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Island Survival

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The heroes must survive an attack from hidden creatures.

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Herry and Odie had been walking for about half an hour when they noticed that they were being followed. Herry was the one that noticed. He stopped Odie.
" What is it?" he asked
" We're being followed." he replied.
" Can you take it?"
" I don't know what it is." he replied following the creature that was circling them with his eyes.
The creature stayed in the shadows so they never saw what it was. They decided to just keep moving and if it came out Herry would handle it. After another half and hour of walking they reached the mountains base. They looked up at th ehuge granite rock before them.
" Guess we start climbing now?" Odie said as he looked up at the looming rock.
" Yup. You ready?" Herry replied heading towards the mountain to start climbing.
" As ready as I'll ever be." he replied and followed his friend.
It only took them ten minutes to reach the first ledge. Herry helped Odie up onto it. They rested for a few minutes as their next climb was almost four times as high. After five minutes of resting they started their climb again. This time it was a little more difficult. There weren't as many cracks or rocks to hold them. Plus many of the rocks that were sticking out were loose and could fall out at any point. The two boys had to be extremely careful. They definetly didn't want to fall. Odie was right behind Herry. They didn't really talk a lot because they were too concentrated on the task of climbing the mountain side. Odie was reaching for a rock when his foot hold gave way.
" Herry!" Odie called to his friend for assistance.
" Hang on little buddy." Herry replied as he reached down to help his friend out.
Herry had grabbed Odie's arm just in time. The rock that he had been holding onto for support gave way.
" I love your timing." Odie said as he let out a breathe of relief.
" Let's just get to the next ledge before the entire wall collapses." Herry replied as he kept climbing.
They reached the next ledge without too many more delays. A few more rocks gave way. But there was nothing too bad. They took a breather on the ledge. Since there was a path on that ledge they took it. It was way easier than climbing. ' I wonder what was following us?' Odie thought as he and Herry followed a winding path. They had to stop when there was a narrow ledge that had collapsed.
" I guess we're not taking that way." Herry said breaking the silence.
" Nope. What about that path?" Odie said pointing to a path that led up the mountain.
" Sure." Herry answered.
With that they started up yet another winding path. The path ended at a large flat platform with numerous paths leading in all directions. They decided to look amongst the trees below for any signs of their friends. Odie had sat down and was trying to fix his laptop and PMR. He stopped when he noticed Herry was staring at him. And he looked angry.
" Herry? Are you okay?" he asked with a little fear creeping into his voice.
" Don't move." was his friends breif and firm reply.
Odie did as his friend said and sat in place. Not moving a muscle. Herry alll of a sudden started to charge at Odie. Odie ducked out of the way. He heard Herry grunt as if he was struggling with something. Odie turned to see his friend wrestling with some sort of creature. ' So he wasn't going to attack me.' he thought relieved.
" Odie I could use some help here." Herry called still struggling with the creature that had almost attacked Odie.
" Right." Odie grabbed something out of his bag.
He shot it at the creature. It immediately retreated back into the shadows.
" What is that?" Herry asked breathelessly.
" It just shocked him," Odie replied, returning the device to his bag, " And thanks for having my back."
" No problem." he replied, now breathing normally.
The two hadn't spotted any movement in the trees below so they decided to go down and look around themselves. They took a path all the way down. Instead of climbing like they did on their way up. And started to search once more for their friends. They were also on edge and alert in case another creature decided to attack them. The sun was now low in the sky.
" It's getting dark again. We had better find a place to camp for the night." Odie said as he looked at the lowering sun.
" Well there's a clearing up ahead. What about there?" Herry asked pointing to the clearing.
" Sure."
The two boys made a small shelter, a fire and some weapons. They were prepared for anything. Well almost anything.


Neil noticed that the sun was going down. He thought he had better find somewhere decent to spend the night. ' They really ought to have hotels in this place.' he thought as he continued down the beach. He saw something move in the bushes. He stopped dead in his tracks.
" Who- who's there?" he asked with a slightly quivering voice.
He got a growl for an answer. ' I don't want to stick around and find out what it is.' he thought as he started to run full speed down the beach. Whatever was in the bushes followed him. He didn't look back. He just kept running. The creature went to attack and Neil tripped over a rock in the sand. The creatures attack missed. Neil got up and headed up the nearest tree. ' I hope that thing can't climb trees.' he thought as he gathered fruit to defend himself. The creature ran head first into the tree. ' It's obviously not very smart.' he thought as he started an ambush of fruit onto the unsuspecting creature. The creature retreated into the forest. Neil decided to stay up in that tree in case it came back. ' At least I'm safe up here.' he thought happily. He climbed a little higher and found a nice wide branch he could sleep on. Neil used some vines as a safety rope, just in case he fell. By now the sun was very low in the sky. He was very tired and exausted from the day of walking. He fell asleep almost instantly. But was awoken shortly after by a ear shattering scream.
" What was that?" he asked aloud to no one.
' That scream definetly didn't sound human.' he thought as he eased himself back onto the tree branch. ' As long as it's no where near me I don't care.' he thought as he lay there wide eyed and definetly awake. It would be hard for anyone to fall asleep after hearing that. After a while of silence Neil decided it was safe to sleep. So, he closed his eyes and fell to sleep, once again, almost instantly.


