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A Familiar Face

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Worlds are turned upside down when everything the heroes thought they knew turns out to be a lie.

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Herry awoke to find the sun's reflection glaring off the water, blinding him. He sheilded his eyes from the brigth light. He stood up and stretched. ' Note to self: don't sleep against a tree truck sitting up.' he thought as he tried to straighten out a kink in his neck. Then he heard a loud noise coming from a mountain. ' Wonder what that was?' He looked around to see that he was still in the same place as he was before. ' Well at least this place didn't change overnight like yesterday.' he thought picking up his PMR. Herry tried to get it to work again but had no luck. He decided to just continue walking and hoped that he ran into one of his friends. He figured it'd be best to continue along the shore until he found a more inviting place to look. He started to walk along the sandy beach. It was pretty long before he had found a very inviting place to venture into. He had found a beautiful, grassy, sandy, rocky riverside. He looked up to see teh river flowed from a waterfall coming off a huge mountain. He decided to stop and rest and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Herry found a nice flat rock that stuck out on teh water a little to sit on. This way he would be able to feel the spray of the water. The sun was now starting to climb in the sky. He had only be resting when he heard something move in teh bushes across the river. He decided to duck into the surrounding trees and wait to see what he was up against. A figure emerged from the bushes. He couldn't make it out at first because the figure was hidden by teh shadows. The dark figure sat down and took something out of a bag. The odject looked like a... laptop? Herry stepped out from behind the trees adn looked at the figure. ' Could it be? I think..... it is.' he thought edging closer to the water's edge.
" ODIE!" he called to the figure who stood up instantly.
" Huh," he looked around, then spotted Herry, " HERRY!"
" Man. Am I glad I found you. I was starting to think I was the only one in this strange place."
" No you're not alone. So have you had any luck with your PMR?" Odie asked as he waded his way throught the waist high river to the side that Herry was on.
" Yeah. I got in contact with Neil, but then lost it."
" Is he okay?"
" Yeah he's fine. A little scared but he's fine. Did you have any luck?"
" No. My PMR's fried from the water."
The two friends sat in the shade and swapped stories about what they've gone through in this weird place. After about ten minutes of story switching, they sat in silence just staring at the beautiful scene before them. Herry was the one to break the silence.
" Did you hear a noise earlier? It sounded like rocks falling." he asked
" Yeah. I heard that too. It sounded like it was coming from that mountain," Odie pinted to the massive rock near by, " Probably a rock side or something."
" I wonder if the others made it here too."
" Probably. Jay, Theresa, Atlanta and Archie will be fine. The only one that we need ot worry about is Neil. But you said he was doing okay. So we know that everyone is fine."
" You're right. So where should we start looking for them?"
" Well they'd all probably head to teh mountain. It's the best place to spot someone in the surrounding area. So I guess we should check there first."
" Okay."
With that Herry and Odie started towards the mountain. Hoping that they would soon find their friends.


Neil woke up to the sound of birds flying over head. ' Hmmm. I must've fallen asleep.' he thought as he stretched. The supermodel stood up. He looked around. ' Yup. The beach is still here.' he thought happily as he stolled down to the water's edge. ' Since I don't have my mirror, I'll just have ot improvise.' he thought this as he gazed at his reflection in the glassy surface of the water at his blue eyes, blonde hair and flawless features. ' Yup. Still gorgeous.' he thought as he turned to decide what to do next. He decided to look for his friends. He started down the beach. The climbing sun beat down on him mercilessly. ' Wow. It's ho out here.' he thought as he wiped sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. Neil decided to walk in the trees for a few minutes, to cool off in the shade. After cooling off he emerged from the trees and started back down the beach. Neil decided to try his PMR one more time. This time he got lucky. He heard someone's voice. But he couldn't make out the voice yet. It was too vague.
" Hello? Hello? Anyone?" Neil stopped to listen for an answer.
" Neil?" a voice repsonded.
" Archie?" he said.
" Neil you're okay. At least that's two of us." there was pain adn sorrow evident in his voice as he spoke.
" Yeah, I'm fine. But you sound horrible. Are you okay?"
" I'm fine. But..." his voice trailed off.
" But what?"
" Atlanta's gone!" he said. The pain and sorrow consumed his voice.
" What you mean gone?" Neil asked.
" What do you mean what do I mean? She's gone as in never coming back!" the sorrow and pain had turned to anger.
" Sorry. I know how close you guys were." his voice was sincere.
" Thanks. I- I can't believe it. She's gone. In a matter of seconds she..." Archie couldn't bear tofinish the sentence.
The PMR went dead. Neil was left alone again. He sat in the sand and tried again. No more luck. Neil got up and decided to keep walking along the never ending shore. ' I can't believe Atlanta's gone. Poor Archie. What about the others? Maybe they're hurt too. Maybe we'll all end up like Atlanta.' Neil shook these thoughts from his head. For Atlanta's sake they couldn't give up. He knew she wouldn't. They had a mission and they needed to finish it. ' It's what she would've wanted.' he thought as he continued down the sandy beach.


