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The Cure

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Dionysus has found a break through with the cure. Will it be what they need to save their team?

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Jay desperetly fought of the urge to quit himself. He knew he couldn't. But with everything falling apart all around him and him helpless to stop it, this was a hard task to accomplish. Jay closed his hand around Theresa's pendant and walked back to the library. He stopped outside the doors and dried a tear that had fallen down his cheek. He walked in and sat across from Archie.
" What'd Theresa want?" Archie asked, sympathy in his voice.
Jay didn't answer. He just placed the medallion on the table with the others.
" She quit to?" Archie asked.
" Yeah. Now there's three." Jay said, sighing.
" Well all the more reason for us to find that cure and fast." Archie said trying to cheer Jay up. He knew how much Jay liked Theresa.
Jay forced a small smile at Archie. Then they got back to flipping through books. There was about an hour and a half of silence between the two, when Neil came in.
" Hey. Where is everyone?" he asked as he walked in.
Jay and Archie shot him angry glares.
" What?" he asked.
Then he looked at the table and saw the other medallions. Then he realized what he had said wrong. Neil felt sad. He really liked his teammates. His thoughts were interupted.
" Are you going to help us look for a cure or just stand there staring at the table?" Archie's sarcastic comment was loud in the hollow library.
Neil went over and picked up a book. With his luck they might actually find the cure. Neil opened it and started to read. The three were lost in the words of their books and didn't hear Hermes call from the other side of the door. Suddenly, after gettin gfed up of waiting, Hermes went into the library.
" Hello? Didn't you hear me? Dionysus wants to see you." Hermes said.
" Why?" Jay asked, looking at the messenger.
" Something about the cure." Hermes said.
This had their attention. Jay and Archie got up and left. Neil was still lost in the book. Archie looked back into the library.
" Neil! Are you coming?" he asked.
Neil dropped the book he was holding and his mirror fell to the ground. Archie sighed. ' Can't he ever stop looking at himself?' he thought as he followed Jay.
They came to Dionysus' lab. They were about to open the door when they heard a loud bang. Jay opened the door and they rushed inside. Dionysus was covered in a green goo-like substance and he was writing something down.
" Dionysus are you okay?" Jay asked.
" Oh yes. Just experementing with what I've found." he replied, still writing.
" What have you found?" Archie asked, impatiently.
" Well I've found out what kind of poison it is." Dionysus replied, he had finished writing and was now facing the three young heroes.
" And..." Neil said, looking in his mirror once more.
" I know what the cure is!" he said proudly.
" Really? What?" Jay and Archie asked simotaniously.
" Well I don't know what it is exactly. Well I do but..." he trailed off and seemed to be thinking.
Archie sighed with impatience. He really wwanted to get the cure and have their team back together. Especially Atlanta.
" Do you know what it is?" Jay asked the mumbling Dionysus.
" Well I know where you can find it and what it looks it. What it is exactly I don't know yet." he replied after much thought.
" Where is it?" Archie asked, impatience and excitement in his voice.
" It's on Illusion Island." Dionysus replied.
" Where?" Neil asked, putting away his mirror.
" Illusion Island. That's where your little boating trip ended up isn't it?" Dionysus answered.
" I think so." Jay said.
" Well the poison in their system is rare and only found on that island. Convenietly also where the cure is found." Dionysus said as he pulled a book off a shell.
" Well what poisoned them?" Archie asked.
" A very powerful scorpion venom but it's not regular venom. This particular poison is ancient and it contains the power to affect even the strongest of gods." Doinysus explained as he looked through the book.
" What does it look like?" Jay asked walking over to him.
" Like this!" Dionysus exclaimed, pointing to an image in the book.
" It's... a feather?" Jay was confused.
" It's the feather of a pheonix. They have the ability to cure anything." Dionysus said.
" So we just have to bring back some bird feathers? Tha's all? It sounds easy enough." Neil said.
" Well that's not all. The cure consists of three ingredients. One, the feathers, two the claws of a griffin and three a flower on the island called the flower of life. The griffin's claws I can get form Hermes but the others you'll have to get." Dioysus listed off, searching for something in his mess of a room.
" Okay. Let's go find that cure." Neil said heading for the door.
" You're not going Neil." Jay said making his friend stop.
" Why?" Neil asked.
" Because you're going to search for the others and bring them back here," he replied. " Archie and me are going to find the cure ingredients."
" But won't you nedd my luck to find them faster?" Neil asked, proud of his attribute.
" Yes but we need it more to bring the others back. They quit and they seemed pretty conviced that they weren't coming back." Jay explained.
" Okay," Neil turned to leave once agian then stopped, " Where are they?"
" You have to go find them." Archie sighed.
" Oh and one more thing." Dionysus said.
" What's that?" Jay asked.
" You have to hurry because after a certain amount of time the effects of the poison are permenant. If not treated." he replied.
" Great. No pressure." Archie said sarcastically.
" How much time do we have?" Jay asked.
" Thirty six hours." was his answer.
" Okay, let's go." he said.
Jay gathered the nescesary equipment for their trip and Archie gathered some weapons. They met in Hermes office.
" So you're sure you can get us there?" Archie asked.
" Yes. Just remember to call me when you want to come back." he replied as he opened the portal.
" Good luck." Neil said as they prepared to enter the portal.
" Thanks." Jay said.
With that the two heroes were gone.

Will Jay and Archie find the cure? If they do will they be too late? Will Neil find the others? More importatnly will he be able to convince them to come back? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked that chapter. Sorry if it was kind of short. But they will get longer. Yay! Some luck. Things look like they may be turning around for the heroes. but then again there may be more twists in store for them. Please rate and review. constructive critism is also welcome.^_^
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