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Where Are We?

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The heroes struggle to find out where they are.

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Odie was awaken in the middle of the night by their shelter crashing down on them. ' What the..' he thought looking around. He spotted a creature circling them.
" Herry...," Odie started, with some fear leaking into his voice, " Herry we have a situation here."
" Huh? What," Herry asked, annoyed at the fact that he was woken up, " I'm trying to sleep here."
" Well we have company..." Odie replied, pointing to the circling creature.
" Whoa! What is that?" Herry asked, suddenly very awake.
The two boys slowly arose to their feet. The creature stopped and stared at them. There were a few moments of awkward silence. Then the creature attcked. Herry pushed Odie outof the way and then dove to the ground beside him.
" That was close, thanks." Odie said rushing to his feet.
" No problem. Now let's take this thing down." Herry said charging at the creature, hoping to over power it. No luck. The creature threw him to the ground then raised it's feet to cruch him. Odie, thinking quickly, threw some rocks at the hideous thing. This caught it's attention, attention that Odie didn't want towards him. The creature decided to use Odie as a toy and raced towards him. Odie retreated up into a nearby tree. The creature was determined to knock it down. Odie was stuck up there holding on for dear life. Herry was on the ground shaking his head. When that creature threw him he hit it pretty hard. ' Man, I'm going to have one huge headache later.' he thought as he saw his friend stuck in a tree.
" Don't worry Odie, I'll get him." Herry called to his friend as he once again charged at the beast.
Once again he was thrown to the ground. ' Okay, not smart.' he thought getting back up.
" Wait Herry. Let it keep attacking the tree." Odie called down to him.
" Why? Do you want to be monster food?" Herry called back, confusion in his voice.
" No, but the tree is about to break. It'll land on the creature."
" Okay. Gotcha!" Herry stood back and watched.
Odie was right. The tree did break and fall onto the monster. Odie went flying but Herry was there to catch him before he hit the ground. They watched as the monsters tail flicked back and forth a few more times. Then it fell to the ground. The monster was dead, or unconsious. But either way it wouldn't be bothering them anytime soon. Odie and Herry sank to the ground. Both were filled with confusion and a little fear. All of a sudden they heard a loud BOOM! They looked around. ' Where did that come from?' Odie wondered as he scanned the area around them. Then the rain came. It was a downpour. ' Rain?' Herry thought looking up. There were no clouds.
" Okay this place is offically freaky. How can it rain with no clouds?" Herry asked scratching his head, still gazing up at the questionable sky.
" Who knows. But let's get out of here." Odie said as he started towards the trees.
" Where exaclty is here?" Herry asked, following his small friend.
" No idea. When I get my laptop fixed I'll check the gps." Odie replied.
" Well this place is definetly weird." Herry said.
The two friends continued to walk in silence. the rain was coming down pretty hard so they kept slipping and sliding on the muddy terrain. They reached a cave and decided to take shelter from the rain in there. At least it would be dry.
" Do you know what attcked us?" Herry asked as they got settled.
" No idea. Probably one of Cronus' creations." he replied.
" It didn't look like anything Cronus could come up with." Herry said.
" Yeah, that's true. Well whatever it was it didn't look like any known species." Odie replied yawning.
The two fell asleep after about thirty minutes. It was really hard to drain out the sound of the thunder and rain.


