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Strange New Surroundings

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The seven heroes woke up in a strange new place. It looks like a nice peaceful place but.... looks can be deceiving.

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Jay woke up with the sun blinding him. ' Just a dream.' he thought. Then Jay went to get out of bed when he discovered he was sleeping on the ground. He looked around, still not completely awake, and realized it hadn't been a dream. ' Where am I?' Jay thought as he stood up, brushing sand off his soaked clothes and out of his brown hair. He squinted. All he could see was sand, sand and more sand. Then he turned around and SMACK! Jay had walked right into a tree.
" Ahhhhh!" Jay had yelled out more in surprise than pain.
Jay looked behind the tree. More trees. Jay then slid down the tree truck and slumped on the ground with many thoughts running through his still confused mind. ' How did I get here?' 'Where is here exactly?' ' Where is everyone else?' Then more terrifying thoughts enter his head. ' What if they didn't make it somewhere safe?' ' What if they're still all out on the water?' ' What if I never see them again?' 'They're all gone. Herry, Odie, Atlanta, Archie, Neil, and Theresa.' ' If I hadn't been such a jerk maybe I would've been able to steer through the storm.' Jay looked out at the ocean water. It had a green tint to it. It reminded Jay of Theresa's emerald green eyes, they always sparked in the sun like the water is now. Jay put his head down trying to get the thought of her out of his head. While he was looking at the ground, blaming himself for everything, he saw his PMR. Sunddenly Jay began to feel better. Maybe he could contact them. Maybe they're all okay. He grabbed his PMR out of the sand.
" Guys? Theresa? Herry? Odie? Atlanta? Archie? Neil? Anyone?" Jay waited for an answer. But all he got was static. Jay picked up the PMR and tossed it across the beach. Then he sat back down against the tree. Then another bunch of thoughts enter Jay's mind. ' They won't come looking for me.' ' They're all probably fine and celebrating that I'm gone.' ' No.' Jay refused to believe those thoughts. ' I have to go find them.' With that he started down the beach. He picked up his PMR from where it had landed. Then he went off to find his friends. HE walked along the hot sand, the sun loomed over him. But he was too determined to find his friends to let the heat stop him.


Theresa woke up very tired and very sore. Theresa was just lying back with her eyes closed thinking about the dream she just had. Then a wave came and soaked Theresa.
" Ahhhh!" Theresa cried. The water was ice cold.
Theresa sat up and looked around. She hadn't been in her bed. She had been on a rock on some strange place. Theresa got up and looked around. She didn't recognize anything. She was wonrdering where she was when all of a sudden she had a vision. It was Jay and he was running. Then there was a landslide, and Jay was gone. Theresa leaned back against the rock she was just on.
" No. Jay." Theresa really didn't want this vivsion to come true, even if Jay had been a total jerk before.
Theresa got up and searched for her PMR. ' I'll just see if he- I mean if they are okay.' Theresa Turned on the PMR.
" Hello? Jay? Atlanta? Herry? Odie? Archie? Neil?" Theresa started to worry when all she heard was static.
' I guess I won't find them if I just stand here.' Theresa decided to go out and find her friends. She had just started walking when she heard something on her PMR. It sounded like... like Jay! Theresa grabbed her PMR.
" Jay! Hello? Can you here me?" Theresa was excited to hear his voice. Again the only answer she got was static.
' Stupid thing.' She thought bitterly. Then she was off to find her friends. As Theresa walked she noticed that the place she was looked really strange. The trees were all dead and the sky was so dark. The sand was gray and the ocean was red. Theresa shuddered. ' This place is weird.' she thought as she continued down the beach. She wasn't completely paying attention to where she was walking. She was thinking about her friends, especially Jay. ' Where are they?' ' Are they in this creepy place too?' Theresa's thoughts were interupted when she slipped. She landed on the ground. Hard.
" Owww." Theresa muttered.
She got up and looked around her. She had fallen off some sort of ridge. This place looked completely freaky. It was the same as where she was before she fell but now she had a bad feeling in her gut. Like something horrible was going to happen. Still she continued.


