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What's Happening To Me?

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Herry and Odie are the next victims of the strange happenings.

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" What's wrong?" Jay asked, conern still lingered in his voice.
" It's Theresa. Something is wrong with her but I can't figure out what it is. All I know is it's affecting her mind. Each time becoming more and more serious until... it destroys her mind and her. She sees and feels whatever has been attacking her. But this only seems to happen when she's alone. In order to keep her safe someone will have to be with her at all times. Otherwise we may lose her....... Any volunteers?" Persephone replied, her expression did not change.
" I'll stay with her." Jay said stepping forward.
" Alright. She's in my solarium." Persephone said, " I must go see Hera. You will both have to stay here overnight."
" Okay." he said as he entered her solarium.
" What about the rest of us?" Neil asked.
" Go and get some rest." Persephone said as she walked away.
There were many mubbles and groans butthey all went back to their beds. They fell asleep pretty fast.
Back in Persephones solarium Jay and Theresa were still awake.
" Thanks for staying with me." she said drying the last of her tears.
" No problem." he replied smiling at her.
Theresa yawned and layed back on the couch in the solarium. By now she was exausted. She leaned her head against Jay's shoulder as she drifted off to sleep. He looked down at her and smiled. he rested his head on hers and fell asleep also. Morning came pretty fast. Too fast for the tired teens. Theresa and Jay were the last ones up. Everyone had gone out to the mall or the park. Jay and Theresa decided to back to the dorm and watch some t.v.


Herry and Odie were shopping at the newest electronics store. Herry was looking at laptops while Odie looked at all the video games.Herry had finally picked out a laptop and went to pay for. Odie had promised him that he would show him how to work it. Odie had picked out a few virtual reality games and went to pay for them. After they had bought their new stuff they got into Herry's truck and headed back to the dorm. They had arrived only to find that Jay and Theresa were asleep on the couch. They silently went upstairs. Odie showed Herry all the basics to his new laptop. After Herry was sure he knew how it worked he went to his own room. Odie was about to play his new virtual reality games when he noticed something extremely strange. He let out a shrill cry. Moments later there came a knock at his door.
" You okay Odie?" it was Jay.
" Uhh.... Yeah. I just dropped something on my foot that's all." he lied.
" Okay." he heard footsteps leading away from his door.
Odie examined his hands. Well where his hands had been. His hands were still there but he couldn't see them. They were invisable?! Odie pulled up his shirt sleeves. His forearms were missing.
" What?" he said looking down at where his limbs should be.
Inside Odie was completely freaking out but he didn't wan the others to know so he kept a cool and calm exterior. He had put on some gloves to hide his invisable hands. He went downstairs and with out talking to anyone he headed for the door. He was stopped when Jay started to talk to him.
" Hey. Hows your foot?" he asked coming out of the kitchen.
" Huh?... Oh my foot. It's fine." Odie said recalling his lie.
" Where you going?" Jay asked.
" Oh I was going to see Hephaestus and show him my new games. Well bye." with that Odie shot out the door.
Jay just shrugged and went to sit beside a still sleeping Theresa. He placed a stray strand of her hair behind her ear.


Herry was finally getting the hang of his laptop when he dropped it in shock. Thankfully it didn't break. He stared down at his hands in horror. They were covered with scales! Herry started to freak out. He was beyond confused and not to mention scared. He had no idea what to do. ' Jay will know what to do... I hope.' he thought as he left his room. He slowly walked downstairs, carefully examining his hands as he walked. He got to the bottom of the stairs and noticed Jay was sitting on the couch with Theresa.
" Uhh Jay..." he started.
" Yeah. What's up?" he asked walking over to his large friend.
" I've got a problem." he said and lifted his hands for his leader to see.
" What the...?" Jay couldn't explain how he felt.
" Yeah. My thoughts exactly. So what do we do?" he asked.
" We need ot get you to Chiron. Come on." Jay said going over to Theresa.
" I'll get my truck." Herry said heading for the door.
" I'll get Theresa." Jay said as he picked up his sleeping beauty.
They arrived at Chiron's office to find he was speaking with Odie.
" Odie?" Jay and Herry said together.
Theresa had started waking up.
" What's going on? How did I get to the school." she asked walking over to the boys.
" Well you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you." Jay replied, slightly blushing.
Theresa looked at Herry's hands.
" What's wrong with his hands? And where are Odie's hands!?" Theresa's voice was high and shrill.
" We don't know. We thought Chiron would know but so far he has no idea." Herry replied, shoving his scaly hands into his pockets.
Chiron took Odie and Herry into his office and they were in there for almost two hours. Finally they emerged from the office.
" I'm sorry boys but I just don't know what's wrong." Chiron said as he closed his office door.
The fours teens were left there in the hallway. There was a long silence. Jay was the one to break it.
" We should get back to the dorm." he said.
They all uttered moans in agreement. They arrived back at the dorm and Herry and Odie went to their rooms. They were tired. Neil was already in his room. Atlanta and Archie were still up, arguing.
" Hey Theresa." Atlanta greeted her friend.
" Hey." she replied.
" Guess we're having a sleep over since Persephone said you should be with someone at all times." her friend said getting up from her stool at the kitchen island.
Theresa smiled. She loved sleepovers. The two friends wwent up to Atlanta's room and started their sleepover.
" Man this has been a weird day." Jay exclaimed as he sat down beside Archie.
" I know. Atlanta just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Like when we were at the park she was telling me about her life growing up but she kept forgetting parts. She says she's fine but I don't know." Archie said.
" Well that's nothing compared to what happened to Herry and Odie." Jay said.
" What happened to those two?" Archie asked, looking at Jay.
" Well Herry's starting to grow scales and Odies becoming invisable." he said bluntly.
" What!? Scales!? Invisable!?" Archie didn't belief what he was hearing.
" Yeah." Jay said.
" What will go wrong next? First Atlanta, then Theresa, then Odie, then Herry. Which one of us will be next. Me? You? Neil?" Archie asked, hysteria in his voice.
" I don't know. But I bet Cronus is behind it all." Jay said getting up.
" Yeah. Man if I ever get my hands on him..." Archie let his angry thoughts trail.
" Well I'm going to turn in. I have a feeling this is only the beginning." Jay said heading for the stairs.
" Yeah. Me too." Archie said following his teammate up the stairs.
Jay lay awake with the days events replaying through his head. And Theresa being attacked. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't get that memory out of his head. Eventually he fell asleep, but it was an uneasy sleep.

Which one of them will be next? Is this the end for the heroes? Will the prophesy be broken? Is this only the beginning? What awaits the heroes? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked this chapter. Ooooo. What will happen next? Please R+R. Constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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