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Who Am I?

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Things for Atlanta keep getting worse.

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Archie was the last to wake up. He hadn't slept well the night before. he kept debating with himself whether to tell Atlanta how he really felt. In the end the matter still wasn't decided upon. He showered and joined his teamates in the kitchen for some breakfast.
" Hey." he said as he entered the room.
To his surprise only Jay and Theresa were there.
" Hey." they replied, not looking away from their breakfasts.
" Where is everyone?" he asked, walking to the fridge.
" Herry and Odie are at Chiron's office. Atlanta is out for a run and Neil is shopping." Theresa replied.
Archie ate an apple very fast and got ready to go for a run.
" I'm going to see if I can catch up with Atlanta. See you guys later." he said as he went out the door.
" Bye." the two remaining friends called after him.
Archie was running against the wind. It was started to rain a little but he didn't pay much attention to it. H eonly had one question on his mind. ' Do I tell her or not?' For his entire run that's all he thought about. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even hear Atlanta calling his name.
" Archie! Hey Arch. Wait up would ya." she called as she raced to catch up with her purple haired friend.
" Oh... uhh hey." he replied as he slowed down.
" You okay?" she asked looking at him.
" Yeah. I was just thinking." he replied.
" Okay. You wanna finish our run?" she asked getting ready to race off.
' I have to tell her.' he thought as he looked at her. She almost glowed in the morning sunlight.
" Atlanta. I... uhh have something... to uhhh...tell you." he said, turning away to hide his red face.
" What is it?" she asked looking up at him.
" I... I uhhh... run. Yeah I love to run." he said, not daring to look her in the eyes.
" Okay...?" she said giving him a strange look.
' Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!' he thought to himself as they began to run. ' Why can't I just tell her? Why is it so hard?' His thoughts were interupted by a short scream coming from Atlanta. She had tripped and it surprised her.
" You okay?" he asked as he helped her up.
" Yeah. I'm fine uhhh...." she paused, " Archie. I'm fine."
She started to run but he held back for a moment. ' Did she just forget my name?' he thought. He quickly dicarded the thought when she called his name.
" Archie? Are you coming?" she called.
" Yeah. I'm coming." he said as he took off after her.
They ran for another twenty minutes then decided to head back to the dorm. Besides the rain was starting ot come down pretty hard. They made it back just in time. After they got inside there was a downpour.
" Wow. Talk about timing." Archie said as he headed for the kitchen.
Atlanta went up to her room. She closed her door and flung herself down on her bed. She turned onto her stomach, put a pillow under her chin and just stared at the raindrops sliding down her window. ' Did I forget Archie's name back at the park? What's going on with me lately? I keep forgetting everything.' she thought as she looked out at the gray skies. Aknock on her door interupted her thoughts.
" Atlanta?" Archie's voice sounded worried.
" Yeah?" she replied not leaving her bed.
" Are you okay. You seem to be a little... out of it lately." he said.
" Yeah. I'm fine Arch. I just have some things on my mind. That's all." she said.
" Okay." his voice still sounded worried.
Atlanta heard his footsteps heading towards the stairs. She lay back on her bed. She then remembered her photo album. She kept it under her bed for safe keeping. She rolled over and pulled it out. She smiled. It had all her favourite memories in it. She flipped through the pages. But with each page she turned her smile faded more and more. ' I don't remember this.... Or this.... Or that...' she thought looking at the photos. She came to the photo of the seven of them. It was the night after their first victory against Cronus. But Atlanta remembered nothing of that day. She only knew the event because she had written it below the photo. She stared at the photo a little while longer. ' Who are those people?' she thought looking at it. She set the book down and looked around her. ' Where am I?' she thought, extremely confused. She got up and looked around the room.


Archie was laying down on his bed. He was still debating with himself whether or not to tell Atlanta that he loved her. ' What if I tell her and she just laughs? Or what if it ruins our friendship? But what if I tell her and she feels the same way? Man. Why is life so complicated?' he thought this as he looked at his door. he sat up and rested his head on his hand. ' Should I tell her? Should I just ignore how I feel? No. I have to tell her. I will tell her!' Archie was filled with courage as he finally decided to tell Atlanta how he felt. He walked over to her room. Her door was open and she was inside. He silently walked in, she was going through some boxes. He got ready.
" Atlanta. I'm not quite sure how to say this so I'll just come out and say it. I...... love you. I have ever since we first met." he sighed in relief that he had finally told her. But the next three words she said cut right through Archie. They shattered him into a million pieces.
" Who are you?" she asked looking at him, fear in her eyes.
" What do you mean who am I? It's mean Archie. Your best friend. What's with you Atlanta?" he asked moving towards her.
" No. Stay away from me! Where am I?! Who are you?! What do you want with me?1 she was screaming at the top of her lungs.
" Atlanta....? It's me. Don't you remember? What's going on with you?" he asked his voce was now low and heavy with concern.
" Who am I? Why do you keep calling me Atlanta? What do you want?" she was backed against her bedroom wall.
" What?! That's your name Atlanta. Are you okay?" he asked, still standing by the door.
" Get out of my room! Stay away from me!" she screamed and pushed past him.
She was running at full speed. The others, who were coming up the stairs to see what all the comotion was, were almost knocked over when she ran by. They all looked from her then to Archie and then back to where she had been.
" What was that all about?" Theresa asked.
" I don't know." Archie said, he could feel tears starting to form in his eyes.
Archie went back to his room. He tried to hold back his tears but he just couldn't. He had finally told her how he felt and she looked at him with such hatred. Such fear. ' Is she mad at me? What did I do?' he thought as tears freely fell down his face. What he had just experienced was way way worse than rejection. The girl he loved and was best friends with didn't even know him. She doesn't even know who she is. ' What's going on with her?' he thought as he layed back on his bed. The past few minutes replaying in his mind over and over. She hated him. He told he loved her and she hates him.


Atlanta ran. She ran past the park, past the school, she ran until she couldn't anymore. She leaned against a wall in an alley. She sank to the ground, tears poured down her cheeks. ' Who am I? Who were those people?' she thought as she continued ot cry.

What is wrong with Atlanta? Does she really hate Archie? Does this mean that she is leaving the team? What has Cronus done to the seven heroes to make this happen? Will Atlanta recover? What about the others? Read the next chapter t find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey!:) Hope you like this chapter. Pour Archie. he finally gets the courage to tell Atlanta how he feels and she doesn't even know who he is. What fate is in store for the others? You'll just have to wait and find out. Please R+R. Constructive cristism is also welcome. ^_^
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