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Party Of The Year

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The heroes attend the party of the year. Theresa tries to get Jay to loosen up and have some fun. Will she succeed?

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" What do you mean Archie?" Jay asked, trying to sound calm.
" I saw you two up on the roof. You looked pretty cozy." he teased, his grin growing wider by the second.
" We were talking and we must've fallen asleep." Theresa said, also trying to sound innocent.
" Sure. Are you sure that's all that happened." Archie asked.
" Yeah. That's ALL that happened." Theresa and Jay said at almost the exact same time.
" Okay." Archie replied leaving the room.
" Hey Arch. Wait up. I thought we were going to go for a run." Atlanta followed him out the door.
" Well, I'm going to the mall to find the perfect outfit for the party tonight." Neil said leaving as well.
" Yeah, me and Herry were going to go check out the new video games at the arcade and grab some lunch." Odie said as he and Herry left.
Theresa and Jay were once again left alone. There was a long but comfortable silence. Finally Theresa spoke.
" Are you going to the party?" she asked, putting away her dishes.
" I don't know. Cronus might-" he didn't finish because Theresa shot him an angry glance at the mention of Cronus.
" You should. You need to have fun once in a while. Come on." she pleaded with him with her eyes.
" Okay. Fine, I'll go." he said finally. He could never say no to her.
" Well then I'm going to pick out an outfit." she said as she left Jay alone with his thoughts.
' Why can't I ever say no to her?' he asked himself. His thoughts were interupted by snapping. He looked up to see Archie and Atlanta staring at him.
" Are you okay?" they asked.
" Yeah. Just thinking," he said, " Hey, are you guys going to that party tonight."
" Yeah, why?" Atlanta replied, grabbing an apple.
" No reason." he replied getting up.
" Don't tell me Theresa conned you into going." Archie said following his leader.
" No.... maybe... yeah." he answered.
" You just can't say no to her can you?" Archie teased him again.
" How about you and Atlanta?" Jay inquired.
" What about us?" Archie asked, blushing.
" You can't say no to her can you?" it was Jay's turn to tease him.
" Keep your voice down." Archie whispered, looking at Atlanta who was still in the kitchen.
" Atlanta?" Theresa's voice rang out from upstairs.
" Yeah?" her red haired friend called back.
" Could you come here for a second?" she replied.
Atlanta went upstairs.
" What is it?" she asked entering her friends room.
" Close the door." she replied.
" Okay what?" she asked, closing the door.
" I'm going to give you a make-over for the party tonight." she replied, a mischevious smile spread across her face.
Downstairs Jay and Archie had started to watch some t.v. Herry, Odie and Neil came back home shortly after with many shopping bags.
" What'd you guys do? Buy everything in the store?" Archie asked sarcastically.
" Haha. But for your information I couldn't decide which outfit to buy so I bought them all." Neil replied lugging his massive load of bags upstairs.


