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A Dream Come True

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The heroes find some of their teammates... kinda.

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Jay continued to walk along the sun scortched beach which appeared to have no end. By now the heat was starting to get to Jay. He was exausted. Jay decided to go over to the ocean and spash some water on himself to cool down. Jay leaned back onto his elbows taking a short break. The cool breeze that was coming off the ocean was very refreshing. After a few minutes of resting Jay decided to get back to looking for his friends... if they were even in the same place. As Jay stood up he heard a muffled voice over his PMR. ' Huh? I thought that was broken.' Jay thought as he examined the device. Then he heard the voice again. It wasn't coming from his PMR. He looked around. No one else was there. ' Must be the heat getting to me.' Jay decided to ignore the voice and keep walking. By now the sun had started to set. After another long while of walking Jay decided to stop and rest for the night. Maybe he'd have better luck tomorrow. Jay had gathered some wood and started a fire when he heard that same voice again, only this time it wasn't muffled. The voice sounded like it was coming from right beside him. He looked around.
" Theresa!" Jay cried as he saw one of his friends was safe.
" Hi Jay." Theresa had a glum look on her face.
" Are you okay?" Jay was concerned that she was so upset.
" Yeah." She sighed sitting down beside him.
" You sure? You don't seem fine." Jay was trying to pull the answer out of her.
" Yeah. I'm just... a little tired from walking all day.
This was followed by a couple minutes of silence. ' This is nice.' Jay thought as he and Theresa sat by the fire. Jay looked over at his friend. ' God she looks beautiful.' he thought as the shadows cast by the fire danced around them. The silence was broken by Theresa. She just started crying. Jay was so startled that he nearly fell over.
" Theresa, what's wrong?" he asked, concern filling his voice.
" I'm sorry. It's just... oh never mind." she replied turning away shyly.
" No. What's bothering you?" Jay was really getting worried, Theresa never acted like this.
" It's nothing really. I'm just glad I found someone. I'm just so worried about the others. I tried my radio but I got no answer." Theresa's crying had subsided.
" The salt water probably fried the circuits. I'm sure their fine. If anyone could survive out here it's our friends." Jay put a comforting arm around Theresa's slender shoulders.
" I'm sure you're right. But... I just can't help but worry. What if something bad happens to them?" Theresa was now burried in Jay's arms.
" I know what you mean. I'm worried too. We can look for them tomorrow. I have a feeling that they're all doing just fine." Jay was trying to convince himself more than her.
Theresa had calmed down and now was falling asleep. Even though she was leaned up against Jay, he didn't mind. He enjoyed the company, especially hers. The entire day before he couldn't stop thinking about her. About her long, flowing red hair. Her sparkling emerald green eyes. Her perfum that smelled like flowers. Jay looked down at his now sleeping companion. ' Why can't I stop thinking about her?' he asked himself. ' Why is it everytime I think about anything my thoughts wander to her?' ' Is it true what the guys say? Am I falling for Theresa?' By now Theresa was completely asleep. ' She looks so peaceful, so... lovely.' Jay thought this as he slowly fell alseep himself. His last waking thought was: ' Maybe I do l-lo- really like her.' Jay and Theresa were both sound asleep on the beach, Theresa laying in Jay's comforting arms.


Atlanta was still walking through the forest, still feeling as though she were being watched. Atlanta Had finally found the end to the creepy forest. She burst out of the trees to see a much more welcoming place. Now she was in place with green grassy hills, beautiful and normal trees, and a beach by the ocean. ' I think I'll stop here for the night.' Atlanta thought looking at the setting sun. She had chosen a place to sleep under a huge maple tree. She then gathered sticks and leaves and built a small fire. It was then that she realized how tired she was. Atlanta sat against the maple tree and stared up at the stars. ' This is nice. It's been a while since I've seen the stars like this.' she recalled the nights she spent out in the woods hunting. Her thought swere interupted when she heard a twig snap. Atlanta was immedietly up and alert.
" Who's there?" she called, her bolas ready.
A figure emerged from the trees across the clearing. She couldn't make out who it was. As the figure came closer to her, she started to notice it. The figure now stood in the ligth of the fire.
" Archie!" Atlanta ran over to him and gave him a hug. When she stepped away she knew she was blushing.
" Hey Atlanta," he replied, " I'm really glad I found you. It's been crazy in this place... where ever it is."
They then sat down on the grass near the fire. With the sun down the air had become chilly. Atlanta started to shiver. Even with the warmth of the fire she was still ice cold. All of a sudden she began to warm up. Then she noticed that Archie had put his hoody around her shoulders.
" Th- thanks" Atlanta studdered. She then looked away. This time she knew she was blushing for sure.
" Your welcome." Archie said smiling.
' God. Why am I so nervous around him all of a sudden? It's only Archie.' she thought as she looked back at her purpled haired friend. The fire reflected off his blue- gray eyes. ' Is Theresa right? Do I like Archie? I can't he's my best friend and that would just be wierd.' her thoughts were interupted by Archie.
" Did you have any luck trying to contact the others?" by now he was laying back on the grass with his hands behind his head.
" No. My PMR is busted. Did you?" Atlanta layed down next to him.
" No, mine's busted too. Guess it's just us two for now."
Atlanta couldn't help but smile. ' Maybe I do like him. He always makes me feel better. We have so much in common. But what if he doesn't like me back?' Atlanta decided ot ignore these thoughts... for now anyway. Atlanta started falling asleep before too much more time had passed.