Atlanta woke up with a pounding headache. She stood up and looked around. ' This isn't my room.' she thought as she looked. ' But that means it wasn't just a bad dream.' Atlanta recalled the past events. ' The boat ride, the fight with everyone... with Archie, the storm.' Atlanta saw her PMR laying on the ground. ' I guess I'd better see if everyone's okay.'
" Guys hello? Can anyone here me?" Atlanta got only static in response. So, she put her PMR away.
She looked around her. It seemed like a normal place. Green grass, blue water, blue skies. She started to walk around. She stopped when she came to a ledge. Atlanta couldn't believe her eyes. ' What is this place?' she thought as she looked upon the baron terrain. She looked back to the normal land, then back to the desert-like place in front of her. She noticed something sticking out of the ground. She walked over to it and picked it up. It was Neil's three panel mirror. ' He is going to be so mad he lost this. I guess I'd better hold onto it and give it back to him when I find him.' she looked around again. ' If I find him.' Atlanta continued. 'For a desert this place sure is cold.' Atlanta thought as she walked along the desert sand. All of a sudden Atlanta felt hot. She was seating. She looked up the sun had come out and now she wished for the cold from before. Never the less she continued. She stopped and looked around.
" How long does this place go on for?" she asked herself out loud.
She was looking around when she saw a grouping of trees. ' A forest.' she thought happily as she turned and started towards it. A few minutes later she walked into the trees and out of the sun. She looked at the trees. ' Weird.' she thought. The trees where brown and blue. Atlanta shuddered. ' This place gives me the creeps.' Still she continued. She was walking happily thinking about finding her friends when she stopped. She looked ahead and couldn't move. She saw Cronus. Atlanta ducked into a nearby bush, finally being able to move. But when she looked back he was gone. Atlanta got out of the bush. She walked over to where Cronus was standing. She looked around cautiously. ' No one's here. Weird.' She thought. But she still continued, feeling as though she was being watched.


Archie awoke to see a green clouded sky. ' What?' He sat up instanly and looked around him. He was in some sort of swamp place. But on one side there was clear normal skies and a beach. On the other was a green swamp. ' This is just too weird.' he thought standing up. ' Where am I?' Archie thought looking around again. He decided to check the map on his PMR.
" Busted. Perfect.' he muttered sarcastically.
' That means no contacting anyone. Guess I'm on my own for now.' He thought as he stared at the broken device in his hand. ' Now which way should I look?' he thought. ' This way is creepy so I think I'll go with the sunny route.' With that he started down the beach. It was still morning so the sun was low in the sky. As he walked he felt as though someone was looking at him. He stopped and looked around to assure himself that he was the only one on the beach. He was. Archie turned around and stumbled back in shock and disbelief. The beautiful beach he was just walking on had vanished. Now it was a baron land. There were dead trees everywhere. ' that;s odd. I could have sworn...' Archie was definetly confused. He rubbed his eyes. Nope that didn't work. He got up and turned around. Then he stood frozen in shock. ' Okay this is starting to get annoying. I know I just came from a beach.' He thought now more confused than before. The ocean was gone and so was the blue sky. It had been replaced with never ending red sand and a orange sky. The sun was now right over head. Archie saw some weird disfigured trees in the distance. ' At least it's shade.' he thought. Then he started to run. He didn't want to be in this unbearable heat for much longer. Plus he didn't want the area to change again and be stuck somewhere worse. Archie reached the trees and he shivered. It was freezing in the trees. ' That's definetly weird.' Archie thought continuing throught the trees. It didn't take long before he came out on the other side of the trees. It was another baron place. Gray sand, red water, definetly odd. Archie continued. This place wasn't as bad as the last desert or the forest. He tried his PMR once more. No luck. He continued hoping his luck would change.


Herry woke up to find himself covered with sand. ' Huh?' he thought looking down at his sand covered body. Herry got up and brushed the sand off himself. Then he shook the sand out of his brown hair. Herry looked around at his surroundings. ' Where am I?' he thought as he looked at the beige sand that surrounded him. He turned around to find himself facing an ocean. The ocean was a dark blue and it reflected the late morning sun. Herry realized that he was sweating like crazy from the heat. So, he went over to the water and splashed some on himself. ' Much better.' he thought happily as the water cooled him down. ' Now how do I get out of... where ever I am?' Herry looked around to see the beige sand strech on forever. The only place where the sand didn't occupy was a bunch of palm trees to his left. Herry decided it was better than standing out in the sun. So he started to walk over to the trees. but stopped when his foot hit something. His PMR. ' I'll see if I'm the only one in this place.' he thought as he picked it up.
" Hello? Anybody," no answer, " Hey, guys can you hear me?" this time there was an answer... static.
' Oh well. No use in standing here. I'd better see if I can find them.' So Herry started once again towards the shady bunch of trees. Herry reached the trees about half an hour later. The shade was very refreshing compared to the heat he bared on the sand. Herry walked through the trees happily, he was glad to be in the shade. When Herry reached the other side it was like he had entered a completely different world. There ws green grass, a small clear blue pond, beautiful oak trees, nice blue sky it was a paradise. Herry walked over to the pond and sat down under one of the trees. He suddenly relized how tired he was. Herry decided to take a little break and enjoy the peace. Only the peace didn't last very long. Just as Herry had gotten comfortable he fell backwards. Herry was no longer staring up at a nice blue sky, but a gray sky. The once nice green grass had become a swampy mess. And the trees had become shrivled and dead. ' What?! Where is the nice place I was just in?' Herry was completely confused. The paradise he had found had turned into an ugly, depressing place. ' Guess that's a sign for me to keep moving.' Herry thought standing up. He looked around to decide which was the best route to take. He spotted yet another grouping of trees. Only this time they weren't nice looking. But it was better than staying where he was. So Herry started towards the odd gathering of trees.
" Odie? Neil? Jay? Atlanta? Theresa? Archie?" Herry called for his friends hoping that someone would here him.
When he got no answer he decided to trudge on.


