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Fading Memories

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Something strange is happening to Atlanta. Could this be the work of Cronus?

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Atlanta woke to find herself laying beside Archie on the couch. He was still fast asleep. ' He's so cute.' she thought smiling. She glanced over at the clock. It read 7:38 a.m. ' Guess I'd better get up.' she thought. She carefully slid off the couch. She didn't want to wake Archie. She went and showered and then put on some new clothes. By the time she got downstairs Herry and Odie were up too.
" Hey." she said as she entered the kitchen, looking for some breakfast.
" Hey." Odie said looking away from his laptop breaifly.
" Hey." Herry's greeting was muffled through the cereal in his mouth.
Atlanta finished her toast and eggs then went into the living room. Since it was almost 8:30 she decided to wake up Archie.
" Archie... Archie... ARCHIE!" he fell off the couch to find himself looking up at a laughing Atlanta.
He stood up and attacked her. He tickled her mercilessly, until she begged him to stop. Then he went and showered as well. He came back downstairs after about twenty minutes.By now all the heroes were up. They were all eating something. Archie grabbed an apple and finished it in record time.
" Wanna go for a run?" Atlanta asked heading for the door.
" Sure." he replied smirking at his friend.
With that they took off out the door. Theresa and Jay were going to head down to the mall to hang out and go shopping. neil was going to tag along with Herry and Odie who were going to the newest electronics store that opened just down the street. Before long the brownstone was empty.


