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The Labours

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The heroes try to find a way off the island.

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The night had come fast and the hot, muggy day turned to a cold but comfortable night. The six had stopped for the night and made a fire. Theresa sat next to Jay, Atlanta sat next to Archie and Odie and Herry sat beside each other. Archie had his arm around Atlanta and they were very close. Theresa was sitting in Jay's lap. Over the last couple days they had grown really close together. The six friends were exchanging stories, unfortunate events and the upcoming party in New Olympia. The fire had died down and the heroes grew weary. One by one they fell asleep. Eventually no one was awake. The six heroes woke to the bright sun. They all stretched and got up. They all realized that they were starving. So, Atlanta and Theresa went off to find some food. The others sat around their once exsistant fire.
" So you and Theresa huh?" Archie teased Jay.
" What about you and Atlanta?" he asked in the same mocking voice.
Herry and Archie teased each other while Jay and Odie searched for a signal from Neils PMR.


Atlanta and Theresa walked through the forest chatting excitedly. They teased each other about Jay and Archie. They had gathered quite a bit of vegetables and fruit. They returned to the others once they could carry no more. The six ate the fruit and vegetables then set out once more to find Neil. They continued down the beach as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky. They had been walking for almost six hours when they heard someone talking to themself.
" Neil?" Jay called into the trees.
A figure came stumbling out of the trees. It was Neil! He looked horrible.
" Man am I glad to see you guys! I've had a horrible time! First I lost my mirror, then my PMR was working then it'd stop, then I got lost, then I lost where I was and then... then..." Neil paused, the other's held their breathe, " Then I broke a nail!" he proclaimed holding up his finger.
The others sighed. Neil was just being... well Neil. There were a few comments about Neil and some laughs about his crisis. Atlanta suddenly remembered something.
" Neil..." she paused, digging in her pocket, " I found this and thought you'd like it back." she handed him his mirror.
Neil practically tackled her with hugs and tanked her repeatedly.
" Your welcome." she said pushing him off.
He opened his mirror and fixed himself up. After about twenty minutes he was done.
" There. Much better!" he announced putting away his mirror.
" Now how are we going to get home?" Jay asked, killing the mood.
" We could swim." Herry suggested.
" No it's way too far," Neil said, " What if we fly!"
" Fly in what? There's not exactly an airport anywhere near here." Atlanta stated sarcastically.
" We could build a raft or boat." suggested Archie.
" Okay. Herry, you go knock down some trees. Neil you gather some strong vines. Theresa, Atlanta you put together some sort of sail. Odie you find a route back home. Archie, you and me are going with Herry." Jay ordered.
Everyone immediatly went to accomplish their tasks. It took about three hours of hard, nonstop work but they had built a semi descent boat. Everyone cheered and jumped up and down in celibration. Herry pushed the boat out into the water. The others hopped in it ready and eager to get home. Herry got in as well after the boat was far enough out.
" New Oylmpia here we come!" Theresa shouted, she was exstatic.
The trip home wasn't very eventful. Jay steered the boat, Odie navigated and the others sat around talking. The most exciting thing was a few rough waves. They had lost track of time but then again all they cared about was getting home. But eventually New Olympia came into view. Everyone's energy suddenly spiked. They were all excited. They were about 200 yards from shore when a huge wave came up beside them.

What will happen? Will their boat be destroyed, sending them out to sea once more? Will they get lucky and arrive home safe? read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey! sorry the chapter is so short but I hit a writer's block kind of. The next chapter will also be short. But chapter 13 will be the start of longer and definetly more eventful chapters that I promise. Well I hope you like this one just the same. Please R+R. Constructive cristism is also appreciated. ^_^
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