Herry continued through the dead gathering of trees. He pushed away dead branches and bushes. ' This is definetly not an inviting place.' thought Herry as he trudged onward. The sun was setting and the air began to cool off. Herry was still in the middle of the creepy forest of dead trees and it didn't look like a great place to stop so he kept going. ' Man. How big is this forest?' he thought glumly as the dead trees seemed to drag on forever. About two hours after the sun had set Herry was still entangled in the never ending trees. Finally he spotted an exit to the horrible place where every tree looked the same as the last, it was starting to get hard to figure out which way he was going. Herry reached the spot and it looked like the perfect place to stop for the night. There was sand and trees, that weren't dead, and a beautiful ocean to fall asleep listening to. Herry found a nice place to sleep and just collapsed. He was so exausted from being in the sun and walking for hours on end with no breaks. Despite his weariness Herry had a hard time falling asleep. It took him quite a while to get settled and comfortable. He was nearly asleep when he heard a voice. ' Who could that be?' Herry thought tiredly. The voice went away for a while. Herry got re-settled and was drifting off to sleep again when he heard the voice again. This time he sat up to see if someone was there. Nope, no one. ' That's odd.' Herry thought swearing he could have heard a voice. He kept hearing the voice. It took him quite a while to figure out that his PMR was working.
" Hello? Anyone?" the voice sounded very familiar.
" Uhh. Hello?" Herry answered, not wuite sure what to say.
" Herry!? Herry is that you?" the voice definetly belonged to someone he knew very well.
" Uhh. Yeah. Who's this?" Herry asked, he was getting tired and didn't feel like guessing.
" It's Neil!"
" Neil?" Herry was wide awake now.
" Yeah. I've been having horrible day. Hey! Where are you?" Neil asked hoping to have someone to endure the miseries of the island with.
" I'm not sure. Where are you?"
" I'm in a foresty.... no, grassy.... no, sandy.... no, AHHHHH! It keeps changing. And the muddy paces aren't good for my skin. Did you know there was a lot of dirt in mud?"
" Well I guess the only way we'll find anyone is if we're really lucky."
" Oh" the PMR was cutting in and out.
" Neil? Neil?" all Herry got was static.
"at least I know Neil's okay.' Herry thought. Suddenly his eyelids got very heavy and he gave an enormous yawn. ' Guess I forgot how tired I was.' he thought relaxing once again. It wasn't long before Herry was fast asleep.


Odie exited the group of trees he was walking through. Now he stood staring a rocky, baron land. ' Great.' he thought sarcastically. He still continued though. Odie was more than determined to find someone, anyone, but preferably his friends. Since the sun had set, there wasn't much light for Odie to see to far in front of him. As Odie walked through the baron land he kept tripping over and stubbing his toes on the many jagged rocks that were sticking up out of the dead and cracked ground. ' This place looks a lot like the first one I was in except the creepy sky. Odie looked up at the blackening sky. It hovered ubove him menacly, almost threateningly. But, Odie continued, trying to ignore it as best he could. He hadn't gone to far when the land changed again. Now instead of rocks, dead ground, and a creepy sky there was a sandy desert- like place. ' At least it's nicer looking than that last place. Odie decided to stop and rest for the night. He found a spot where he could get comfortable, well as comfortable as you can on sand. Odie wasn't too tired but he decided it was too dangerous to keep walking when you couldn't see three feet in front of you. So , Odie just stared up at the stars and the moon. Even they looked strange. The stars were an orangey colour and the moon had a purple shade to it. ' Now THAT is weird.' Odie thought. He was now slowly beginning to drift to sleep. Before Odie was completely asleep something caught his eye. He sat up and looked around. Nothing. ' Being in a strange and freaky place is starting ot get to you.' Odie told himself as he confirmed that he was alone. That was when he noticed the reflection in the water. The stars in the waters reflection were a bluish shade and the quarter moon was a shade of green. ' That is really strange,' Odie thought trying to relax and get some sleep. After a few minutes Odie was fast alseep under yet another creepy sky.


Neil was still trying to get in contact with the others. After hours of trying he decided that his PMR wasn't going to work again. While he was trying ot get it to work he hadn't noticed where he was walking. Neil had ended up at the base of a mountain. At first the supermodel didn't notice the massive rock sitting in front of him, but he did after he tripped, fell face first into a pile of leaves and was staring up at the mountain. It was then that Neil had realized he was completely lost, not that he knew where he was before. Neil decided to go around the mountains base rather than endure another snow storm. ' Great now my hair is ruined.' Neil thought to himself in utter annoyance. He went to pull out his always handy three panel mirror then he remembered he had lost it. This made his heart sink even more. To Neil all hope was lost. Neil was about to give up when he spotted a beach. This time he hoped it wouldn't disappear on him. But this gave him little hope. He ran over to the beach and stood there waiting in anticipation. Nothing happened. Neil decided to sit there until someone came to find him.
" At least I can work on my tan for the party of the year next week,'" Neil thought happily as he lounged in the sun, " Oh my god! The party! What if I don't make it back in time? I'll disappoint everyone! I must make it back in time for that party!"
Neil was determined to be back in New Olympia in five days from some unknown place. Even if he couldn't sit and tan he could still get a tan searching for his friends. He would just stay on the beach. Where it was warm and beautiful and peaceful. Neil decided to search for his friends along the coast. Thus keeping him happy and helping him find the others. For Neil this was paradise.

Will the seven heroes be reunited again? What is with Theresa and Jay? What's with Atlanta and Archie? What is with the weird and creepy place? Will Neil make it back in time for that party? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: this chapter isn't as long as the last but i hope you liked it just the same. Now don't be fooled by some of the heroes finding each other. i have a twist that will take everything they know and completely.... well i won't put too much more, after all i don't wan to ruin it for you. well i hope you like the story so far. please rate and review. and constructive critism is always welcome.
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