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A Team Again

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The heroes find each other on the deserted island.

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Archie and Atlanta were just enjoying the sight of the high sun reflecting off the water. It really was beautiful. But this nice moment was interupted when Archie;s PMR went off.
" What the?" he started forgetting that his PMR was with him.
" Hello? Anyone? Can you hear me?" the voice asked.
" Odie?" Archie picked up his PMR.
" Archie? Is that you?" Odie asked.
" Yeah. Atlanta's with me too." he stated.
" Good. Herry with's me. Where are you guys?" his friend enquired.
" We're on a beach. Where are you?" Archie responded.
" We're on our way to a beach." the PMR died after that.
" Man. It's busted. Again." Archie said looking down at the small device.
" Hey! Isn't that Odie and Herry down there?" Atlanta asked standing up.
" Hey. It is!" hereplied also standing up.
" Guys! Over here!" they called together.
Their friends were too far away to hear them.
" Race ya?" Atlanta challenged her purple haired friend.
" You mean beat you?" he asked then started towards their other friends.
Atlanta caught up pretty fast to her friend. They both skidded to a stop when they reached Herry and Odie.
" I win!" Atlanta called out in victory.
" Hey guys. What's up?" Odie asked.
" Nothing. Just sitting here pretty much." Archie replied.
" You guys seen Jay, Theresa or Neil?" Herry asked looking around.
" No. We haven't." Atlanta replied.
Odie PMR went off. It was Jay.
" Hello? Anyone?" he called.
" Jay!" the four gathered friends replied.
" Hey guys where are you?" another voice called.
" Theresa?" Atlanta asked.
" Hey Atlanta." she replied.
" We're on a beach. Where are you guys?" Odie replied.
" In a forest. We were just attacked by two giant scorpions." Jay answered.
" Hey I think I see the ocean up ahead." Theresa's voice could be heard in the background.
" Hang on guys." Jay said.
A few minutes later they started talking again.
" Guys we found a beach!" Jay's voice rang out on the PMR.
" Which way do you think they are?" Theresa asked.
" Wait there guys. I can tell where to go." Odie said, taking out his laptop.
" Okay." they responded.
Odie typed for about thirty seconds then picked his PMR up again.
" Jay. Follow the shoreline and keep walking to your right. Your just around the corner from us." he instructed.
" Thanks Odie. Guess we'll see you guys in a few mintues." he sadi then turned his PMR off.
Sure enough within the next five mintues the two were walking out from behind some trees at a corner of the beach. But their friends were greeted with a surprise as well. Theresa and Jay were walking hand in hand.
" Hey guys." Atlanta and Herry called at the same time.
Theresa let go of Jay's hand to go and hug each of her friends. the next couple minutes were spent reuniting with each other and swapping hugs. Jay was the one to interupt the joyous moment.
" Anyone seen Neil?" he asked.
" No. We haven't. I wonder where he is." Odie said.
" We didn't see him either." Archie added.
" Odie can't you checkon your laptop for him?" Herry asked.
" I can try." he replied.
Once again everyone sat down around Odie as he searched for their lost friend. Everyone was silent the entire time Odie was typing. Finally he spoke.
" I can't find his signal anywhere. So his PMR is either broken or he's on another island. Or worse."he said.
" Well let's go find him." Jay said standing up.
" Yeah." Theresa added standing up beside.
Everyone else agreed. With no objections or furthur delays they set out to find him. Theresa and Jay somehow ended up with their hands once again intertwined with each other. Archie snickered.
" Knowing Neil... he's probably on the beach too." Archie said.
" Yeah. When we find him he'll probably being suntanning or something." Atlanta added.
The sun was now starting to set and teh six friends were still searching for him.

Will they find Neil? Are they really with their firends or are they with more illusions? Will they ever get off that island? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: I hoped you liked this chapter. Soon things will get very interesting... I promise. Anyways... Please R+R ^_^.
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