Theresa's tears had slowed now. But she was still upset, angry and in shock. She still couldn't believe he was gone. ' Jay, why didn't I warn you before. If I had you'd still be here. Instead of... of.' she couldn't finish the thought, it was too upsetting. After about twenty more minutes of crying and "if only"'s, she stood up. She dried her tears. She decided that Jay would've wanted her to stay strong, to keep fighting... no matter what. She managed her way around the rock pile and took one last look at where Jay had been before he died. Then she turned and started up the path again. The path she was on took her up the side of the mountain then down another side. Theresa stopped at the top and looked at the tree tops that lay beneath her. She couldn't see any movement so she continued along the path. When she reached the bottom she came to a fork in the path. She took the left path, away from the mountain and away from the spot where she had seen Jay's demise. She still had tears rimming her eyes but she didn't dry them. She didn't care anymore. The person she loved was gone, forever adn nothing was going to change that. Theresa, lost in her thoughts, wasn't looking where she was going so, when she finally realized that she was aimlessly wandering she stopped. ' Where am I?' she thought looking around. She heard something in the trees moving. Then she saw a dark figure coming towards her. She turned and ran. But the figure followed. No matter which way she turned it was right there behind her. Now she really had no idea where she was. All she knew is that she wanted to get away from whatever was chasing her. Suddenly she felt something trip her. She fell and hit her knees hard. Pain shot through her body. She struggled to get up but whatever was chasing her had her pinned ot the ground. She turned to face her attacker. Her mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her attacker let her up. She hugged him.
" Jay!" she cried and hugged him.
" Theresa!" he hugged her back.
Theresa then pushed him away and backed up.
" But-but how? I saw you up on the mountain. Then the rock slide came. You can't be here!" she yelled this and turned to run again.
He grabbed her wrist .
" Me? I wasn't on the mountain. And how can you be here? I saw you. We were walking in teh forest and you stepped into sinking sand. I tried to pull you out but I couldn't. I thought I'd lost you." he let go of her wrist.
" Jay I know what I saw. I saw you being crushed by hundreds of rocks. This isn't real. It can't be." tears started to fall from her eyes once more.
" Theresa. I am here. This is me. I'm not dead. You must've been mistaken. It wasn't me on that moutain."
" But-but... I s-saw y-you." she stammered between sobs.
Jay put his arms around her and she cried into his shoulder.
" If you saw me up on the mountain but it wasn't me... and I saw you in the sinking sand but it wasn't you... then what's going on here? I have noticed that the ground changes. It's weird."
" So i-it's really y-you?" she looked up at him with hopeful eyes.
" Yes. It's really me. Is it really you?"
" Yes." she answered drying her tears.
Jay let her out of his arms. It took her a few minutes to calm down. When she was calm they started to talk.
" So, have you had any luck finding the others?" he asked looked at his puffy eyed friend.
" No. I went to the mountain to see if I could get a better view of the island. I couldn't see anyone. So I came back down. Did you?"
" No. I thought I'd found you but... I guess I was wrong. I was heading to the mountain for the same reason you did."
" I hope the others are okay."
" I'm sure they are. You know them. They're probably doing just fine." he put his hand on hers to comfort her.
Their eyes met and they sat in silence for a while. Just enjoying each otehrs company.
" We should get going. " Theresa broke the silence.
" Yeah. Where should we look?"
" How about that way," she pointed in front of them, " That's as good a place as any to start."
" Okay. Let's go."
With that they started to search for their friends. Neither of them seemed to notice or care that they were still hand in hand.