The sun was setting but Theresa and Jay could hardly see it because the trees were so thick. They were still holding hands. She noticed this but didn't say anything. ' Maybe he feels the same way. But what if he doesn't? Why does he have to be so confusing?' she thought as they continued through the forest. Suddenly she stopped.
" What is it?" he asked with concern in his voice.
" We're not alone in this forest. Something's following us." she replied, searching the trees around them.
" It's probably a squirrel or something." he replied.
" No. It's bigger. Way bigger," she looked at her friend, " Jay! Look out!"
She pushed him to the ground just as a huge creature dove through the trees. They got up and she took out her nunchucks while he took out his xiphos. The creature turned to face it's next victims. They couldn't really see what it was because it was so dark.
" What is it?" she asked eyeing the strange beast.
" No idea." he said as he went in to attack.
Theresa followed. They dodged and ducked ou of the way of the creature's attacks. They could tell that they were wearing the beast out. Suddenly the creature let out a long, high-pitched scream. Theresa and Jay had to cover their ears. It didn't help. The scream forced them to back away while the creature advanced. Before long the creature had them backed into a wall, with no way out. Jay looked around then he got an idea. ' I wonder...' he thought as he looked at the rotting trees beside the beast. He looked at her and she knew he had a plan. He ran at the trees and gave them a hard kick. The trees toppled over and landed on the creature. There was dust from the fall so they had to wait for it to clear. Once it did their mouths dropped open. The trees missed. The creature still stood there. Only now it was mad. Theresa was conered by the beast no one could help her now. She slowly moved along the wall hoping to get away. No luck. She tripped and now was at the beasts mercy. Jay tried to attack it from behind. It flicked it's tail and sent him flying. Theresa was left defenseless. She just shut her eyes and awaited the worst. The entire time thinking: ' It's not real. It's not real.' She opened her eyes. The beast was gone. She looked around. It was no where ot be seen. She then sw Jay laying on the ground.
" Jay!" she called as she ran over to him.
He rubbed the back of his head and looked up at a concerned face.
" What happened," he asked sitting up, " where's teh monster?" more concern in his voice now.
" I don't know it just... disappeared." she replied helping him up.
They sat there for a while still wondering what had happened then he boke the silence.
" We should get moving. Just in case it decides to come back." he said standing up, sounding like his normal overly serious self.
" Yeah. Let's go." she replied standing up as well.
They continued through the forest. They were completely on edge. Everytime they heard a twig snap or a bush shake they would stop and ready themselves for another attack. When that attack didn't come they just continued. ' I'm glad that thing just disappeared. I don't know what I'd do if I lost Theresa.' he thought smiling at his friend. She smiled back. They continued. It was about another fifteen minutes before they stopped again. They decided to set up camp there for the night. Theresa climbed up into a tree and recieved a quizzical look from her firend.
" What? I don't want to be monster chow." she said as she made a comfortable place to sleep.
" Good idea." he replied and climbed up the same tree.
They slept on the same wide banch. Theresa leaned against the tree. She then realized that she was freezing. Jay noticed this and put his arms around her. She didn't fight him. She leaned back against him and fell asleep very quickly. He could smell her flowery perfum. He loved that smell. He leaned his head on hers and fell asleep as well.


Atlanta looked around at the dead surroundings. She shivered again. Even though she had Archies warm hoody on she was still freezing. She stayed close to him, not because she was scared but because she had missed him. They were walking when all of a sudden Archie slipped and fell. Atlanta laughed and reached down help him up. He pulled her down. Normally he would have been laughing but his face was serious.
" What's wrong?" she asked in a hushed whisper.
" In that tree over there. See it?" he replied in the same hushed whisper as he pointed to a nearby tree.
" What is it?" she asked, still whispering.
" I don't want to find out.
He slowly reached for his Hephaestus whip. She reached for her bolas. Slowly he raised himself to his feet, knowing that whatever was in that tree was watching them. He could fell it's eyes burning into his. He reached a hand down and pulled her up beside him. Then, still holding her arm, he started to back up. The creature dropped form the tree. Archie and Atlanta froze in place. The creature looked around adn then sniffed the air. It did this walking towards them. She caught a glimpse of it's eyes.
" It's blind." she whispered to archie.
The creature's head snapped towards her. She froze. The creature sniffed her, then backed away. It turned to Archie, sniffed him, then backed away. The creature went back onto it's hind legs and let out a horrible cry.
" Run," he said to her, " You go that way and I'll go this way."
With that they took off. The creature stood there for a moment as if thinking who to chase. It charged after Archie. He ran as fast as he could but the creature caight up easily. He had a smirk on his face as he say Atlanta. She was wondering what he was doing. He creature slowed down a bit and was now trailing behind him. He stopped at a cliff and turned to face the creature. It kept coming, but he showed no fear. Archie stood his ground until the last possible second then dodged out of the way. he landed hard on his stomach. The creature went sailing over th ecliff and hit the ground below. Archie looked over the side and watched amazed as the creature got up and walked away. Atlanta came over and helped Archie up.
" That was a really crazy thing to do." she said.
" I knwo. But it was that or become it's next meal." he replied.
" I'm impressed." she said then walked away.
He couldn't help but smile. Then he ran to catch up with her.
" You're impressed?" he asked, shock in his voice. He still had a huge grin on his face.
" Yeah. It took guts to do that." she replied. A smile spread across her face.
He blushed and so did she. They continued to walk the way they had been going before they were attacked. It was getting dark but it was hard to tell that in the forest they were in. They found a huge flat rock that they could sleep on for the night. Archie layed down and put his hands behind his head. He was just staring up at the stars. Atlanta layed down beside him.
" They look so amazing don't they?" she asked as she yawned.
" Yeah, they do." he replied.
He looked over at her and saw that she had fallen asleep. He turned back onto his back and fell asleep too.

What will happen to the young heroes? Will those creaitres come back during the night? Will they ever find each other? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: For any confusion about who died, it will be cleared up in chapter 8. I hope you liked this chapter too. Please rate and review. As always constructive critism is welcome. ^_^
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