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Strange Occurances

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Things are starting to become very weird and not to mention scary.

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Theresa was the first to wake up. She showered then got dressed. She was heading downstairs when she felt someone watching her. She turned around and saw no one. She shook her head and scolded herself. ' Now you're imagining things.' She was just fixing herself some breakfast when Jay came downstairs. He was still dressed in his blue pajama pants and white tee shirt. He smiled at her and she smiled back.
" Morning." she greeted him.
" Morning." he replied.
Shortly after they were joined by Atlanta and Archie, arguing as usual.
Herry was the next to come down. Then it was Odie and right behind him was Neil. The kitchen was full of life. Theresa was talking to Atlanta. Archie was talking to Jay and Herry. Odie and Neil were talking too. But no matter what Theresa's eyes kept wandering over to Jay. And his to her.
" Hey. Atlanta are we going for a run or what." Archie called to his friend.
" I'm coming. See you later Theresa." she smiled as she left for her run.
" Well me and Herry are going to go see Hepaestus." Odie said as they left.
" I'm going to do some modeling." Neil said as he left too.
Now it was Theresa and Jay left alone.
" I was going to take a run over to the park. You wanna come?" he asked getting ready to leave.
" No. I think I'm just going to relax for now. Maybe some other time." she replied.
He waved goodbye as he left. Now Theresa was left alone. She was cleaning the breakfast dishes when she heard a noise from upstairs. She went to the bottom of the stairs and listened. Yup. It was definetly coming from upstairs. Theresa slowly walked upstairs. She was holding a knife that she was washing. She saw a shadow move across the wall. She followed it. She saw a figure go into a storage room on the third floor. She opened the door to that room and flicked on the lights. She got ready to attack and be attacked. To Theresa's surprise she was alone in the room. ' I could have sworn that I saw someone.' she thought turning out the light and closing the door. She made her was back down to the kitchen. Once she had finished the dishes Theresa decided to go sit on the roof and clear her mind. She was almost peacefully sitting when she she footsteps behind her. She turned to come face to face with someone wearing a black and red outfit.
" Who are you? What do you want?" she asked getting ready to fight.
The intruder just snickered.
" How did you get in here?" Theresa demanded, she felt herself growing angry.
The intruder attacked. Theresa tried to dodge him but she wasn't successful. The kick from the intruder sent pain through out her entire body. ' My PMR. I'll call for back up.' she thought glancing at the door. She made a break for but the intruder was too fast for her. He stood in her way. She attempted to puch him and get away but he grabbed her arm and threw her down the stairs. Theresa struggled to get up and then ran to her room. She locked her door and searched for her PMR. ' Rats! I must've left it in the kitchen.' she thought unhappily. Slowly Theresa unlocked her door and peeked out. There was no sign of the intruder. She ran for stairs only to find the intruder was there. And he was holding her PMR. She tried to grab it. The intruder once again caught her arm. He twisted it behind her back. She cried out in pain.
" What do you want?!" Theresa screamed.
He ignored her and threw her down the hall. He placed his hand on her throat and lifted her off the ground. Theresa struggled to breathe. She hoped and prayed that this wasn't the end. Her end. Just when she was about to give up hope she heard the front door open.
" Theresa?" a voice called. It was Jay!
Theresa kicked her foot against the wall trying to get Jay's attention. It worked! She heard his footsteps coming up the first set of steps. She tried once more to scream. She was struggling to get away when the intruder dropped her. He ran for the stairs that led to the roof. Jay came up the stairs and saw Theresa laying in the hallway gasping for breathe. She had tears rolling down her cheeks.
" Are you okay? What happened?" Jay's eyes were filled with concern as he looked down at her.
Theresa couldn't speak but she pointed to the stairs. Hoping Jay would know what she meant. He must've. She watched as he pulled out his xiphos and advanced towards the stairs. He disappeared up the stairs. Minutes later he reappeared with a look of confusion on his face.
" What is it?" Theresa asked, her voice hoarse from being strangled.
" There's no one up there. Are you sure that's where they went?" he asked looking at her with concern in his eyes.
She nodded. It hurt to speak. her tears had stopped flowing and she tried to stand up. Unfortunetly being thrown around like a rag doll had taken it's toll on her. Jay noticed she was struggling and went to help her.
" Come on. I'll take you to Chiron." he said, helping her down the stairs.
Later at Chiron's Jay had to wait outside his office unpatiently. He kept pacing back and forth. Theresa's terrified and hurt expression burned in his thoughts. His thoughts were interupted by Chiron's office door opening. Theresa walked into the hall and shut the door behind her. She looked at Jay.
" How are you feeling?" he asked, concern still filled his voice.
" I have a sprained wrist and some bruises but other than that I'm fine," she said quietly, " Hera said it would be best if we all stayed here tonight. In case it was the work of Cronus."
