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Burst Bubbles

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All that is seen is taken away.

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Theresa woke up still laying in Jay's protective and comforting arms. She looked up her friend and thought. ' He's so sute and peaceful looking when he's asleep.' She decided to get up and look around some more. She was trying to be extremely careful not to wake him. Theresa had managed to successfully get up without waking him. She stared out at the sun rise. It looked so magestic along the water's horizon. She sat on the shore away from Jay and just thought about the past events. ' I still can't believe he yalled at me. He's never yelled at me before. I wonder if something was bothering him? It definetly wasn't like him to suggest going out and having fun. Maybe he's starting to relax a little. That would be nice. He's always so serious.' her thoughts were interupted by birds passing over head. She looked up to see small black birds flying towards a mountain. Suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder. She jumped and turned around. Jay had a surprised look on his face.
" Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." he said taking a seat next to her.
" It's okay." she said slightly blushing at the fact that she had been so jumpy.
" It's beautiful isn't it?" Jay said pointing to the sun rise.
" Yeah. It's really something." she replied.
Theresa felt Jay's hand slide onto hers. She instantly felt butterflies. She had never felt like this before. She looked away to hide the fact that she was blushing. ' How can he be such a jerk one time and then so sweet and cute the next? He's so confusing. Why can't I be mad at him for yelling at me? Why can't I help but smile when I see him?' these thoughts ran through her head as they stared out at the water. Theresa stood up.
" We should probably start looking for the others." she said.
" Yeah you're probably right." he agreed standing up.
" Which way should we start looking?" she asked looking around.
" Well I came from that way, " he pointed behind him, " And if you came from that way the forest is the only place left to look."
" Okay, let's go." she started heading into the trees.
They had walked about ten or twenty minutes when they reached a rock wall.
" What now?" Theresa asked.
" We go up." Jay replied starting to climb the wall.
She followed. It was a pretty high rock wall. It took them about an hour to climb it. Theresa slipped a couple times but Jay was right there to help her. ' He's so amazing.' she thought watching her friend. When they reached the top they decided to head up the mountain. That way they could get a better view of the area. ' I hope the others are okay.' she thought nervously. Jay noticed that she looked worried.
" Hey. I'm sure we'll find them. I have a good feeling that hey're all doing just fine.
" You're probably right but I can't help but feel nervous and scared. What if we don't find them?"
" We will." he comforted her.
Theresa stopped as she had another vision. She saw a giant creature. And it was attacking Atlanta and Archie. Jay had continued to walk. He didn't seem to notice she had stopped. Theresa shuddered. She remembered her other vision at that moment. Then she heard rocks falling. She looked up and saw a rock slide starting. Jay stopped and turned around. He had definetly heard the rock slide starting. He looked at her and started running towards her. ' Ohh no.' she thought.
" Jay! Stop. Go bakc!" but it was too late.
The rocks had already reached the ledge they were on. And he was right under them. Theresa looked away she couldn't bare to see what would happen next. After the rocks had stopped there was only silence. She looked over at the rock pile were Jay had just been standing. She could feel tears building in her eyes. ' There's no way anyone could have survived that.' She dropped to her knees, unable to hold herself up any longer. ' I can't believe he- he's actually gone.' she thought trembling. It was true, Jay was no more. Theresa couldn't move. She was frozen with shock and feelings of hopelessness. She couldn't grasp teh fact that the one person she cared about most in the world was gone. In a matter of seconds cruel fate had taken her world away.She couldn't continue. She was too upset. Theresa decided to stay there. Stay right where she was and cry, hoping that this was all a bad dream and that any moment she would wake up, go into their dorm kitchen and see him perfectly fine. So that's what she did. She sat there, refusing to move... ever.

