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The Search

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Jay and Archie go to find cure. Neil tries to find their mssing teammates.

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Jay and Archie found themselves on a beach when they exited the portal. They looked around to make sure it was the right place. It looked like it. They took out their weapons and the list of ingredients.
" So we're looking for what exactly?" Archie asked as Jay studied the list.
" Pheonix feathers and flowers of life. Dionysus said he could get griffens claws from Hermes." Jay replied.
" Where do we start looking?" Archie asked.
" Well the Pheonix's nest only at the top of that mountain," Jay said pointing to a large rock formation, " and the flowers grow in a vally on the other end of the island."
" It'll be easier to split the job. I'll look for one ingredient and you take the other." Archie said rippig the list in two.
" Which do you want?" Jay asked.
" I'll take the Pheonix feather's." he replied, handing Jay the piece of the list with the flower's name and picture on it.
" Okay. If you need help use your PMR. Good luck." Jay said as he turned to leave.
" Okay. I guess we'll meet back here. Good luck." Archie said as he took off.
The two took their seperate ways to find the needed ingredients in time.


Cronus was watching this through his spying pool. He frowned. He needed an idea. One that would ensure the two boys failed. Then he smiled.
" It will be hard for them to get those ingredients if they're preoccupied with my giants. Being alone on an island with no help, this should be fun to watch." he laughed.
Then he called in his giants and turned them into bugger, uglier and more aggressive beasts.
" Let's see you save your friends now Jay." he laughed as he sent his newest creations out to the island.


Neil was still at the school after Jay and Archie had left. And of ourse he was looking in his mirror. He was sitting in the library when Hermes flew by.
" Neil? What are you still doing here? I thought you went to find the others?" Hermes' voice was shrill and high, more so than normal.
" I don't know where to start looking. And I always get inspired when I see myself." Neil replied, carefully studying himself in his mirror.
" Have you tried your dorm? Won't they need clothes and food?" Hermes said.
" Right. I'll go look at the dorm." Neil said, putting away his mirror and standing up.
With that Neil left to the dorm. Since he was the only one there he had to walk back. It took him about twenty minutes, he had to stop every couple of seconds and check his reflection. But when he finally did arrive at the dorm he found it empty. No one was there. He sat down on the couch, only to jump back up again.
" Owww!" he yelled as he sat on something.
He looked down.
" My PMR! I'll se if they have theirs on." Neil exclaimed happily.
He pressed the buttons and got the GPS function to work. Theresa adn Atlanta still had theirs on. Neil would find them! He was excited. He left and went off to bring back the first of the missing four.


Jay used his xiphos to slash through the froests thick bushes. It was wearing him out slowly but it was the easiest way to travel fast. He came to a sign that read: trespassers will not be tolerated. Jay thought about turning back but quickly decided against it. There was no way he was turning back now. He wasn't going to let his team down... not again. As he continued to walk he started to wonder who had put the sign up. Little did he know his answer was waiting and watching. Jay was soon at the top of the valley after three hours of cutting through vines, bushes, tree limbs, and odd plants. He also had to run away from a few territorial animals. But he had made. Now the only trouble was getting down into the valley. Jay looked around. THe only way in way down, traight down. The valley was surrounded by cliffs.
" This makes things a little more complicated." Jay muttered to himself.
He opened his bag, remembering the supplies he had gathered and took out some climbing equipment. He set it up and started his descent down the cliff side. He was about thirty feet down when he looked up to see a creature grinning down at him. 'Cronus.' he thought. Then he saw the creature start to rip the rope out of the ground. Jay started to descend a lot faster. There was a ledge about fourty feet below him. If he could get there before... too late. The creature had ripped the rope out of the ground and Jay was now falling. It wasn't enough that he was falling... fast, but he also hit many sharp rocks n the way down. He hit the ledge and everything went black.


Archie was faced with many climbing hills, cutting through or climbing over fallen trees, cutting through vines, avoiding vicious animals and random holes in the ground. After about four hours of going through that he was at the mountais base. He looked up.
" That's a long way up," he said, " guess I'd better start now, before the sun sets."
With that Archie took out his climbing supplies and set up. Since he was climbing up he had no rope. He had to use picks. He stabing the first one into the mountain and started his ascent. About twenty feet up the was a ledge. He looked out at the horizon. The sun was still out so he decided to go up and stop for the night on the next ledge. Archie was no more than ten feet up the next section when a flying crature attacked him. It was large and grey. It's eyes glowed red. The creature kind of resembled one of those ancient gargoyles you see in movies. Only this one was real. Archie thought it was just an illusion. Well he did until it came swooping down at him and cut arm. Archie lost his grip and almost fell. But he managed to grab a nearby rock for support. Then he started to move up mountain side again. He would stop and press himself against the rocks everytime he saw the creature. He was about halfway up the ledge when the sun disappeared below the horizon.
" Great." he muttered sarcastically.
It was even harder for im to climb now. He slipped every now and then but luckily didn't fall. ' Looks like some of Neil's luck rubbed off on me.' he thought as he reached the top. As he climbed onto the ledge he noticed he wasn't alone. Archie looked up to see that the gargoyle creature wa there, waiting for him. It seemed to grin at him. Archie slid a foot back but only to pull it forward again. He looked behind him.
" This isn't good." he said as debated with himself what to do.
He didn't have much time to think because the creature had lunged forward, sending him over the edge.

Will Jay be alright? Did Archie fall off the mountain? Will they get the ingredients? Will Jay and Archie return in time to save their friends? Will Neil convince the others to return? What other tricks does Cronus have to delay the two heroes? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: I hope you liked this chapter. Stupid Cronus! Oh well he get his someday. Maybe in this story. Please R+R. Constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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