" I'll go get the others." he said.
Jay hugged Theresa before he left. He breathed deeply. He loved the smell of her perfum. He had used his motor cycle to take her to the school. It was parked in the back parking lot of the school grounds. he mounted it and started down the road. ' I knew I never should've let my guard down. If I hadn't been busy having fun she never would've gotten hurt. How could I have been so careless. What if I hadn't gone back when I did. She would've been killed and all because of me.' Jay was really beating himself up over this. Even though he had nothing to do with it. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't seem to notice he had arrived at the brownstone. He hopped off his bike and went inside.
" Hey. Where's Theresa?" Atlanta asked as he entered the living room.
Jay had a sad look on his face.
" Is she okay? What happened? When we came back there were things knocked over and blood on the floor. What's going on Jay." Atlanta was getting worried.
" When everyone was out this morning Theresa was attacked." he didn't look anyone in the eye. His voice showed how upset he was.
" Attacked!? Is she okay? Where is she now? Who attacked her?" Atlanta was hysterical.
" I don't know who attacked her. When I got here there was no one here but her. She said he escaped up onto the roof. I went to check it out but there was no one there. And there is no way off the roof but the stairs from the third floor. She's okay. Hera said we all have to stay at the school just in case he decides to come back." Jay said.
Everyone gathered a few things and piled into Herry's truck. They arrived at the school minutes later. By now the sun had set. They all went to the small janitors closet and entered the god's secret realm. Atlanta ran to find Theresa. When she did she wrapped her friend in a huge hug. Everyone was asking if she was okay. Even Archie. Eventually everyone was tired and decided to get some sleep. Theresa couldn't sleep. She thought a walk would clear her mind. She tip toed out of the room where they were sleeping and walked around the empty halls of the god's realm. She was about to turn a corner when a pair of icy hands grabbed her from behind. One hand covered her mouth and the other restrained her arms. She tried to scream but it was muffled by the hand. She struggled free and turned to face her attacker. It was the same guy from before. ' But how did he get in here?' she thought more confused than anything.
" What do you want? Who are you? Why do you keep following me?" she screamed.
He lunged at her. With a sprained wrist it was going to be even harder for her to fight him... whoever he was. She dodged his first attack but turned around just in time to have a foot conect with her jaw. She fell to the ground. She felt blood trickling down her chin but she ignored it. She attacked him with everything she had but still she ended up getting hurt. Once more he wrapped his hand around her throat. Once more she struggled to get away. And once more she couldn't. Then she heard footsteps. Her attacker dropped her and took off. She saw Jay come around the corner and her attacker run right by him. He didn't seem to see him because Jay rushed over to her.
" Are you okay? What happened? Who did this?" his eyes were filled with worry and concern once again.
It took Theresa a few minuted to regain her voice.
" Why didn't you stop him!? He ran right by you!? You just let him get away!?" she was furious.
Jay looked at her. His conerned expression turned into disbelief and worry.
" What?" he said, the worry heavy in his voice.
Jay tried to help her up but she pushed him away and got up herself. When she looked at him fury and anger burned in her eyes.
" The guy who attacked me ran right past you! Didn't you see him? Why didn't you stop him?" her eyes glowed with hate.
" Theresa...," the expression in his eyes turned to confusion, sympathy and fear, " ... There was no one else here."
" What!?" her anger faded and now she stared at him in disbelief.
" You and me were the only one's in this room. No one ran by me. There was no one else here." he said, looking intently into her eyes.
" No I saw him. I fought him! He was here! He was...," by now she was breaking into tears, " He was here. I saw him."
She fell into his arms. He craddled her softly trying to calm her down. She clutched to his shirt and cried into his shoulder. She was shaking uncontrollably. Jay tried everything he could think of to calm her down. By now she had waken everyone else up. Hera, Persephone, Chiron, Herry, Atlanta, Archie, Odie, Neil. They were all gathered her and Jay.
" What's going on here?" Hera demanded.
" Well..." Jay explained to everyone what had just happened.
" So she's gone crazy?" Neil asked. He recieved many dirty looks from everyone.
" Let me talk to her." Persephone said helping Theresa up.
Theresa followed her mentor. They disappeared into Persephones solariam. After a half an hour Persephone returned to the hall where they were all gathered. She had a sullen expression on her face.

What is happening to Theresa? Why does Persephone have a sullen expression? Is Theresa going crazy? Is she starting to see things that aren't really there? Is this Cronus' work? Who will be the next victim the these strange happenings? Is this only the beginning the heroes' problems? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: oooooooh. Suspense. Hope you liked that chapter. There was a J/T moment in there but in chapters to come there will be lots more. Please R+R. ^_^
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