Archie got up from where he was slumped and decided to get off the mountain. He turned and headed down the path him and Atlanta had come up. Tears still streaked his cheeks. All the memories he had of her raced throught his mind. He couldn't believe that he was never going to see her again. He couldn't believe that she was actually gone and that he never got to tell her how he felt. He couldn't believe it, he wouldn't. He didn't know what is was, but something told him she wasn't dead. A twig snapping behind him broke his thoughts. He turned around and took out his whip. Suddenly something came flying at him. He didn't have enough time to evade it. And... he was caught. His attacker revealed himself. Or rather herself.
" Atlanta!" he cried with relief and happiness.
" Archie!" she cried as she untied him.
When he was untied he hugged her. He was so glad that she was okay. He started to blush as they ended their hug. He noticed that she was blushing too.
" I can't believe you're okay. How did you survive that fall?" he asked as she helped him up.
" Fall? What fall? How did you survive the plunge over the waterfall onto rocks?"
" What? No you fell off that mountain," he pointed to the mountain, " And I didn't go over any waterfall. I haven't even seen one in this place."
" No I didn't. And yes you did."
An argument broke out. It was minutes before they stopped. Archie thought about how much he missed fighting with her. He was glad things were still the same, well aside from the fact that they were in some strange place. ' She looks even more beautiful than ever.' he thought looking at his friend. She was putting away her bolas. ' He's so cute when he's this happy.' she thought returning the look. There was a comfortable silence that followed. ' I'm glad that it wasn't him who went over the falls.... but then who was it?' Archie was wondering the same thing as her. It was very confusing but they didn't care much at the moment. They were both glad to see each other. The silence was interupted by Atlanta.
" Did you find teh others?"
" No. But I did get in touch with Neil on the PMR. Then it went dead. Did you?"
" No. Wait you said Neil?"
" Yeah. Why?"
" I found this," she pulled out Neil's three panel mirror that she had found, " Where did he say he was?"
" He didn't say. But he sounded fine."
" Where should we start looking?" she asked looking around them.
" Well I've looked back there." he said pointing behind them.
" And I came from that way." she pointed behind her.
" I guess, that way. " he said pointing to the side.
" Sure let's go."
They followed a path that twisted and turned. It was slanted uphill so they hoped that they would see someone on the terrain below. When they reached the top of the path Atlanta slipped and started to fall. This time Archie was faster and he caught her arm. But they were at an awkward angle so they both went tumbling down the hill. When they reached the bottom, she had landed on top of him. They stared into each others eyes. Lost in the moment. She then blushed and got up. He did the same.
" Well," he started, " that's one way to get somewhere fast.
She smiled and laughed. ' It's so good to hear one of his sarcastic coments again.' she thought looking at him. ' It's nice to hear her laugh and see her smile. She so beautiful even at times like this.' he thought looking at her, knowing he was blushing. They started to walk along the path again. The path led them into a dark and creepy forest. She shivered at the look of the trees. Everything looked so... dead. He put his jacket around her shoulders hoping it would warm her up.
" Thanks." she said blushing, but it was too dark to tell.
" No problem. Anytime." he replied still blushing.
They continued ot walk through the depressing and dark place. Although it was about noon, no sun shone through trees. Which made it that much more creepy. Still they were determined to find their friends so they didn't let that stop them.

Are their friends real or were their real friends the one's who's demise they witnessed? What will happen to them now that they have started to found each other? Will they ever find their way out of that place? Read the next chapter to find out what happens next.

AUTHORS NOTE: I hope you liked this chapter. It was slightly longer than the last. I haven't killed any of the characters... yet... or have I? I guess you'll have to read on to find out the truth. Well anyways please rate and review. As always constructive critism is welcome.
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