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Herry and Odie's lives are going to change for the worse.

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Archie lay there his bed staring up at his ceiling. The recent events with Atlanta running non-stop through his mind. He turned over and looked at his clock. The flashing red numbers read 11:27. He sighed and sat up. He dicided to go downstairs and see if Atlanta was back. When he got downstairs the only person there was Jay. He was watching t.v. Archie walked over and took a seat beside his leader.
" What's on?" he asked.
" Not much." Jay replied.
" Is Atlanta back yet?" Archie asked.
" No not yet. Odie's trying to track her by her PMR right now. She's probably just mad about something." Jay said looking at his sad friend.
" She's been mad before but she's never acted like that. She told me she didn't know who I was. Then asked me who she was. There's something going on with her." he said leaning back against the couch.
" Well when Odie finally tracks her down we can ask her. The signal from her PMR is pretty weak. It must've hit something." Jay said, trying to comfort his friend.
" I'm going to talk a walk. Clear my head. See you later." he said as he got up and headed to the door.
" See you later." Jay replied.


Herry lay on his bed and tried to get some sleep. But he couldn't fall asleep knowing that he was turning into some sort of scaling freak! He got up and looked at himself in his mirror. The scales that were covering his hands were now spreading all over his body. Herry looked closley at his face. Scales were starting to form there too. As he was looking he saw something that was even weirder than having scales. The pupils in his eyes were now slits and instead of being brown they were a greenish yellow colour. e sighed and that's when things got even weirder. His tounge was forked! ' How can things possibly get worse?' he thought to himself. He turned around to head back to his bed when he tripped. He looked around to see what had tripped him and couldn't help but yell in shock and horror. Moments later there came a knock at his bedroom door.
" Herry, are you okay?" Jay asked.
" I'm turning into some kind of scaley freak! How do think I'm doing?!" he shouted in reply.
There was a moment of silence.
" Sorry. But I- I have a tail! This is starting to get freaky." Herry appolized.
" Well Chiron is trying to figure out what's doing this to you. When he finds out what it is then we'll work on getting a cure." Jay tried to comfort his friend.
" Thanks." Herry sighed as he flopped down on his bed.
He heard footsteps leading away from his door. He sighed once more as he tried to fall asleep.


Odie was pacing back and forth in his room. He was trying desperatly to figure out why he was turning invisable. He kept looking at his arms and watched as the invisability spread slowly over his body. As it spread he became colder. He kept thinking of what could've done this to him. He replayed everything that had happened in the past few days over and over in his head. Nothing seemed like the right answer to what had caused this. He wondered how his friend was doing. ' Poor Herry. I'm only turning invisable but he's turning into a scaley creature.' he thought remembering his friend's conditions. He thought some sleep might help. Odie was incredibly tired anyways. He fell back onto his bed and shut his eyes. He was almost asleep when he sat straight up. He let out a short cry. His hands felt like they were burning. He looked down at them and studied them intently. His examination of his limbs was interupted by a knock at the door.
" Odie are you okay." Jay's voice was filled with some concern.
" Yeah." his voice came out as a tiny squeak.
" Are you sure?" Jay asked, not quite believing his friends response.
" Yeah. I'm okay considering." he replied, his voice normal this time,
He heard Jay's footsteps heading away from his door and down the hall. Odie went back to studying his hands. He put one one his invisable hands on the other. It felt cold. But when his hands were seperated they felt hot. As he sat there he noticed that the cold was travelling up his arms and covering his entire body. He got up and looked in his mirror. The only part of him that wasn't invisable was his head. He watched in interest and horror as his face slowly disappeared into nothing. After fifteen minutes he was completely invisable. He thought that he should at least go tell Jay the bad news about his condition. When he was walking down the hall he passed by Neil. Since Odie was still wearing his clothes it looked like they were floating.
" Hey Neil." Odie said as they passed each other.
" Hey Odie... AHHHHHHHH!" Neil screamed as he noticed that Odie's clothes were floating.
They heard footsteps coming quickly up the stairs. It was Jay once again.
" What's going on? Are you okay?" Jay asked, concern in his voice once more.
" Odie's a ghost!" Neil yelled as he hid behind his leader.
" A ghost? Odie's not a ghost he... well he's invisable." Jay said looking at his teammate.
" Invisable?" Neil said with suspicion.
Neil walked over to Odie's floating clothes and jabbed him in the stomach.
" Hey! Watch it. That hurt." Odie said making Neil jump back.
Neil slowly retreated into his room and shut the door. Jay looked back at Odie.
" How are you holding up?" he asked sympathetically.
" I'm okay you know... considering." he replied.
" Want to go watch some t.v.? There's some movies on." Jay asked.
" Sure." Odie said.
The two firends walked downstairs and sat on the couch. They flipped back and forth between channels, looking for something good to watch. They found a somewhat interesting movie and decided to watch that.

Upstairs Herry was freaking out. He couldn't believe that this was happening to him. He looked at himself in the mirror again. He gazed in horror as he watched himself become completely scale covered. ' I like a giant lizard!' he thought very unhappily. He turned off his light and went over to his bed. He decided some sleep would do him good. He was silently praying that this was all a bad dream. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Will they ever find a cure for Odie and Herry? Will Atlanta come ever come back? Who will be next to fall victim to these unfortunet events? Read the next chapter to find out.

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