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Refused Help

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Herry and Odie refuse the 'help' that they are offered. Will things ever get back to normal?

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Herry, Odie and Neil were still sitting in th ehall outside Chiron's office when a drenched Archie walked by. He had the glow of determintation in his eyes. He went to the library where he found his equally determined leader, Jay. Neither of them spoke because they were they for one reason. To find a cure. They would worry about Cronus later. The two furiously flipped through book after book looking fo rthe answers they seeked. THe sound of the library door being opened caught their attenion fo rmere seconds. Once they saw it was only Herry, Odie and Neil they went back to their task at hand.
" What are you guys doing?" Neil asked as he took a seat at the table where Jay had books scattered.
" Looking for a cure. If you're not going to help go away." Archie answered from another book covered table.
Neil was about to say something to Archie but a look from Herry stopped him.
" I'm going back to the dorm to get my laptop. Maybe I can find a cure on there." Odie said breaking the tension filled silence.
" I'll go to. Anything to get away from those two." Neil whispered the last part.
Neil and Odie left. It was a strange sight to see. A model walking out the door with a pair of floating clothes. Herry decided to go for a walk an dstop to see how Theresa was doing. He didn't say anything he just left. Archie and Jay didn't notice. They were way too focused.
Herry walked down the empty halls aimlessly. Soon he arrived at Chiron's door and knocked. Chiron opened it and looked down at the mutated boy.
" How's she doing?" Herry asked.
" She's still unconsious but she's doing better than before." Chiron replied.
Herry nodded and said goodbye. He continued to walk until he found himself back at the library.
" May as well see what those two are up to now." Herry muttered as he opened the doors to the library.
When he walked in he was surprised to see that Jay and Archie had stopped rifeling through books and were talking to Hera. They stopped talking when they noticed Herry was in the room.
" Herry, I have something to tell you." Hera said stepping forward.
" What is it?" Herry asked suspiciously.
" We are going to have to keep you in a high security quarantine until we find a cure." she replied looking at the suspicious boy before her.
" What?!" Herry asked, outrage and anger in his voice.
" It's for the best Herry." Jay said stepping up beside Hera.
" So you want to keep me caged up like some kind of monster?" he asked backing away.
" You are a monster in case you didn't notice." Archie said rudely, his sorrow from what had happened with Atlanta had turned to anger.
" Just in case you're contagious. We don't want anyone else to catch whatever you have." Jay said.
" We're only trying to help and do what's best for everyone." Hera added.
" Thanks but I don't think I want your help." Herry said as he continued ot back away.
" Herry it's for the best." Hera said sternly.
" Maybe what's best is if I leave." Herry replied before running out of the room.
He didn't dare look behind him. He just ran. He ran past Chiron's office, past Persephone's solarium, through the portal, out of the school and down the road. Herry didn't care where he went, he just knew he didn't want to be at the school with them. He didn't stop running until he reached the piers. That's where he stopped for a break. He noticed his PMR was blinking. They were tracing him. He picked it up and threw it as far as he could.
" Let's see them find me now." he muttered bitterly.
He continued to walk along the peirs until he found a road leading to the outside of town. He reached a hill by the time the sun was setting. Herry looked back at the town he had once called home. He knew he couldn't go back without becoming a freak in a cage that Jay and the others, his so called friends, could run tests on. He turned away and wiped a tear from his eye.
" It's for the best." he said before he disappeared into a forest that streched on for miles.


Odie and Neil had arrived at the school just after Herry had left. They were wondering what all the comotion was about. THey had heard shouting but didn't see Herry leave. Jay explained to them what had happend when they reached the library.
" Odie I'm afraid we have to put you in a high security quarantine like we were going to put Herry in. We'll run tests and try to find the cure. And this way you won't infect anyone else." Hera said after Jay had finished his explaination.
" So you want to use me as your lab rat? Well thanks but no thanks. I can see why Herry left." Odie said as he backed away much like Herry did.
" Odie come on. We need someone to run tests on." Archie said.
" What about Theresa? She's unconsious. What'll she care if you run a miilion tests on her." Odi ereplied as he reached for the door handle.
" She could die. Chiron is still trying to wake her up." Jay said, sorrow in his voice.
" Well I don't want to be your test subject. I'm out of here." Odie said as he flew through the door and blocked it on the other side.
He was going to make sure they didn't use him as a test subject. He walked out of the school and down the road. He had left his PMR at the dorm so they wouldn't be able to track him. Soon he found himself at the peirs and noticed a PMR on the ground. Odie walked over and picked it up. It was slightly damaged.
" This must be Herry's." he said out loud to no one in particular.
He sat down on the cement ground and took it apart. Odie disabled the tracking device so he could keep it with him an dnot be tracked. With that accomplished he stood up and started to walk to no where in particular. He stopped when he noticed his clothes were turning invisable too.
He found a place to sleep for the night. He set the PMR down beside him and watched as it faded in and out with his touch.
" I guess this is what Jay meant by infecting others." Odie said under his breathe.
Odie tried to get comfotably which is hard on wet ground bu the managed. he didn't fall asleep too easy. Images from the last couple days flashed through his mind. Then he fell asleep.

Herry had also found somewhere to sleep. He had found a huge tree with dry ground underneath so he decided to sleep there. He layed down and looked up at the stars. He felt betrayed by Jay and Hera. They were supposed to be his friends. But instead they wanted to bage him up and use him as a test subject. ' How could they?' he thought as his eyelids flickered closed. Then he too fell asleep.
Herry woke up the next morning to the sun filtering through the leaves above him. It was an amazing sight. Herry was enjoying this nice, peaceful moment when reality hit him like a truck. He remembered why he was out in the woods. He sat up and thought for a while. After much thought Herry decided that he couldn't just run away. He chose to help save the world. And that meant dealing with everything. Even being turned into a freakish reptile creature. He decided that he kind of owed it to the others to help find a cure. And they were his friends. They wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Herry made up his mind. He was going to go back to the school. He couldn't just leave. Not like this. So Herry got up and headed back towards the school. If took him about half an hour to walk there. The entire tim ehe thought about turning back and disappearing forever. But he still continued. Each step bringing him closer to the school. He stopped at the school's side entrance and thought. ' Should I go in or should I turn and run?'

Odie awoke to the sunlight reflecting off the water. He had chosen to sleep near the peirs. Why? He wasn't quite sure. He sat up and stuffed the PMR into his invisable pocket. He got up and thought about the day before. ' Maybe I was too harsh. Maybe I should've stayed and let them run tests on me. If it's to help find a cure...' he let his thoughts trail. Finally he decided to go back to the school. He arrived at the janitor's door and had his necklace key ready. Odie was just about to open the door when he stopped. ' Is this the right decision?'

Will Odie and Herry return? Or will they turn and run? Will Theresa be okay? What plan does Cronus have lined up for the young heroes? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked that chapter. Everything is falling apart... Will there be a happy ending? Who's to say. Maybe yes and maybe no. Anyways... please rate and review. Constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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