Odie awoke on a board floating in the ocean. He was so shocked that he almost fell into the water.
" Whoa!" Odie said as he lost his balance slightly.
He looked around him. There was ocean as far as the eye could see in all directions but one. To Odie's surprise and gratitude he was being taken towards and island. This was perfect because Odie was starting to get sea sick. Odie started paddling to get there faster. The island looked so beautiful. Tons of forest, sandy beaches. Truely paradise. Odie reached the shore shortly after. When he looked at the board he had been drifting on he realized it was a piece form the boat they had been on.
" This has to be a bad dream." Odie said to himself as he remembered being pulled off the boat and seeing it crushed to pieces in front of him.
Odie pinched himself hoping he'd wake up in his bed and that this was all a nightmare. No luck. Odie decided to try his PMR to see if anyone else had survived. the thought of him being the only one made him shudder.
" Jay? Theresa? Herry? Archie? Atlanta? Neil? Guys can you hear me," he thought he heard a voice, " Guys?" only static now.
' Darn!' Odie decided to look around and see what he could find. ' Maybe I'll find the guys.' he thought happily. As Odie walked aver the sun scortched sand the sun rose higher into the sky. ' Man. It's hot out here.' he thought searching for some shade. The only shade he found was a forest. And it was on the other side of the beach. It looked about three kilometres away. Odie sighed and started toward it. About forty minutes later he plunged into the shade of the trees. He looked back at the beach and his mouth dropped open. The beach had disappeared. Now there was jagged rocks and dark red sand where he had just come from. Odie rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Nope. The beach was gone. ' That's weird.' he thought but he decided to keep going in the direction he was heading in. He reached a small clearing in the trees and decided to stop and take a break. Odie then remembered he had his laptop in his backpack. He pulled off his backpack and took it out. His laptop was ruined. The salt water had fried the circuits. Odie put it back into his bag and decided to fix it later. For now he had to worry about finding his friends... if they were even on the same island.


Neil awoke to find himself freezing.
" Can somebody turn up the heat," he yelled. The only answer he heard was the echo of his own voice, " Huh?"
Neil opened his eyes to find that he wasn't in his bed at the dorm but he was laying in snow. ' What am I doing here?... Where is here exactly?' he thought as he got up. He looked around to see that everything was frozen but the ocean. Neil went over to the water and felt it.
" Ahhh!" the water was hot.
' That's odd.' Neil stood back up and went to explore. He stopped to look at himself in his three panel mirror.
" AHHHHHHHHH!" it wasn't there.
Neil got down on his hands and knees searching furiously throught the snow for his precious mirror. It looked like his luck had run out. He couldn't find it. ' No. My mirror.' Neil thought unhappily as he slumped in the snow. He took one last look around him to see if it was there. Nope. But he did notice his PMR was on the ground where he had been laying. So Neil got up and went and picked it up.
" Hello? Anyone? There's an emergancy! I can't find my mirror! Anyone," Neil yelled into the PMR, " Hello? Jay? Herry? Atlanta? Theresa? Odie? Archie?" Neil only heard an echo and static.
Neil unhappily decided his mirror was lost forever looked around to figure out what way to go. He saw a bunch of snow covered trees and decided to go that way. He figured the trees would get him a little warm. As he got up to start walk over to the trees the sun came out. ' That's a little better.' Neil thought as the sun warmed him a little. When he reached the trees Neil was so cold he couldn't bear it. About halfway through the trees he stopped and dropped to his knees.
" I can't go on. It's too cold. I'll freeze! Then in a hundred years they'll find my frostbitten body. Nooooo! " Neil yelled thinking it was the end for him.
He then looked around through the trees and saw a beach. He suddenly regained the hope that his super model career wasn't over. Neil got up and ran to the sunny beach. He burst out of the trees and fell into the sand. It was so warm. Then all of a sudden it vanished. And Neil was laying in a swamp.
" Ewww!" he said as he jumped up from the unbearable swampy ground.
' Where'd my beach go?' Neil wondered. He decided it wasn't coming back so he should just go find his friends. So Neil started heading towards a nice forest, well as nice a forest you can find in a swamp.

What will happen to the young heroes? Will they ever find each other? Are they all in the same place? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: this chapter is a lot longer than my last one. I hope your liking the story so far. there are lots more unexpected moments to come. please rate and review my story. any questions you have along the way i'll be happy to answer.
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