Later the boys were downstairs waiting for the girls to come down. The party was starting in ten minutes and they had had all day to get ready. Jay wore a dark blue, long sleeved shirt with dark denim jeans. Herry wore his green tee shirt with long tan pants. Odie wore a blue shirt with his dark tan pants. Archie wore a royal blue tee shirt and dark denim jeans much like Jay's. Neil wore a silk blue and black dress shirt with black dress pants. ( It had taken him hours to finally pick an outfit.)
" Hurry up!" Neil called impatiently.
" Okay here we come." Theresa called down.
She walked into the living room wearing a flowing red dress that half down her calfs. Jay couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. Her hair was down up in a tight bun and when she walked her dressed moved with her perfectly.
" Presenting," she started moving aside, " Atlanta."
Atlanta walked down wearing a pink top that did up behind her neck and a red skirt that came to her knees. She didn't look too happy. The boys were awstruck. They had never seen Atlanta look so... so girly.
" She made me do it okay." she said as she walked past the boys.
They all piled into Herry's truck and drove to the party. It was at the school. They arrived shortly after and Theresa had to practically drag Atlanta into the gym. By the time they had arrived the party had already started. Atlanta slumped against the wall next to Archie. Herry, Odie and Neil had gone off and were lost in the crowd. Jay was leaning against the wall lost in his thoughts about Theresa. A slow song came on and Theresa dragged Jay onto the dance floor.
" Let's dance." she said as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck.
He placed his hands tenderly on her hips. She stared into his eyes. They were lost in the moment. Then Theresa pressed up against Jay. He turned a new shade of crimson. Over at the wall Archie was debating with himself whether or not to ask Atlanta to dance. Finally he decided.
" Atlanta?" he started.
" Yeah Arch?" she turned to face him.
" I w-was wondering i-if you would l-like to dance? With m-me?" he was so nervous.
She had a stunned look on her face. She didn't know what to say. Finally she found her voice.
" Sure." she was blushing.
They walked out onto the dance floor. Atlanta put her hands on Archie's shoulders. He put his hands on her hips. They didn't look each other in the eye. But about halfway through the song their eyes met. They were caught in each other's gaze. Atlanta fell into Archie as they continued to dance. He hoped that that moment would never end. But unfortunetly the song ended and a fast song came on. Atlanta pulled away from him and smiled at him. He smiled back. He started back towards the wall but she grabbed his hand.
" Leaving so soon?" she asked.
" The song's over." he answered turning to face her.
" Yeah but a new one's started. You're not afraid are you?" she callenged.
" No." he answered and they started to dance again.
Jay had escaped from Theresa and was over at the tables sitting down. She spotted him and walked over to him.
" Come on you're missing the party Jay." she teased.
" I'm just worried about..." he decided it was better mot to mention Cronus.
" Worried about... what?" she asked.
" Nothing." he replied shaking the tought from his head.
" Then let's dance," she said pulling him out of his seat, " You said you were trying to have more fun. Remember..."
" Yeah." he said as he followed a dancing Theresa.
As the party went on Tehresa got Jay to loosen up and have some fun, while Archie enjoyed being so close to Atlanta. Near the end of the party Neil saw Theresa and Jay.
" Is that Jay? Oh my god it is. Guys you have to see this Jay is actually having fun." Neil called to Herry and Odie.
" Our leader Jay? Mister always serious Jay? Mister we have to always watch out for Cornus and have no fun Jay?" Odie asked walking over to Neil.
" Yeah. Look." he said pointing in Jay's direction.
" Wow. He actually is having fun." Herry said with disbelief.
The last song of the party ended and people started to leave. Theresa grabbed Jay's hand and pulled him over to her.
" What is it?" he asked, trying to figure what she was trying to do.
" Thanks for the dance." she said smiling. Then she leaned in towards him and kissed him on the cheek.
Jay stood there stunned. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Nope. It was real. He was lsot in his thoughts.
" You coming Jay? Or are you just going to stare at that wall?" Archie called from the exit.
" I'm coming." he said.

Later when Jay was just about to fall asleep he wondered, ' does this mean she likes me?' He didn't argue with himself about it. He just fell asleep smiling, thinking about the party.


Archie and Atlanta were still up watching a movie when everyone else had gone to bed. Atlanta had changed out of her girly clothes and looked liked her normal self again. She was tired. The party was long and she was exausted. She shivered, she was freezing. Archie put his arm around her to keep her warm. He looked down at her and smiled. ' She's so beautiful.' he thought. She fell asleep leaning against his chest. Suddenly he realized how tired he was. He fell alseep as well.
Archie woke up and found that he and Atlanta were still on the couch. But during the night they had fallen over and she was laying beside him with her hand on his chest. He smiled. She looked so peacful. He looked over at the clock. It was 5:14. ' It's too early to get up.' he decided. Then he fell back asleep.

Things seem perfect for the young heroes, but how long will that last? Does Cronus have something evil planned for them? Will Jay end up with Theresa and Archie with Atlanta? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: I hope you liked this chapter. I just had to add in some J/T and A/A. I also had to make things perfect. But perfect things never last. What twist will I add to my story to turn the heroe's lives upside down? You'll have to read on to find out. Anyways, please R+R. Constructive cristism is also welcome. ^_^
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