Atlanta and Archie stopped for a break in the park. They had run nearly ten miles.
" Ready to quit yet?" Archie asked as he sat down on a bench.
" No. Why you're not tired are you?" she replied wearing her victory smile.
" No. But you look a little worn out. Are you sure?" Archie was out of breathe but he wasn't about to let her win.
" Then let's keep going. Bet I can run longer than you can." she challenged.
" You're on." he replied then he raced ahead of her.
Within a few minutes she had caught up to him. They were now neck and neck. They were nearing the dorm.
" I am so going to win." Atlanta clled as she shot passed Archie.
" Oh no you're not." he called as he caught up to her.
They both reached the dorm at the same time.
" It's a tie." he declared happily.
" A tie... man that sucks. Okay what we need now is a tie breaker." Atlanta said thinking as they entered the brownstone.
" How about the tie breaker is...," Archie thought for a minute, " video games." he smiled.
" Video games? What kind of video games?" Atlanta asked, eyeing him suspiciously.
" At the arcade. We'll run there play any game the run back. Winner take all." he smirked, he knew Atlanta would never go for that challenge, she didn't exactly like to play video games.
" Okay." she said after a few mintues of thinking.
" Huh?" Archie said shocked that she had agreed.
" I said okay. So, let's go." she said and raced back out the door.
As they were leaving Theresa and Jay were coming in. They exchanged hello's and goodbye's.
" That was fun!" she exclaimed as she set down her shopping bags.
" Yeah. That new boating store was awsome." Jay said as he set down the new equipment he'd bought for his boat.
" How about some lunch?" she asked heading for the kitchen.
" Sure." he replied following her.
" Okay what to have? How about home made subs?" she asked looking into the fridge.
" Okay." he agreed.
They made some subs then went up to the roof to eat. They were about halfway through their meal when Jay started to poke Theresa. She struggled to get away. As she escaped his hands she knocked his sub on to his shirt. There was a short silence that was interupted by Theresa. She just started to laugh. Jay had to laugh too. It was pretty funny but he had a way to get even with her.
" You think that's funny do you. Well here." he picked up he sub and tossed it at her.
She was laughing so hard that she didn't have enough time to react and dodge it. She ended up with mustard and ham getting stuck to her shirt. She looked down and there was anotehr silence. This time they both started to laugh. Theresa then grabbed the bottle of mustard and started to chase Jay. She had successfully covered him with tons of mustard. Then her bottle was empty. Jay smirked. He was going to get her back. Her grabbed the bottle of mayo and started to chase her. With in minutes he had successfully covered her with mayo. She was still running from him when she slipped on some mustard on the ground. Jay went to help her up but she pulled him down. By now they ground was covered with mayo and mustard. Their fun was interupted by the roof door opening. Odie and Herry stepped out to see a messy Jay struggling to help an even messier Theresa up. There was a long silence. But it was broke when Jay fell. Everyone started to laugh.
" What are you guys doing?" Odie asked trying to stifle his laugh.
" It was all Jay." Theresa said racing away from him. and hiding behind Herry. She was still laughing.
" It was Jay? This Jay?" Herry was confused. Who knew Jay was capable of having this kind of fun.
" Me? I think it all started with you Theresa." he said and chased after her.
They reached the bottom floor just in time to collide with Archie and Atlanta who were coming back from the arcade.
" What the?" Archei started.
" What happened here?" Atlanta asked looking at her messy teammates.
She got no response. Well except for laughter.
" I'm going to clean up." Theresa said heading for the shower.
" Me too." Jay said heading to the other bathroom.
" Then we have to clean up or Athena will go bolistic." Jay said.
They disappeared upstairs. Archie and Atlanta just shrugged and went into the living room. They started to watch t.v when Herry, Odie and Neil came into the living room.
" Hey." Atlanta greeted them.
" Hey." They greeted her back.
They don't really know how they got on teh subject but they started talking about child hood memories. Atlanta was about halfway through her story when Theresa came back downstairs.
" Hey. What are you guys doing?" she aked as she sat beside Odie on the couch.
" We were telling child hood stories." Archie replied.
" Cool." she comented.
" What happened after that Atlanta?" Herry asked eager to hear the end of the story.
" Huh?" Atlanta had been staring out into space.
" Your story..." Archie said.
" Oh. My story," she started. She thought for a minute, " I forget what happened next."
" You forget? Didn't you just say it was the best part of the story?" Odie asked.
" I'm just tired that's all." she replied, looking out the window.
' What just happend. I know that story. I've told a million times. Why can't I remember the ending?' she thought.
Jay emerged from the stairwell. By then it was about 5:03 p.m.
" Hey guys what's up?" he said as he entered the living room.
" I'm starving." Herry said.
" How about we go out for dinner since Jay and Theresa kind of destoryed the kitchen." Odie suggested.
" Okay." everyone agreed.
" I think I'll skip it. I'm kinda tired. I'll just make a snack then head to bed." Atlanta said.
" You sure?" Theresa asked some concern showing on her face.
" Yeah." she assured her friend.
" I'll stay with you. I don't really feel like take out anyways." Archie said.
" You don't have to Arch." she said.
" I'm kinda tired too." he said.
" Okay. Well see you guys later then." Odie siad as the five teens left.
Once they were gone Archie sat down beside Atlanta.
" Are you sure you're okay?" he asked her, concern filling his voice. Normally she had a great memory.
" Yeah." she replied smiling at him.
As the night wore on they started talking about their families and their childhoods. Everytime Atlanta started a story she would stop about halfway through then forget the rest. This was really starting to worry Archie. But she assured him she was fine. They had both gone to bed early. Long before the oters got back.
Around ten p.m. the others arrived back at the dorm. They were all laughing and having fun. They had had a long day so Herry, Theresa, Neil, and Odie went to bed as soon as they got back. Jay howeever decided to stay up. He was thinking about everything that had happened that day. His thoughts seemed to focus mainly on his lunch with Theresa. ' That was a lot of fun. Why does she always seem to make everything so much better. That was the most fun I've had since we all met. Even covered with mustard and mayo she still looks incredibly beautiful.' He fell asleep with these thoughts in mind.


Upstairs Atlanta still lay awake. Her thought swere keeping her from the sleep she wanted. ' What's happening to me? Why do I keep forgetting things? Maybe I am just tired. Tomorrow everything will be better.' She tried to assure herself that everything was fine. But in the back of her head something told her things were about to get a lot worse.

What is happening to Atlanta? Has Theresa finally gotten Jay to loosen up and have some fun? What will go wrong next? Does Cronus have a hand in this? Who will be next to fall victim to whatever is affecting Atlanta? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked it. I know in the summary it says it's supposed to be mainly about Atlanta but if I only did that the chapter would be much shorter. So I added in some J/T. And for those who were wondering and asking about it yes there will be plenty more of A/A coming to the story soon. Please R+R ^_^
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