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All of the heroes run into serious problems.

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Archie reached the top of the mountain pretty fast. It was probably a record. He looked around and saw two pheonix's asleep in a nest. He slowly and very quietly walked over to the giant birds. He reached out a hand and plucked a feather. That was his first mistake. This woke the birds up and they weren't too happy. The huge birds spread their wings, knocking Archie off balance, and flew away. When Archie regained his balance he noticed that his 'friend' from earlier was back. ' Great! What else could go wrong?' he thought sarcastically. Then one of the Pheonix's set down behind him, it looked really angry. Archie looked from the Pheonix to the gargoyle like creature . Archie was stuck between an angry bird and a pysco bird. Not the best place to be when you're trying to save four people. The two creatures started to come at him. Archie didn't know what to do. He couldn't run anywhere. So, he dove to the ground, out go the way, hoping that it would at least lessen the pain he was about to feel. After a few moments he heard a loud and earth shattering screech. He looked up to see that the creatures weren't after him. They were after each other. In the fight a few of the pheonix's feathers had fallen to the ground. Archie got up and picked up the fallen feathers. He looked up once more to see that the pheonix's had teamed up on the gargoyle. ' I'd sure hate to be that thing rigth now.' Archie thought as he started to climb back down the mountain side. He was about three quarters down teh mountain side when the gargoyle thing crashed into the moutain rigth below his feet. The creature recovered and flew back to continue it's fight with the pheonix's. But as for Archie, the rocks below him gave way and he fell.


Jay had been walking along the same path for about three hours. He took out the picture of the flower he was supposed to retrieve. Then he put it away and looked for it. ' Chiron said this flower grows only in the shadiest of places.' Jay thought as he scanned the area. Then he spotted a shady area of the valley. He ran over there and couldn't believe what he was seeing. The flowers moved so majestically. ' Theresa would love to see this.' Jay thought. Then he felt great sorrow as he remembered that she had left. But he spirits did brighten when he remembered that Neil was out looking for her. ' I hope he finds them.' Jay thought as he walked down another path that led through the flowers. He picked about ten flowers before getting up to leave. When he turned around he came face to face with the creature that had ripped his climbing rope out of the ground. Jay drew his xiphos and put the flowers into his bag. The two circled each other and when Jay was in the perfect position, he turned and ran. Noramlly he would've stayed and fought but he had to save his friends. And right now that was way more important than getting even. He wished he had Atlanta's speed because right then he could've used it. The creature had started to bound after him. Jay made a sharp turn to the left and the creature slid into some rocks while trying to make the same turn. This bought Jay some time. As he neared the cliffs foot he noticed a path. ' Now why couldn't I have seen that on my way down?' Jay thought to himself as he ran towards it. He looked behind him, the creature had stopped following him. ' Maybe it was an illusion?' Jay thought as he started up the path, not slowing to walk. Within an hour and a half Jay was at the top of the valley. Parts of the path had crumbled so that made it much more difficult to climb. He started back to the rendez vouz point to meet Archie. He wondered how his friend was doing.


Back at the school things had taken a turn for the worse. Theresa's condition was worsening every second, Atlanta had passed out and no one knows why, Herry and Odie had just collapsed on the floor. Now all four were in Chiron's office laying on cots. Neil was way too worried to take out his mirror. He kept checking up on his friends. Chiron had gone to talk to Hera so Neil was left alone with them. Suddenly Theresa started to move. Neil was chacking up on Atlanta but ran over to Theresa. She was tossing and turning and Neil was clueless as to what he was supposed to do. So, he went to go get Chiron. ' He'll know what to do.' Neil thought as he rushed to Hera's office. Once he explained what was happening all three fo them went back to Chiron's office. They were looking at Theresa while Chiron searched for an answer. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then out of nowhere they heard a voice. It was Atlanta. They went over to her. She was also tossing and turning. But she was talking. They strained to hear what she was saying. It sounded almost like she was calling for Archie. Chiron had found no answer as to what was causing this. Hera left to see Hermes and ask him how the others were doing. Chiron went to the library to search for answers. And Neil stayed with his friends, thinking of what he could do to help them. Suddenly his PMR went off.
" Hello?" he said.
" Neil. Did you find them?" it was Jay.
" Yeah I did." Neil replied with some excitment.
" Did you get them to come back?" Jay asked.
" Yeah." Neil replied, dragging his answer out.
" How are they doing? Can I talk to Theresa?" Jay asked.
" Theresa is kind of unconsious right now." Neil said as he looked over at her.
" What about Odie?" Jay asked.
" He's sort of unconsious too." Neil replied.
" What about Herry or Atlanta?" Jay asked, he was breathing heavily, Neil assumed he was running.
" They're also unconsious." Neil said as Chiron returned.
" Okay. Well I have the flower. I'm going to meet Archie and then we're coming back." Jay said before turning off his PMR.
Neil hoped that they would make it in time. He looked at the clock. They had twelve hours to get here.

Will Jay and Archie make it back in time? What has happened to Archie? Is he okay? How will the others' conditions worsen? Read the next cahpter to find out.

AUHTORS NOTE: I hope you liked this chapter. Sorry that it was so short and had very little talking. There are only three or four more chapters left. I haven't decided which. Please R+R, constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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