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Home Sweet Home

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The heroes make it back home safely, but something very strange is going on.

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The wave crashed down and the heroes thought that they were goners. They all shut their eyes, expecting the worse. When it didn't come they opened them. The wave had missed their boat by a couple of inches. They all sighed in relief. They didn't run into much trouble after that. There were somee fair sizedwaves but nothing threatening to the boat. Jay steered expertly throught them. After another twenty minutes they arrived on the shore. Archie feeling sea sick was first off. He fell to the ground.
" Land! Sweet land! I'm never going on the water again!" he proclaimed hugging the sand.
The others just kind of laughed under their breathes. Herry's truck was still in the same place as before they left. They all piled in and drove to the school. Theresa stared out the window at the setting sun. They arrvied at the school shortly after. The seven heroes walked wearily to the janitors closet. All of them squeezed into the small room and entered the gods' secret hideout. They went to Chirons office to get their wounds fixed.
" Hello children." he said as they entered his room.
" Hi Chiron can you fix up Thersa, Atlanta, Herry and Odie." Jay asked sitting down.
" What's wrong wih them?" he asked, surprised by the question.
" They were attacked yesturday when we were stranded on an island." Archie explained.
" Yesturday? You were fighting Cronus yesturday. You never went sailing. Not yesturday anyway." he said.
" No. We were stranded. We were out there for three days. They were attacked by giant scorpions." Jay added to Archie's explaination.
" You were only gone for about eight hours this morning." Chrion replied.
" What?" the seven teens were definetly confused.
" Well if you want me to look at them where were they attacked?" he asked walking over from behind his desk.
The four injured teens took off their bandages and they all stared in shock. Their injuries were gone.
" I don't see any injuries." Chiron said.
" They were here. We were attacked." Atlanta said, confused at the entire situation.
" I think you all need to go home and get some rest." he said as he left.
The seven heroes just stood there, they didn't know what to do. After a few minutes of silence, Neil spoke.
" I'm tired. Are we going to go home or not?" he said.
The others didn't respond they just walked towards the exit, still lost deep in thought. They exited the school and went towards Herry's truck. They all climbed in all drove back to the brownstone. When they arrived everyone just went to their rooms. The sun had long ago set. Even though it ws still early, the seven teens went to bed. Theresa however couldn't sleep. He was completely exausted but she couldn't fall asleep. there was so much that ran through her mind. She decided to go up to the roof to think. She always thought best up there. She sat on the ledge that over looked the city. She was so lost in thought that she didn't here someone else come up. A hand was placed on her shoulder. She jumped slightly and turned around. Her emerald eyes met deep brown ones. It was Jay.
" Want some company?" he asked. He was wearing plaid pajama pants and a blue tee shirt.
" Sure." she slid over making room for him. She had on a pair of long pants and a tank top.
" You couldn't sleep either?" he asked as he sat.
" No. There's just so much that I don't understand." she replied, looking down.
" Like what?" he asked.
" Did all of that really happen? We were there for three days weren't we? We were attacked, right? We did go through all of that right?" she asked, still looking down.
" I don't know. It felt real.. but Chiron said we were only gone for eight hours. What about your arm though. It wasn't cut. Maybe we all imagened it." he replied.
" All of us having the same dream? I don't know. I think it was real. But.. now i'm not so sure anymore." she said turning to meet his gaze.
" Well I'm sure that in the morning we can ask Hera about it. She'll know." he said comforting.
" You're right." she agreed.
Theresa shivered. It was a really cold night. Jay noticed this and put his arms around her. She looked at him and smiled. They lost there balance and fell backwards. They landed on one of the patio chairs they had up their. They both started to laugh. Then they sat in silence. After a while they both fell asleep.They woke to the sun blinding them. they got up quickly and blushed.
" We should go downstairs before..." he let his sentence trail off.
" Yeah. We should." she replied and they slowly made their way to their rooms. After they were both dressed they went to the kitchen. They walked in together and the others just stared. Theresa and Jay looked at each other. Archie had a huge smile and his face. ' Oh no. Please don't tell Archie saw us.' she thought as she walked over to the fridge. Jay just sat down. No one spoke. Theresa took a seat after getting some breakfast. Archie kept looking from her to Jay. Finally he spoke.
" So how'd you two sleep last night?" he asked, his grin wider than ever.
Theresa and Jay blushed. 'Busted.' they both thought.

Did something else happen on the roof? Did they imagine the entire island expirience? Read the next chapter to find out.

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