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Drawn Together

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The heroes luck is starting to change.

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Neil didn't feel like walking again so he took Herry's truck. He knew that Herry would flip when he found out, but it was the fastest way to get them before time ran out. Neil travelled the streets of New Olympia, following the GPS funcion on his PMR. He had to go all the way across town to find them. But in Herry's truck it only took him minutes. Soon he was near someone and now needed to find out exactly where they were. Neil put away his PMR and parked Herry's truck on the side of the road. He got out and searched around. It wasn't long until he had found someone.
" Theresa!" Neil shouted, with excitement and worry.
She didn't answer. He rushed over to her collapsed body. She had huge bruises and deep gashes all over her body. He felt for a pulse. There was one but it was weak. Neil picked her up and carried her over to Herry's truck. He opened the door with some difficulty because he had a body in his arms but eventually he had it opened and layed Theresa down in the back. There was a blanket covering the seat sp Neil knew that Herry wouldn't get mad at him for getting blood on the interior. Neil hopped into the drivers seat and started the truck. Then he pulled out from the side of the road and headed back to the school.
What Neil didn't know was that Herry had been watching from across the street. He was filled with anger and worry. He had seen THeresa and was going over to help her when Neil showed up. So, he stayed in the shadows. Once Neil had left Herry started towards the school. He wanted to know if Theresa was going to be okay. He took almost every shortcut in the city and arrived at the school just after Neil had. He walked to the janitors closet and reached for his medallion. Then he remembered he didn't have one. Tears filled his eyes but he quickly wiped them away. He banged his huge fists on the door hoping that someone would hear him. Suddenly it opened and Herry stopped his fists right in front of Neil's face. Neil stood there frozen for a minute. Then he came back to reality. First he was filled with joy.
" Herry!" he cried as loud as he could.
Then he was filled with fear. He had driven Herry's truck. No one ever drove his truck but him. Herry watched as Neils expression changed. Then Herry smiled.
" I know you drove my truck. It's okay. I saw you helping Theresa. Just don't do it again." Herry said.
Neil held out the keys to his truck and Herry took them. Neil also had Herry's medallion and gave that back to him.
" Thanks," he paused, " How's Theresa doing?"
" I don't know. Chiron is still looking at her wounds." Neil replied as they started to walk down the hall.
" Where are Jay and Archie?" Herry asked, expecting them to come around the corner any second.
" They went to get the ingredients for the cure and I'm supposed to get you, Theresa, Odie and Atlanta and bring you back here." Neil replied as they reached Herry's truck and got in.
" Well you already have me and Theresa. Who's next?" Herry asked as they pulled out of the school's parking lot.
" Well Atlanta will probably be easier. But we may have to restrain her. She might try to run for it." Neil said.
Then they saw Atlanta sitting in a park. They stopped the truck and got out.
" Do you have any rope?" Herry asked.
Neil looked in the back of the truck and pulled out some unbreakable rope.
The two walked over to Atlanta, hiding the rope.
" Atlanta. You need to come with us." Neil said.
" No way." Atlanta replied as she back away.
Herry Neil looked at each other, then back to her. Herry grabbed her arms while Neil tied her up. They acted too fast for her to stop them. Soon they had her tied and were putting her in the truck. They arrived at the school shortly arfter and took Atlanta to Chirons office. They had to tie her to a chair so she wouldn't run for it. Then they left once more to find Odie. When they opened the janitors door to leave something blocked their path. Something they couldn't see.
" Odie?" Herry asked.
" Herry? What are you doing here?" Odie asked.
" We were just going to find you. Jay and Archie went to get the ingredients for the cure." Herry said.
" That's great. I saw you guys bringing Atlanta back. How did you guys tie her up?" Odie asked, slightly laughing at the scene.
" We surprised her." Neil answered.
The three went into the janitors closet and entered the gods and godesses secret hideout. Now with all the members of the team together again everyting looked bright. They went to Chiron's office and talked to him about Theresa.


Jay's vision slowly returned and everything was dark. Then he remembered where he was and what he was doing there. He tried to get up but pain shot through his body. So slowly he managed to stand up. Then he looked around. He was on the ledge that was about halfway up the cliff. Jay knew he had to get to the bottom but his climbing equipment had been destroyed when he was attacked by that creature. Jay decided the easiest way down was to climb, even without any equipment. So Jay started once more on his way down the cliff. It took him about three hours to reach the bottom. He set foot on the ground and slid down the cliff's wall. He sat there for a minute thinking. Then he remembered he was on a time limit and checked the time. He hoped he wasn't unconsious for too long. He sighed with relief when he still had about 24 hours. So he got up and started to walk through the valley, hoping he would find the flower of life.


Archie looked up to see the creature circling about him. Luckily when he had gone over the edge, he was holding his climbing equipment. He had dug one of the picks into the mountain side. So he didn't fall to far. Archie started to climb again. This time when he reached the ledge, he was the only one on it. He started to climb up the next ledge. He was about three quaters of teh way up and didn't want to stop now. So he reached the next ledge and kept going. Determination burned through him. He wasn't going to let his friends down.

Will Archie and Jay return in time with the ingredients? Will Theresa be okay? Will Atlanta escape? What dirty trick does cronus have up his sleeve? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you like that chapter. Yay! everything's looking up! It looks like there will be a happy ending after all. or will there? I may have another twist and I may not. All I can say is watch out. Because it could be anywhere. Anyways... please R+R and constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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