Theresa woke up to find that the tree they were sleeping in was under attack. She looked down to the ground and realized that it was the same ugly thing that had attcked them earlier. She started to slip out of the tree due to the downpour of rain.
" Jay!" she yelled as she landed hard on the ground.
Jay woke up and looked down to see her lying on the ground with a creature about to attack.
" Theresa!" he called and jumped down onto the creature.
It gave a kick and sent Jay flying. He tried to land on his feet but the ground was too muddy. Theresa was on her feet now ready to fight. The creature came at her. She jumped on it's back. Like Jay she was thrown to the ground too. He helped her up and then took out his xiphos. The creature came at them. Theresa dodged out of the way and Jay once more jumped onto the creatures back. This time he sunk his xiphos into the beasts back. It let out a long pain filled scream. Jay jumped off and landed on the ground. He and Theresa watched the creature collapse to the ground. He went and took his xiphos out of the dead creatures back. In it's place a thick black liquid oozed out.
" That is so gross!" Theresa said as she turned away from the replusive sight.
" We'd better get going. There may be more out there." he said leading the way into the trees.
" What is it though?" she asked as she followed.
" I'm not sure but whatever it is I'm sure Cronus is behind it." he said putting his xiphos away.
They walked for what like hours until they arrived at another clearing. Theresa mouth dropped open in disbelief.
" We just walked in one huge circle!" she yelled.
" But we were walking in a straight line. How can that be?" Jay asked himself out loud.
" Well apparently we didn't!" she said sitting down on a wet rock.
" If this is the clearing we were just in, then where's that thing we killed?" he asked looking at his angry friend.
" What do you mean? It's right th-" she didn't finish because the creature wasn't there.
" This place is really starting to bug me." Jay said sitting down beside theresa.
" We should find somewhere else to sleep for the night. I dont want to be here when that hing comes back." Theresa said shivering.
" Well no duh!" Jay said stepping in front of her.
" Whoa! What's your problem?" she asked, surprised at his sudden outburst.
" Well were stuck in some creepy place, with no food, no water and freaky mutants chasing us! Gee I don't know what my problem is.!"
Theresa didn't say anything else. She just looked at the ground with tears starting to form in her eyes. ' Why is he so nice one minute then such a jerk the next?' she thought still avoiding his gaze.
" Look. Theresa, I'm sorry," he said, his voice was softer and it sounded sincere, " It's just this place. It's starting to get to me. And everything with Cronus. These past months have just been really hard for me. It a realy hard adjustment to make going from ordinary to a hero."
" Jay. We're all going through the same thing. It's hard on all of us. How doyou think I feel. I found out that I can see into the future. That is a really, really hard adjustment. But we've all learned to deal with it, to have fun. You just don't know how." she was still avoiding his eyes.
" It's hard to relax knowing that a physco like Cronus is out there. And if we let down our guard he could attack."
" Why are you so concerned about Cronus all the time? It's not like he waits for us to be vulnerable to attack."
" Well I don't want to take that chance."
" You know Jay you really need to loosen up, have some fun, and enjoy life. Because right now you're completely oblivious to everything around but Cronus!"
With that she stormed away. She didn't care where she was going, she just wanted to get away from him.
" Theresa wait!" he chased after her, " I wanted to take that boating trip to have fun. I want to relax. I just can't. Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you. But everything is just too much. This place, our lives. It's crazy. But there is one thing I do know. I don't want to lose you. Can we please go look for somewhere to camp out. We can talk and get to know each other better."
" Okay," she said hesitantly, " But no more yelling. This place is bad enough."
" Okay."
With that they found a new place to camp and talked about everything. Past experiences. Future plans. Dreams. Everything. Except how they felt about each other. Soon, when their fire had died down and was just burning embers, they started to fall asleep. Theresa was laying against Jay to keep warm.


Archie awoke to find that a huge creature was lumbering towards him and Atlanta. He looked beside him. No Atlanta. He started to panic.
" Arch! Up here. Come on!" her voice rang out from behind him.
" Atlanta!" he sighed in relief.
He hurried over to where she was. She had climbed up on top an enormous boulder. She helped him up.
" You weren't going to leave me there were you?" he asked as he sat beside her.
" No. I came up here to get a better shot." she said firing her wrist crossbow.
They watched as the purple light flew and hit the creature square between the eyes. It fell
" Yeah!" Atlanta cheered.
The creature got back up. It raced towards the rock. And knocked itself out cold.
" Well we know one thing." she started.
" What?" he asked.
" It's not very smart." she replied laughing.
They hopped down off the boulder and made their way carefully aroun the beast. They didn't want to wake it up. They grabbed their stuff and headed down the hill that was near the rock they were sleeping on. All of a sudden they heard rumbling behind them.
" Arch, please tell that's just your stomach." she said turning to him.
" No. That's not me." he replied.
They both turned around to see a snarling beast staring hungrily at them.
" Run!" they both yelled.
They tookk off in seperate directions. The beast went after Atlanta. She twisted and turned trying to lose it but it was no use. She made a giant U turn and started back towards Archie. The creature slid through the mud and crashed into a tree. She was running when all of a sudden a pair of hands grabbed her from above and hauled her up into a tree.
" Hey!" she called but a hand clamped shut over her mouth.
" Shh!" a familiar voice hushed her.
' Archie!' she thought happily. The creature sniffed the ground below them for a while then it went away. Te two friends hopped down out of the tree and looked around. It was actually gone. They walked around looking for somewhere dry and safe to sleep. They found a cave. ' At east it's dry.' thought Archie as he and Atlanta sat down in it.
" This place is so weird." Atlnata said.
" Yeah. I wonder where it is?" Archie said.
" Who knows. I'll just be glad when we're back home." she said ywaning.
" Yeah. Me too." he added.
They sat in silence for a few minutes. Then they fell asleep.

Where are they? Will those creatures come back once more? Does Theresa still care for Jay even after he yelled at her? Read the nex chapter to find out waht happens to the seven young heroes.

AUTHORS NOTE: Special thanks to: Randog for the idea of the creatures coming back. I hoped you guys liked this chapter. Please R+R. ^_^
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