Archie woke up and found Atlanta resting her head on his shoulder. He didn't want to wake her so he just stayed there. Besides any time he could be close to Atlanta was good. And it was nice to just lay back and stare up at the sky. He watched clouds go by in the blue sky that hung above them. The peace was disturbed when all that could be heard was a loud crash. This woke Atlanta up. They both stood up instantly and looked around. ' Where did that come?' Archie wondered looking in all directions. When the noise had stopped they decided to get moving. Hoping that whatever it was, it was far away from them. They had started down a trail that led away from the nice grassy area and the beach. But as long as he was with Atlanta he didn't care where they went. They had been walking for a few minutes when she broke the silence.
" Uhh. Here's your hoody back. Thanks for letting me use it." she blushed as she handed him his sweater.
" Yeah. Uhhh, no problem." he took it and put it on.
The sweater smelt like her shampoo. Archie noticed this as they walked. He loved her smell. They were walking down a twisting adn turning path that led towards a mountain. They decided it would be the best place to start looking. Plus they would be able to see above the trees. That would definetly help them find their friends. He looked over at her and smiled. ' Her red hair looks so nice with the sun shining down on it. And her hazel eyes shimmer too.' he thought as they continued down the path. Each step drawing them closer to the mountain. There was a long silence but it was so peaceful he decided not to break it. They had reached the base of the mountain and found a path leading up it.
" Guess we're heading up there." Atlanta said looking up at the enormous rock in front of them.
" Yeah. Guess so." Archie replied.
" So do you think we'll find them?" she asked as they started up the steep path.
" Of course. They're probably all doing fine. In fact they're probably all heading this way too. Knowing it'll be the easiest place to see someone." he replied stepping over a crack in the path.
" You're right. They're probably all heading this way too." she smiled at him.
They continued to walk up the path hopping over stones and cracks along the way. They had reached a narrow ledge at the end of the path they were on.
" Are we going to cross that?" she asked looking down at the ground about three hundred feet below.
" You're not scared are you?" he teased.
" No way! Let's go." she said starting across the ledge.
They had to press themselves against the rock wall behind them in order not to fall. They also held on to rocks sticking outof the wall to keep their balance. Archie and Atlanta had to inch their way across teh ledge. They stopped everytime a rock would slip under their feet. They didn't want to start a land slide. They were almost across when the ground crumbled beneath her feet.
" Atlanta!" he cried as he shot out his hand to catch her.
" Archie!" her scream was high and shrill.
His reach wasn't long enough. He tried to reach as far as he could without falling himself. He felt himself falling forward so he pushed himself against the wall, thinking swiftly. ' How can I reach her?' the purple haired boy asked himself looking around.
" Archie! I'm slipping! Please, don't let me fall!" there were tears starting to form in her eyes.
" Hang on." he replied, remembering he had his Hephaestus whip.
He took out his whip and lowered it down for the huntress to climb up. But his actions were too slow. She had slipped even fartehr down the mountain side.
" Archie!" tears were now streaming down her face.
By the time she finished her cry the rock she was holding onto gave way. Atlanta was now falling to her death. Archie couldn't bear to look.
He turned away and got off the ledge the way they had gone on, since this was the only way to go because the last part of the ledge was missing. He slid down a rock and sat on the ground. A steady stream of tears slid down his cheecks and patterned the ground. ' I can't believe she's gone. And I never told her how I felt. I was too scared it'd wreck our friendship. Now I'll never get to tell her that I l-lo that I love her.' he thought this as he sat against a rock. Her scream would now haunt his dreams forever. He felt no more reason to continue. He had lost the one he loved in moments. Now he felt his life had no purpose. Without her there was no reason for him to get up in the morning. No reason to fight. He had lost all will. He vowed to himself that he would sit there forever.
Is this the end for Atlanta and Jay? Will Theresa and Archie ever recover from this horrible, heartwrenching experience? Is all hope lost for teh young heroes? Read my next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is one of teh shorter chapters but it's really sad so I don't want to put too much. But I promise that the next chapter will be longer. I hope you liked this one too. Please rate and review and as always constructive critism is definetly welcome.
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