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Please Remember

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Archie tries to help Atlanta remember who she is.

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Archie had been out all night looking for Atlanta. He was really worried that she didn't go back to the brownstone yet. He had walke dnearly across town twice before he spotted a girl sitting in the park crying. It was Atlanta. Archie started to jog over to her eager to see that she was okay. But he stopped halfway there remembering what she had said to him before. He decided it was best to approach her slowly. He was standing beside her when she noticed she wasn't alone in the park anymore.
" Hi. Remember me? I'm Archie." Archie said smiling a little.
Atlanta didn't reply but she lookedat him to show that she was listening.
" Can I sit down?" he asked.
Again no reply but she nodded to signify it was okay.
" I was worried about you. Why'd you run away?" he asked, not wanting to give her the chance to run away again.
She thought for a minute then replied.
" Who am I?" she asked finally.
" Your Atlanta. Your part of a team of seven who ahve been chosen by the gods to save the world. And more importantly your my best friend." Archie answered, his eyes not leaving her gaze.
" What? Save the world? From who? Why me? Isn't that something the police should take care of?" she asked, panic rising in her voice.
" You've been chosen to save the world from an evil god named Cronus. And the police really wouldn't be able to handle it." he said.
" But why me? What makes me so special?" she asked, lowering her gaze.
" You're the decendant of an ancient greek hunter Atalanta. Her blood runs through your veins. You're a natural hero." Archie told her, placing his hand on hers.
" This is all to crazy. I would remember something like that." she replied, tearing her hand away from his.
" Cronus did something to you that made you forget everything. I wish I knew how to make you remember..." he trailed off thinking for a moment.
" Your PMR! It has pictures of you with our friends. That's how you can remember." he said excitedly.
" My what?" she asked completely confused.
" Your PMR. It's a walkie talkie Odie made. He's one of your friends too," he said as he took her PMR from her pocket, " See. These are all pictures you took. There's you and me. There's you and Theresa. And there's everyone else. Herry, Odie, Neil and Jay."
Atlanta took the PMR from his hands and looked at the pictures. There was no denying that she was in them. She just couldn't remember.
" If they're my friends too then why are you the only one you came looking for me Archie?" she asked looking back to him.
" Well they have other problems too. And they're looking for a cure. Come on. We'll go see them." he said, standing up and reaching out a hand.
Atlanta hesitated. ' Can I trust him?' she thought.
" Come on. Do you trust me?" he asked, smirking.
Just then something in Atlanta's mind told her she could trust him. Suddenly he seemed familiar.
" Okay. But where are we going?" she said as she grabbed his hand with hers.
Archie suddenly felt more happy than he'd ever felt before. She DID remember him! He started to pull her towards the school, which was only a few blocks away. When they arrived at the janitors closet Atlanta hesitated.
" A janitors closet?" she asked pulling back.
" Open it." Archie urged.
Atlanta tried to open it with no luck.
" No. Use your necklace. You always keep it in your right pocket." Archie said as she backed away from the door.
" Okay..." she replied uneasily.
She placed her necklace into the spot on the door and it opened. Atlanta looked a little surprised.
" Come on." he said pulling her inside.
He pulled the chain on the ceiling and Atlanta spun around as she heard the door shut.
" What's happening?" she asked, panic in her voice.
" Look." Archie said, turning her around.
The room was flodded with a blue light as a doorway materialized before them. Atlanta looked with awe.
" Wow." was all she could say.
" Come on the others will probably be inside." he said as he pulled her through the blue light.
They walked hand in hand down the halls of the gods secret hideout while Archie told Atlanta all the things they had done since they met. The monsters they had defeated. Their arguments. The prophesy. Cronus. Everything. Except how he really felt about her. He didn't want a repeat of the other night. They were walking in silence when Jay's voice rang out.
" Archie! Atlanta! Where have you two been. I called you an hour ago! Didn't you get my messege? Theresa is hurt. Odie's invisable and Herry is turning into a some sort of lizard creature!" Jay was furious but not at them at Cronus. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Atlanta hid behind Archie. She had no idea who this guy was yelling at her. And she had a feeling she didn't want to find out.
" I was out looking for Atlanta. Just because you're mad about Cronus and Theresa getting hurt don't take it out on us! I'm sorry she's hurt and Cronus makes me made too. But in situations like this you need a little thing called self control." Archie was almost as mad as Jay now.
The two got into an arguement. It was interupted by Chiron.
" Ahem!" he said loud enough to be heard over the two.
" What?!" they both cried, anger still pulsed through them.
" If you two are done fighting you can go see Theresa now. She will live but right now she is very weak." Chiron said, ignoring their rude attitudes.
Jay took off down the hall towards Chiron's room. Archie and Atlanta followed behind Chiron. They were only allowed in to see her one at a time. The others had already gone into see her and Jay was coming out when they arrived. Since Atlanta still didn't remember anything, her and Archie were allowed in at the same time. They walked over to where she was laying. She looked pretty beat up. As they got closer Atlanta's grip on Archie's arm got tighter. When they were right beside Theresa, Atlanta looked down at her then let out a small cry. She then ran out of the room. Archie chased after her. The other four didn't even try to stop them.
Archie caught up with Atlanta in the parking lot.
" Atlanta wait!" Archie called after her.
She stopped at the sidewalk and turned to him. Tears poured down her cheeks.
" You have the wrong person. This is all too crazy for me! I don't remember anything you've told happened. I don't know who any of those people are! And I definetly don't want to end up like that girl!" she shrieked at him.
" Atlanta you won't end up like Theresa. You have to remember who you are. Please remember." he said, tears starting to form in his eyes.
" I'm sorry but I can't deal with this. find yourself someone else to help you save the world." she said before she turned and ran in the opposite direction of the school and Archie.
Archie was left there on the sidewalk helpless. ' But she has to remember...' he thought sadly as he watched her disappear. Clouds had formed above the city and it was starting to rain. Archie didn't care. To him nothing mattered anymore. The girl he loved was gone and he couldn't do anything to stop it. He took out his PMR and looked at the pictures while the rain beat down. As Archie looked at the picture of Atlanta he knew that there were only two things that mattered to him now. Finding a cure to make her remember and getting Cronus.


Cronus stood once again looking into his spying pool. He couldn't help but laugh at the pain and misery of the seven young heroes.
" Little do they know that if they don't find the cure within the next fifty hours the cure will be useless and the effects will be permanant." Cronus let out another long laugh.

Will Atlanta come back? Will Theresa recover? Will they find the cure in time? What else could go wrong for the heroes? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked this chapter. Poor Archie and Jay. Well things may work out but then again they may not. WHo's to say. Please R+R and constructive critism is welcome too. ^_^
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