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Alone With No Way Out

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Theresa Life is going to get alot worse.

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Theresa had gone to the school to talk with Persephone the night before. There was way too much comotion at the brownstone. Persephone had been helping her try to remember what had caused all of this to happen. But Theresa couldn't remember. After a long night or restless sleeping Persephone thought it would be best for Theresa to go home and be with her friends. Theresa walked along the sidewalks thinking. She was just glad that she wasn't alone. She smiled at people who were passing by. She tried to think positive bu tone thought kept popping into her mind. ' What if they don't find a cure?' She tried to shake this thought from her mind. When she finally started to pay attention to where she was going she realized that she was completely lost. And even worse... she was all alone. She kept telling herself that she wasn't alone. It was one of the techniques Persephone had told her to use if was ever alone. So far it was woring. As soon as Theresa found her way back to a street she knew she started home once again. When she got there she expected to be asked a bunch of questions like ' Where were you?' or ' Do you know how worried we were?' But to her surprise and disapointment she was alone. The others had gone somewhere. Theresa tried not to panic. She turned on the t.v. and the radio to create the illusion that she wasn't alone. This time her technique didn't work. Theresa saw a shadow go across the stairwell. She turned around and ignored it. She then heard footsteps behind her and turned to see who or what was behind her. Nothing. She was still alone. No one was there trying to hurt her. Theresa breathed a sigh of relief. She decided to find out where everyone was She took out her PMR.
" Hello? Where are you guys?" she said into the small device.
" Ther-sa we -re at the sch-ol. Wh-re are y-u?" Jay's voice was distorted.
" Jay! I'm at the dorm." she said happy that she wouldn't be alone for long.
" Theres- be- caref------" the PMR went dead.
Theresa was now truely alone. She felt the presense of something else in the room. She turned around to face the same intruder as before.
" What do you want?!" she cried as it stepped closer.
" You!" it hissed. It's voice was as dry as death.
Theresa started to back away but ran into a wall. She searched frantically around for a weapon or a way out. The intruder dove at her and she shot to the side, making a narrow escape. She was heading for the and say the others just puled up in Herry's truck.
" Jay!" she called.
The intruder stood behind her and waved a hand towards the door. It slammed shut on Theresa. She was now stuck inside, alone, with that thing.
On the other side of the door Theresa could hear the shouts of her friends. But even Herry couldn't break down the door. Theresa knew she had to escape... and soon. She tried to run past the intruder but he caught her arm and pulled her around to face him.
" You will surender to me!" he hissed. His voice still as dry as death.
Theresa struggled to break free of his grip but his grip only got stronger. He lowered his face to her level and whispered once more.
" You will surrender to me!" his eyes now burned into hers.
She gave one more tug and broke free of his grasp. She turned and ran for the back room. She knew that there was a window in there she could climb out. When she the window she pulled it up only to have it slam down on her fingers. She ripped them away from the window sill. She turned to see the intruder grinner as if proud of his work. He moved closer to her now and she had no where to run. He grabbed her arms and lifted her up. He was floated and started to carry her up the stairs. Theresa struggled and squirmed despretly trying to break his grip. They were at the top of the stiars when she broke his grip. THis sent her flying down them. She landed at the bottom in a heap. She got up, not wanting to give him any kind of advantage, and got ready to fight him. He was using some sort of magic but that didn't stop Theresa. If she was going down here and now she would be going with a fight. She dove to attack him for once but he floated to the side adn she missed. As she turned around he hand shot out to her throat and he pushed her against the wall.
" Cronus has made it very clear for me to deal with you. And I will not fail." he hissed at her.
Theresa desperetly searched for something to use as a weapon. There was a picture hanging above her. She reached up with both hands and slammed it down on the intruders head. This made him losen his grip and she stumbled away. She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen looking for a more useful weapon. She heard his laughter getting closer and closer. When she felt his presense behind her she spun around. She ran past him and into the living room. He turned around but stayed in place, an evil grin spread across his gray face. He held his hands out and then slowly lifted them. Theresa looked behind him to see what he was doing. She realized that he was using magic to control items to launch at her. She noticed the cutlary floating beside him and she dove behind the couch. No use. They went through it! She stood up and ran for teh door once more. As she ran she was hit by the flying knives and forks. One caught her arm, another her leg, one her shoulder, another her ankle, one her hand. She fell to the ground adn realized she was bleeding a lot. She stood up in one final attempt to win. But she didn't get very far before she was hit one final time. A knife sliced through her left side. She let out a scream of pain then colapsed to the ground. She knew this was the end. She tried to keep consious as long as she could. But everything was slowly fading to black. SHe heard the door crash in and her friends calls. She saw feet heading towards her. Then voices talking to her.
" Theresa? Theresa! Stay awake. we'll get you to Chiron. Just don't give up. Keep fighting." the voice belnged to Jay.
" Cronus. It was Cronus." she whispered, each word caused her pain.
" What?" he asked as Herry lifted up her bleeding body.
" It was Cronus." those were her last words before everything went dark.
They put her body in the back of Herry's truck and drove as fast as they could to the school. They hurridely but gently rushed her to Chiron's office. They were asked to wait outside while he tried to save her. Herry and Odie were sitting with their heads lowered. Herry was crying softly but Odie well it was hard to tell since he was invisable. Neil was even too sad to look in his mirror he set it down beside him as tears formed in his eyes. Jay sat with his head in his hands. Tears streamed from his eyes as the image of her body burned in his mind. ' This is all my fault! I was supposed to stay with her. I was supposed to keep her safe. I promised I would. Because I broke that promise she might die.' These thoughts caused more tears to flow. Then he remembered what she had said before she fell unconsious. ' She said it was Cronus.' This made Jay stand up. He was now determined to find Cronus and make him pay. He started to walk down the hall to the library when Neil stopped him.
" Where are you going? Chiron siad for us to wait here." Neil spoke through tears.
Jay didn't answer him. He just pushed by him and kept walking. He only had two things on his mind. One: find a cure for Theresa, Atlanta, Herry adn Odie. Two: find Cronus and make him pay for waht he's done.

Cronus stood looking through his spying pool. He was laughing uncontrollably at the sigth of Jay's pain.
" Well Jay, let's see you fix this. You'll never find the cure and if you do it will be too late to save your pathetic friends." he laughed again.
Across the pool was the same creature that had attacked Theresa. He was laughing as well.

Will Jay find the cure in time? Does Cronus have another plan to launch on the unsuspecting heroes? Will Theresa live? Red the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked this chapter. For those who are wondering there will be plenty of A/A and J/T starting in the next few chapters. Please R+R. ^_^
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