to Pete before he gently lifted Kobra up into his arms. Pete didn’t even complain, knowing that Kobra was just as important to Poison as he was to himself. (And they had this unspoken agreement that, about ninety-nine percent of the time, brothers trumped boyfriends.)

Kobra was sprawled in the back seat of the Trans Am, head resting on Pete’s lap. Ghoul was tending to the elder’s wounds as best as he could in a moving vehicle after dark while Pete absentmindedly stroked Kobra’s blonde hair.

| ZONE 3
| December 25, 2018

Christmas was quiet this year. BLI wouldn’t be doing anything today, as there was a cease fire for the next twenty-four hours. The Killjoys took advantage of the time they got to rest.

Poison had met a cute girl named Lindsey in the middle of a firefight. In fact, she and Cola happened to be good friends, so he was actually the one who introduced them while Draculoids continued to shoot at everyone. Cola had put in a good word for Poison, and now, here they were a few days later, just sitting there, enjoying each other’s company.

Lindsey got along very well with the other Killjoys. She was already a skilled mechanic, but learned a thing or two from Kobra when she asked him about his power glove. Kobra gleefully went on and on about its creation, the prototypes, and how he’s working on a new one with Ghoul that might reverse the nerve damage to his hand. Nobody could really follow him, but Lindsey seemed to be able to do so without any problems. She even offered to help him.

Poison and Lindsey were alone in the room the Killjoys referred to as their recreational room. The two of them decided that a few minutes alone would be nice. And, as much as Poison loved his friends, brother, and beer, there was only so much of their drunken escapades he could take.

“Ordinarily, I wouldn’t do something like this for someone I’ve known for only a week,” Poison said, “But I really think I can trust you. I mean, Cola says you’re cool, and I trust him with my life.” Lindsey nodded, prompting Poison to continue. “My real name is Gerard. I’m from New Jersey. Lived there until the Pig Bomb blew the place up and killed my parents. Kobra’s the only actual family I have left.”

“Oh, Gerard,” Lindsey said, concern in her voice, “I… I’m so sorry. I never took you for someone to have dealt with something like that. But… why’d you tell me?”

“I don’t like keeping secrets this big from someone that I really like. There are some things I can’t tell you, of course, but if I could, I would.”

Lindsey smiled, “That’s sweet of you, Gerard. I-”

Lindsey was interrupted with a song that started playing from the station. Gerard’s face turned redder than his hair when he realized what was playing.

“/'Till we find our way in the dark and out of harm, you can run away with me anytime you want./”

Gerard ran into the station, Lindsey following behind. Kobra and Pete were in the room, matching grins on their faces. Pete was obviously drunk, and Kobra was, if nothing else, sober enough to have been able to pick out the CD that his older brother recorded earlier that day.

“Kobra!” Gerard was embarrassed… this wasn’t even the final version!

“C’mon, Poison,” Kobra laughed, “Your girlfriend seems to like it.”

“She’s not my-”

“Gerard, did you do this?” Lindsey asked. Gerard nodded. “If you don’t mind me asking, who did you write it for?”

“Well,” Gerard said, “You. But this isn’t the final version. I wanted to have it ready by Valentine’s Day.”

“I like it. A lot,” Lindsey said, “If you ask me, getting a demo for Christmas is just as sweet as the final product for Valentine’s. And, yes.”


“I just answered the question I knew you were going to ask. As in, /yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend./”

| ZONE 3
| June 1, 2019

Technically, it was Kobra’s day to search for water. But, since he had a fever and was shaking so much he probably couldn’t have even stayed on his motorcycle for longer than a minute, Poison and Ghoul went instead while Pete took care of his sickly boyfriend.

They took their typical route for water, fought the same group of Draculoids they encountered a few days before, and brought some extra water bottles back with them, knowing that Kobra would need it.

After checking in on Kobra, who, according to Pete, had been asleep pretty much all day, Poison continued writing a song that he’d had in mind for the past couple weeks. He’d been writing it and rewriting it for weeks, and he was determined to make it perfect.

The time had quickly gotten away from Poison. He could hear the little girl asking if Kobra could read her a bedtime story, completely oblivious to the fact the he was currently passed out in Pete’s arms.

“Kobra needs to rest, baby girl,” Poison said, setting down his notebook, “He’s sick. Do you want me to read to you instead?”

The girl seemed disappointed, but agreed nonetheless. She grabbed the copy of The Cat in the Hat and sat down in her bed, waiting for Poison to read.

| ZONE 3
| August 23, 2019

Poison’s journal, August 23 of 2019.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s even anything worth fighting for anymore. We can’t be everywhere at once, as much as I wish we could be. We can’t keep fighting back BLI, especially when we don’t even get that much rest or food. Our energy resources are being depleted as we continue this fight. I hate to say it, but I think we’re as good as fucked.

Kobra was nearly killed yesterday because I was too stupid to know that Lindsey was a sleeper agent. I was too stupid to see the subtle change in the look in her eyes, and now BLI has her in their clutches. I’m trying to work out a plan to save her, but I don’t even know if that will work.

Like I said- we’re fucked.

| ZONE 3
| November 30, 2019

“Goddamn it,” Poison cursed.

Things were looking bad right now. The Killjoys had managed to find and rescue Lindsey, but right now, they were trying to get out of the Ghost Station they had tracked her down at.

Kobra’s nose was bleeding and was supporting Ghoul, who had been shot in the leg. Jet was unconscious and had been tossed over Cola’s shoulder, who was taking on three Draculoids.

“We are so fucked,” Poison whispered to Lindsey.

“Maybe not…” Lindsey said. She showed him a ray gun that she had snuck out of the lab she had been imprisoned in. “Cola did teach me how to shoot.”

Lindsey aimed her gun at one of the Draculoids that had surrounded Cola. She shot it in the back of its head.

“Nice shot, love,” Poison said.

“Poison, you know I love you, but shut up and shoot.”
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