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Disbanded Team

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Everything is falling apart.

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Over night everyone had gone back to the dorm for some rest. Everyone except for Jay that is. He chose to stay by Theresa's side and make sure she's okay. Although halfway through the night he had fallen asleep. Theresa had been stirring in her unconsious state for the last couple hours. She was having horrendous nightmares. By morning Jay was up and talking to Chiron. Theresa's condition was improving. Suddenly her eyes shot open and she sat up, letting out a loud, high pitched scream. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Jay and Chiron rushed over to see what was wrong. When they got there Theresa fell into Jay's arms and cried. After ten minutes, when she had finally calmed down, she didn't say why she screamed or started crying. She just sat there. In her mind Theresa was debating with herself. Jay and Chiron left to go speak with Hera and tell her the good news. Jay was heading to the library when he heard Odie's voice from behind him.
" Jay, can we talk?" he asked.
" Odie, you came back." Jay said turning around to be met with nothing, " Odie?"
" Oh, I'm completely invisable now. I just came back to say goodbye. I'm leaving." Odie, fromthe sound of his voice Jay kew there was no arguing with him.
" Why? We need you Odie." Jay said.
" Everything is just too weird. I'm going to try and find a cure on my own. If I find one I'll tell you." Odie said.
" Odie..." Jay started but was cut off.
" Jay don't try and change my mind. It's made up. I'm leaving. Here." Odie said as Jay heard something click on the ground.
Slowly a PMR and Odie's medallion appeared.
" Bye." with that Jay heard footsteps fading.
Jay went into the library and saw Archie there looking through more books. Jay sat down and thought. ' Everything is falling apart.'
" What's with you?" Archie asked, seeing his leaders sad expression.
" Odie quit." Jay said.
" What!? Why?" Archie asked, putting down the book he had in his hands.
" He said everything was too weird and he was going to search for a cure on his own." Jay said.
" Well that leaves five of us." Archie said sollenly.
" Five?" Jay asked a little confused.
" Atlanta's gone too." Archie said, fighting back the urge to cry.
" Oh." Jay said, looking down.
" Yeah." Archie said.
The two started to look through more books. This time their determination was even greater. They had to find a cure if they wanted to get their team back together.
Their endless search was interupted by a knock at the door.
" This is a library who would knock?" Archie asked, walking to the large doors.
He opened one of the doors and heard it his something. It was one of their medallions and it had a note on it. Archie read the note with great sadness. He slowly closed the door and returned to where he was sitting. He dropped the note and medallion on the table. Jay picked it up and looked at it. The note read:

I'm leaving the team. Everyting is too complicated and I don't want to become a test subject. THIS is for the best. I hope everything works out for the rest of you. Don't come after me. You won't find me.
Your Friend, Herry

Jay took the note off the madallion and set it on the table. He reached into his pocket and pulled out Odie's. He set it beside Herry's. Archie took out Atlanta's and set it down beside them.
" I guess now there's four." Jay sighed.
Archie didn't make any comments. He just stared down at Atlanta's medallion. A feeling of sorrow and guilt washed over the two. Their thoughts were interupted by the library door opening. Chiron stepped in and looked at the two sad boys.
" Theresa wants to see you Jay." he said.
" Thanks." Jay replied standing up.
He walked to Chiron's office with a small fear growing inside of him. Jay open the door to Chiron's office to find that Theresa was standing and walking around.
" Hi." Jay said as he closed the door.
" Hi." Theresa replied, her voice was quiet.
Jay looked incredibly sad. But anyone would if they lost three friends in a matter of minutes.
" What's wrong." Theresa asked limping over to where Jay was standing.
" Odie, Herry and Atlanta quit." Jay said, part of him wanted to break down and cry because as he spoke those words it finally sank in. They're gone and they're not comin gback.
" Oh...." Theresa trailed off.
Jay's head snapped up and he looked at her. His small fear was now enormous.
" Not you too Theresa." he said.
" I'm sorry Jay. But this is way too much. Everything with Cronus, now what's happening to the team. It's all so crazy. I just want things to go back to normal." she said, tears forming in her eyes.
" Theresa, please don't..." Jay pleaded with her.
She took his hand and opened it. Then she placed something in it and closed it. Theresa then hugged Jay and kissed him on the cheek.
" I'm sorry." she whispered before pulling out of their hug.
She then left the room and him. Jay stood there. He couldn't believe it. Everythin gwas falling apart. He could do nothing to stop it. 'Cronus has finally won.' Jay thought as he looked at Theresa's medallion that lay in his hand. ' He actually won.'

Has Cronus won? Is this the end of the heroes? Is the prophesy broken? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Awww it's so sad. sniffles poor Jay. I cried a little when I was writing this. I hope you liked it. Please R+R. Constructive critism is also welcome. There will be plenty of A/A J/T to come.^_^
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