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Sailing On Unfriendly Waters

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The seven heroes go boating when they run into trouble, serious trouble.

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It was a beautiful saturday morning and everyone was in a great mood. Theresa and Atlanta talked excitedly and giggled a lot, Jay and Archie play cards, Herry and Odie were cooking breakfast and Neil was enjoying looking at himself in his three-paneled pocket mirror.
" We should do something." Jay said standing up. This got everyone's attention.
" Like what?" Herry asked walking into the living room.
" I don't know," Jay said as he walked over to the window gazing out at the beautiful world, " We sould do something fun and outside."
" How about a picnic?" Theresa suggested.
" Yah. There's this really great new park that opened just outside of town. We could go there."
" No. Let's go to the beach." Neil said putting away his mirror.
" Yah the beach sounds like fun." Odie agreed with Neil.
" I don't know..." Archie started.
" Come on Arch. You can't avoid the water forever." Atlanta teased.
" Why don't we do everything." Jay said turning back to his friends.
" Huh? what do you mean?" Herry asked his brown haired, brown eyed friend.
" We could go for a picnic at the beach," Jay said, " we could even go boating."
' Of course. Why else would he want to go to the beach but to get in a boat and drive around? Theresa thought staring at Jay.
" Sure. It sounds fun." Atlanta said enthusiastically.
" Okay. Let's get ready for some fun." everyone gave Jay a wierd look. He never just had fun. He never relaxed... ever. But he seemed excited about this trip.
Everyone got their swimsuits on and grabbed some stuff for the picnic. Before long they were in Herry's truck on their way to the beach. Theresa and Atlanta put the picnic stuff on the boat. Herry was already swimming around. Odie was setting up his laptop. He never went anywhere without it. Jay was checking the steering on the boat and making sure the the girls brought everything. Archie stood on the dock, alone. His irrational fear of the water stopped him from going on most their boat trips before.
" Archie, are you ready to go?" Jay asked ready to leave.
" Uh...," Archie stared at the water, " Yah."
Archie climbed in the boat and Jay started the motor. Soon they were far away from the shore. Archie began to feel sick.
" Come on Archie," Atlanta said leaning over the edge of the boat to feel the ocean spray on her face, " This is fun. You should try it."
Atlanta looked at him with her blue-grey eyes. Her short, fire red hair was blown back by the wind.
' She looks so... so... beautiful.' Archie thought. He then realized that he was staring at her so he tought of something quick.
" I would but..." the purple haired hero trailed off.
" But... your afraid of the water." Altanta teased.
By now the heroes were so far away from shore that it was just a tiny dot on the horizon. Jay looked over at Theresa. He loved the way her green eys lit up when they were out on the water.
" Jay! Watch out!" Theresa cried.
Jay looked forward to see them headed straight towards a massive rock. Jay turned the boat sharply to the right to avoid wrecking the boat.
" Atlanta!" It was Archie. Atlanta had gone overboard when Jay turned the boat. Jay slowed the boat down and they drove up next to the soaked girl. Herry put his muscular arms into the water to help Atlanta into the boat.
" Are you okay?" Archie asked, concern in his voice.
Atlanta coughed a couple of times then answered, " Yah. I'm fine. No thanks to Jay's wreckless driving." She was teasing but Jay didn't think it was to funny. Then the fighting started.
" My wreckless driving? If you hadn't have been hanging over the edge of the boat you wouldn't have fallen out."
" Whoa. Jay I was just kidding around. Chill out." Atlanta sat down next to her best friend, Theresa.
Archie went and sat beside Atlanta.
" You were kidding around? Well I don't here anyone laughing do you?" Jay said sternly as her steered the boat.
" Jeez. What's your problem. You need to loosen up." Atlanta said as she crossed her arms in front of her.
" I do not ne-" Jay didn't get to finish his sentence because he was cut off by a loud rumbling noise.
" Herry. Did you remember to check the engine?" Jay asked.
" Uhhh..." Herry didn't need to answer.
" How could you? Now we're stranded here." jay's voice grew louder with each word.
" Jay calm down. It was an accident." Theresa said standing up.
" No. I will not calm down." Jay's words hurt Theresa. He had never yelled at her before.
' Jay is not normally so uptight. What was troubling his toughts? Why did he go from being happy to being angry?' Theresa's thoughts drowned out the sound of Jay fighting with Atlanta, Archie, Odie and Herry.
" Guys.... uh guys," neil was trying to get their attention, with little success," GUYS!" Neil yelled.
" What?!" Everyone was in a bad mood now.
" Not to interupt your fighting but I thought you'd like to know there's a HUGE WAVE OVER THERE AND IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US! Neil was moving his arms up and down in panic. No one had time to react. The wave consumed them. Theresa, Archie, Herry and Odie were dragged overboard with the push of the wave.
" Theresa! Archie! Herry! Odie!" Jay started to panic as his friends drifted away from him.
Then another huge wave came crashing down on to the boat. But this time it tore the boat into pieces.

What will happen to Jay and the others? Will they ever see each other again? Was this another one of Cronus' plans? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHOR"S NOTE: sorry this chapter is so short but I promise it will get better. Please Rate and Review my story. And I promise to update it as soon as I can.
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