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A Poisonous Enemy

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The heroes face new monsters. But are they illusions too?

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The sun was high in the sky as Theresa and Jay walked. They walked through the forest talking and laughing. Up ahead she saw an ocean.
" Jay look." she pointed it out to her friend.
" I guess that's where we're heading." he replied smiling.
They started to run, eager to feel the ocean spray. They slid to a stop when a huge creature jumped in their path. It was some sort of mutant scorpion. Jay took out his xiphos and Theresa just stood there.
" Jay it's not real. Remember the other monsters we fought." she said still standing defenseless.
He lowered his weapon but didn't put it away. The scorpion attacked. It was huge, blood red and had a huge tail. It stabbed at Theresa with it's tail. It caught her left side. She put her hand down to where she had been hit. There was a steady flow of blood coming out of it. Theresa all of a sudden felt faint. She began to sway. Jay caught her. She shook her head and got back up.
" I don't understand," she started, " it's NOT an illusion?"
" I don't think so." he replied avoiding another attack.
She ripped a part of her shirt off and used it as a bandage to stop the bleeding. She then took out her nunchucks. The tail of the creature swung at Jay. He dodged it but it came back and sent him flying into a tree trunk. The creature then retreated.
" Jay are you okay?" she asked rushing ot his side.
" Yeah." he said as she helped him up.
" That was odd. It just ran away." she said as they put away their weapons.
" Yeah. I've never seen anything like it. It looked like it just wanted to hurt us a little then run away." he replied.
" Well it looks like it missed you." Theresa said smiling.
" Are you okay?" he asked with concern filling his voice as he looked at her wound.
" Oh yeah. I'm fine. It's just a cut." she replied acting as if it were nothing.
They continued to walk, with Theresa stopping every so often to fix her bandages. They finally reached the beach and decided to stop. The just enjoyed the view of the ocean.


Atlanta was the first to reach the beach with Archie trailing far behind. She jumped up and down and then did a small victory dance. Her cellibration wa cut short when something sharp flew at her. It caught her right arm. Atlanta lost her balance and fell to the sandy ground. She ripped off a part of her shirt and used it to conceal the wound and slow the bleeding. When she got up there was a puddle of blood that stained the white sand. Archie arrived at her side in mere seconds.
" Are you okay?" he asked, clearly very concerned.
She had no time to answer him. Before she could even open her mouth a huge creature jumped out of the trees. ' What is it?' she thought as she watched it turn to them.
" Archie look out!" she called as the creature charged at him. Luckily she had pushed him out of the way before he could get hit.
" What is it?" he asked staring at the huge creature.
" It looks like a giant scorpion." Atlanta replied.
The creature tried again to attack him. With it's head it threw him up into the air. He came crashing down onto the ground with a THUD. The air was knocked out of him. He struggled to get up and fight but only collapsed. Atlanta went to his side. When he had caught his breathe and gotten up the creature was no where to be found.
" Where'd it go?" he asked puzzled.
" Don't know. But as long as it doesn't come back, I don't care." she replied looking around.
They started to walk down the beach but stopped when Atlanta almost fainted.
" Are you okay?" he asked her again, this time his concern was definetly evident.
" Yeah. I'm fine. I just need to sit down for a second." she replied.
They sat down and looked at the ocean. It was a beautiful sight. Archie put his arm around her and they sat there, just enjoying the moment.


" It works!" Odie yelled.
" You got your laptop to work?" Herry asked looking up from his attempt at a fire.
" Yeah. It says that the others are all down at the beach." he cried happily.
" Then let's go." Herry said getting up.
They gathered their stuff and headed towards the beach. The followed a relativly flat path that would lead them straight to the beach, well according to Odies gps device. Odie was walking slightly ahead of Herry. Suddenly he heard Herry grunt. He turned to see his friend had been hit by something.
" Herry are you okay?" he asked walking over to him.
Herry didn't get to answer before Odie was hit by the same thing. Then a creature stepped out of the shadows and looked at them. It seemed to be a scorpion of some sort. It just looked from Odie to Herry then back to Odie. Then the creature just turned and disappeared into the shadows of the trees. Herry pulled the dart like object that had hit him out of his arm. He then helped Odie.
" Man. What was that?" Herry asked as he helped his small friend up.
" It looked like a scorpion only bigger. Way bigger." he replied.
Odie took some bandages out of his bag and patched up herry then himself. They then started towards the beach once more. Both still thinking about what had just happened.


Cronus was watching all of this through his ' Spying pond'. He let out a long evil cackle.
" Well Jay. I'd like to see you get out of this." he said to no one and then continued to laugh.
He was interupted by something moving behind him.
" Whos there?" he asked spinning around.
It was the scorpion creatures.
" Ah. My faithful creations. You've done well. Let's see Jay cure them all." he began to laugh once mre.
The scorpion creatures appeared to be laughing as well. They suddenly transformed into his incompetant giants.

AUTHORS NOTE: again sorry for the short chapter but I hoped you liked it just the same. Please R+R. And as always constructive critism is welcome. ^_^
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