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Illusion Island

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The heroes find out about the island. But can that save them from what they're going to face next?

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AUTHORS NOTE: Neil won't be back in the story until chapter 11. And for the confusion in previous chapters about who died, it wil get cleared up in this chapter.

Jay awoke to find Theresa still caressed in his arms. He couldn't help but smile. ' I can't believe she stayed after what a jerk I was.' he thought recalling the previous day's events. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open and she stretched.
" Good morning." he said as she sat up.
" Good morning." she replied, returning his smile.
They both got up and gathered their things. They made sure the fire was out then they started to walk down a new trail.
" This place is defiently filled with the unexpected." Theresa said as they walked.
" That's for sure." Jay replied.
She suddenly stopped as she had a vision. She saw a creature running towards two people. The two people were her and Jay.
" Duck!" she yelled as she pushed him out of the way.
They both fell to the ground just as the creature from her vision appeared out of the trees. Theresa noticed something odd about it. Jay took out his xiphos and ran to attack. She stood there and watched them, trying to figure out what was so off about this creature. The sun shone down on them and it hit her. ' It's not real!' she thought. the creature threw Jay to the ground and turned to her. She didn't flinch or move she stood there waiting. It charged at her, still she didn't move.
" Theresa! Get out of the way!" he yelled frantically, but she didn't listen.
She just stood there. Jay watched in horror as the creature neared the person he loved. He tried to get up in time but it was too late. The creature had hit her. H eshut his eyes afraid to see what happened. ' Why didn't she move?' he thought and he felt tears starting to form in his tightly closed eyes. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Then he heard his name.
" Jay?" a voice said.
He opened his eyes and stared in disbelief. Theresa stood there in front of him.
" But- But how?" was all he could manage to chock out.
" The creatures aren't real. There just illusions or something." she replied as she helped him to his feet.
" How'd you know that?" he asked.
" I noticed that when it ran not only did the sun shine through it but it went right through the trees. I guess we didn't notice that before because it was too dark to tell." she replied.
" Well it felt real," Jay said rubbing his shoulder which had taken a beating over the last two days, " There's just one thing I don't get. How'd you make it disappear?"
" I don't know I just told myself I wasn't afraid and that it wasn't real. I guess doind that made it go away." she replied as they started to walk down the path again.
" This place just got a whole lot weirder. And I'm guessing that it's all Cronus' doing too." he said as they walked.
" Do you think that the people we thought were each other were illusions too?" she asked remembering the horrible feeling she had when she thought that Jay was dead.
" Must've been. How else would we explain what each of us saw?" he replied.
" Your right. If I saw you being crushed by a giant boulders, but at the same time you were somewhere else seeing me being sucked into sinking sand. Then they must've been illusions. But it all felt so... real."
" I know what you. I really thought it was you."
They continued to walk, keeping an eye out for their friends and other unwanted visiters.


