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A Joyous Reunion

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This are getting better for the team. (sorry but I can't write a great summary without giving everything away. So you'll just have to read it.)

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AUTHORS NOTE: Hi. With high school starting tomorrow the updates will probably come every couple of days instead of everyday. Or sometimes once a week, it'll depend on the homework load. Well that's all I had to say... for now. So, on with the chapter!

As Jay briskly ran back to the beach he noticed that everything seemed different. He didn't remember seeing it when he went to the valley. He stopped at looked at his PMR. He was going the right way, so why did it all look so unfamiliar. Then he remembered where he was. ' Illusion Island. That's why everything is so odd.' he thought as he continued. He made it to the rendez vous point and waited. Jay waited for what seem like forever. He started to worry.
" Archie are you okay?" he asked into his PMR.
" Jay?" Archie asked, he sounded dazed and injured.
" Where are you?" Jay asked, some concern in his voice.
" The mountain collapsed and I fell. Luckily I didn't hit the ground. I landed on some rocks." the last part he said with sarcasm.
" DId you get the feathers?" Jay asked, the concern leaving his voice.
" Yeah. I'm on my back." Archie replied.
" Well I'm waiting at the rendez vouz spot." Jay said as he sat down on a piece of drift wood.
" Yeah I know." came Archie's response.
" What?" confusion laced Jay's voice.
" I can see you." Archie answered before putting away his PMR.
Jay put his away also as he saw his friend running up. They were just about to call Hermes when when an earth shattering scream cut through the peaceful air. It was so loud the two had to cover their ears. It didn't block out the scream. Jay looked up and saw the creature making the unstandable noise. As they locked eyes, the screeching ceased.
" A friend of yours?" Jay asked, not breaking eye contact with the creauture.
" No. More like an unwanted guest." Archie replied, taking out his Hephaestus whip.
The creature dove down towards them, knocking them both over. It pushed the air right out of them. Then the creature circled around and came back for them.


Back at the school the four teens' conditions were get worse. They became pale and their lips turned blue. If you didn't know better you could have sworn tehy just had hypothermia. Neil wanted to do something to help. He felt useless just standing around. He couldn't bear to his friends like this. He decided to take a walk. He walked past Hera's office, past Persephone's solarium, and into Hermes' office. He decided that he would see how his friends were doing.
" How are they doing?" Neil asked, as he entered the room.
" I'm not sure. They haven't called yet. They're running out of time." Hermes replied.
Neil started to walk back to Chiron's office. He took out his PMR and tried to call his friends.
" Jay? Archie? Are you guys okay?" Neil called into the small device.
He didn't get a response. Just silence. He shrugged and figured that they were busy getting the ingredients. He went back inside Chiron's office and checked on all his friends. Their breathing had gotten shallow and their pulses had slowed. Neil felt so helpless just standing there. He wanted to help. But there was nothing he could do but wait.


As the creature came hurtling back towards them they dove out of the way and it smashed into a tree, knocking it senseless. Jay picked up his PMR, which had been dropped to the ground when the creature started to shriek, and tried to call Hermes once more.
" Hermes? We've got the ingredients and we're at the rendez vous spot." Jay said.
" Okay. One portal home coming up." Hermes said throught the PMR.
Within seconds a light blue portal appeared before them and they stepped through. They exited in Hermes office, thanked him and ran to Dionysus. On their way to his lab they ran into Neil, literally. They gathered up all the ingredients and went to see Dionysus.
" Good you've got the ingredients." he greeted them.
He sent them away so he could work. They went to Chiron's office to see their friends. When they walked in Neil warned them.
" Brace yourself." he said before opening the door.
When they walked in they were greeted with a sad face from Chiron.
" What's wrong?" Jay and Archie asked at the same timee, worry and fear in their voices.
" Time is up. It's too late to give them the antidote." Chrion replied.
" No it's not. We still have six hours." Archie said, anger and sorrow in his voice.
" I'm afraid that the poison spread very quickly. There's nothing we can do." Chiron said.
" No. This can't be. I won't accept this. It's not too late!" Jay and Archie were both hysterical, full of anger, regret, sorrow and fury.
They stormed out of the room and met Dionysus in the hall. He handed them the antidote. They took it and rushed back to Chiron's office. They didn't care what he said. It wasn't too late. They would give them the antidote. Their friends would be alright.
Jay divided it up into four and gave two to Archie. It was a liquid so they had to make their friend drink it. Being unconsious made that a little harder. Jay lifted Herry head and poured the liquid into his mouth, he then set his head down and did the same with Theresa. As he placed her back down he brushed a piece of hair away from her face. Archie did the same as Jay to Odie and Atlanta. ( Odie was covered in flour so they could see him.) As he looked down at the girl he loved he felt tears form. He couldn't stand to see her like this. Chiron had left to talk to Hera, leaving the determined teens alone. it had been several minutes since they had given them the antidote. Neil placed a hand on each of their shoulders adn lead them away. It was too late. Just as they were about to leave the room they heard a cough. Then another. They turned around to see their friends coughing. It wasn't too late. The three boys were filled with happiness. They rushed to sides of their friends and watched as slowly they turned back to normal. Herry's scales and tail disappeared. Odie became visable again. Theresa's wounds disappeared. And Atlanta dreamt of all her friends, she remembered who and what everything was. Soon one by one they stared to wake up. First Herry, then Odie, then Atlanta and then Theresa. Atlanta looked up at Archie with a confused look.
" Atlanta?" Archie said, hope in his eyes.
" Yeah? What am I doing in Chiron's office Archie?" she replied.
All Archie could do was hug her. She was a little surprised and confused but she hugged him back.
" Why am I covered with flour?" Odie asked.
Everyone just laughed. Eventually he had to laugh too.
" Jay?" Theresa's voice was quiet.
" Theresa. You're okay!" he said with excitement.
She sat up and looked around.
" What's going on?" she asked.
" It's a long story." Jay replied, and hugged her.
She just smiled and hugged him back.
Herry stood up and fell back onto his bed, he was still a little exausted from everything. Changing into a lizard creature probably would do that to you. Everyone laughed. Things were great.

Is everything great? Will this last? Does Cronus have another plan to unleash on the teens? Read the next chapter to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked it. There are still a couple more chapters. Either 1, 2 or 3. I'm not sure yet. But I'm almost certain that there will be no more attacks or surprises from Cronus. But things could change. Please R+R. Constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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