Atlanta woke up to find that Archie was sleeping next to her with his arms around her. She smiled. She slipped out of his grip and stood outside the cave. She stretched. ' I wonder what surprises this place has in store for us today.' she thought looking around at the damp forest.A hand grabbed her shoulder. She spun around.
" Archie." she sighed.
" Who else would it be out here?" he asked sarcastically, smiling at her.
" Good point." she said.
" Where are we going to look today?" he asked looking around.
" How about the beach." she suggested grabbing her weapons and stuffing them into her pocket.
" Okay." he agreed and grabbed his whip.
They started to walk along a path that they thought led to the beach. They chatted and laughed along the way. Suddenly Atlanta stopped.
" What is it?" Archie asked concern rising in his voice.
" We're being followed." she replied putting on her laser crossbow.
" By what?" he asked aso arming himself.
" Not sure but it's big." she replied
Suddenly a huge creature lept out of the bushes and attacked Archie. It pushed him to the ground and pinned him there. Atlanta jumped onto it's back trying to help him. This gave him enough time to get out from under the beast. It threw Atlanta into a rock wall. She looked up only to see the beast attacking Archie once more. she thought fast. He was seriously at a disadvantage. That's when she saw it. ' What?' she thought. then she got a plan.
" Hey ugly!" she taunted the creature.
It looked at her, with Archie hanging by his hoody out of the creature's mouth.
" Yeah. You! Why don't you try and pick on someone else! Come on." she yelled hoping this would work.
The creature dropped Archie and turned to her. Archie scrambled up. ' What is she doing?' he thought as he watched her taunt the creature. It charged at her. Archie was as he saw the creature running straight for her and she didn't budge.
" What are you doing? Move. Run. Do something!" he cried not wanting to see her get hurt.
She ignored him, focusing on the creature charging at her. Archie shut his eyes, he couldn't bear to watch. When he didn't hear a scream or anything he opened them. He saw Atlanta standing there, perfectly fine.
" Atlanta!" he creied and ran over to her, wrapping her in a huge hug.
" Umm.... are you okay Archie?" she asked, confused about his outburst.
" I thought you were... Why did you do that? How did you survive?" he smuthered her with questions.
" The creature wasn't real. It was an illusion or something like that. I saw it pass right through a boulder when you were fighting it."
" An illusion. It felt pretty real when I was fighting it." he said rubbing his side.
" I don't know how we could feel it but it wasn't real." she said starting to walk again.
" If this island is full of illusions then does that mean that the people we saw die were illusions too?" he asked catching up to her.
" I guess so. I mean no one could've survived that fall over the waterfall."
" Yeah. No one could've survived that fall off the cliff."
They continued to walk through the trees. When the ocean came into view Atlanta broke the silence.
" Wanna race?" she asked giving him her challenge smile.
" Your on." he replied and took off.


Herry awoke to find that he was alone in the cave. ' Where'd Odie go?' he thought scratching his head and stretching. He decided to look outside. Sure enough he found his friend working away at his computer.
" Hey Odie." he said walking over ot him.
" Hey Herry." he replied, not taking his eyes off his task at hand.
" What are you doing?" he asked as he atched his small friend work away.
" I'm trying to see if I can get a signal from the others' PMRs." he replied.
Herry just nodded his head and looked around. That's when he saw it. The creature that they had crushed with a tree was across the clearing that him and Odie were in. It was running right for them.
" Odie I think that's going to have to wait." Herry said standing up.
" Why?" he asked still looking at his laptop.
" That's why!" Herry said pointing to the oncoming beast.
Odie looked up just in time to see the beast attack Herry. With it's tail it knocked Odie over. He looked down at his laptop that was now broken, again.
" Hey. I just finished fixing that!" he said turning towards the fight going on between Herry and the creature. Odie got a thought while watching the two go at it.
" Herry don't fight it. Just stand there and pretend it doesn't exist." Odie called to his friend.
" What?!" Herry called backed trying to fight the creature.
" Just do it. Trust me."
" Okay."
Herry threw the beast a good ten feet then followed Odie's instructions. ' It's not real. It's not real.' Herry shut his eyes and repeated that over and over to himself. When he didn't feel the impact of the beast he opened his eyes.
" Where'd it go?" he asked very confused
" It was an illusion." Odie replied picking up his laptop.
" Illusion? It didn't feel like an illusion." Herry replied showing Odie his scratches and bruises.
" That's because we thought it was real. As soon as you believed it wasn't real it disappeared." Odie said.
" I'll take your word on it." Herry replied as he walked over to his friend.
" Man. My laptop is toast." Odie complained looking it over.
The two firends sat their working on Odies laptop, trying to locate their friends.

How will the seven survive on the island if they don't know what's real and what isn't? Will they ever find each other? Is Cronus behind all of this? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry this chapter is so short The next couple of chapters will be about as long as this one. Then I promise they'll get longer. Anyways please R+R. ^_^
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