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True Feelings

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True feelings are revealed.

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The teens had to sleep in the school that night just to be sure that everyone was okay. Nobody minded. They were just happy that things were back to nomal, well as normal as their lives could get. They all sleep soundly that night. The morning came soon and the teens were up and about. All except for Archie and Jay that is. They were still sleeping peacefully. Suddenly Neil came rushing into the room.
" Guys! Wake up! It's horrible. Just horrible!" he screamed.
The two boys slowly opened their eyes to see a frantic Neil running about.
" What's wrong? Lose your mirror?" Archie asked sarcastically as he stood up.
" No! It's The others They -they -they're--" He was totally freaking out. Suddenly a waved of fear and worry washed over the two boys.
" They're what?" Jay asked, concern clearly in his voice.
" The antidote. It didn't work! It's horrible. They're worse than ever" Neil dashed out of the room towards Chiron's office.
Jay and Archie exchanged worried glances then took off after him. They walked into Chiron's office to find it completely dark.
" What's going on? Where are they?" Archie asked, concern in his voice.
Suddenly the lights flickered on and everyone yelled.
" Surprise!"
Jay and Archie stumbled backwards at the sudden noise and blinding light. They looked around to see everyone was fine. No one was injured or sick. Then they spotted Neil. He was standing there grinning. All Jay and Archie could do was smile. Theresa and Atlatna walked over to them and hugged them. Jay and Archie hugged them back.
" What's going on?" Jay asked, finding his voice.
" It's a party." Theresa said as she placed a purple lei around his neck.
" Yeah. To say ' thanks ' for saving us and all." Atlanta added, placing a blue lei around Archie's neck.
" Are we going to party or what?" Neil asked.
He received many 'yeahs!' and 'whoo!' in agreeance. So, he walked over to the CD played and turned on the music. Many of the gods and goddess' were there as well. Archie adn Jay once again exchanged glances. They let the girls pull them onto the dance floor. Archie and Atlanta started to dance to the loud music. Theresa had gotten Jay to dance, again. Everyone was having fun. Then Jay stopped. He walked over to the door to Chiron's office and slipped out. Theresa had followed him but he didn't notice. He took out his PMR and was about to use one of the functions when suddenly it was snatched from his hands.
" Hey!" he protested as he turned to face Theresa you was holding it out tauntingly in front of him. He tried to grab it but she moved it out of the way and he fell. She leaned over him still holding the small device.
" Uh, uh, uh. No looking for Cronus. No work. Today we celebrate." she said as he stood up.
" But I....I wasn't looking for... I was just checking something and... " he rubbed the back of his neck as he realized that she wasn't buying his excuses.
" You were looking for him." she accused.
" Fine. You caught me. Now can I have that back?" he admitted as he made one last attempt to retrieve his PMR.
Theresa moved once again and Jay started to fall but this time he grabbed her wrist bringing her down with him. She let out a squeak of surprise and the PMR went flying. He scrambled to get and so did she. Unfortunetly she was faster adn had gotten it once again. But Jay was quicker to stand up. He stood up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He lifted her off the ground and she struggled to get away. Jay had stumbled bewards and they both fell to the ground again. Theresa turned around to face him. She stared into his brown eyes and he stared into her emerald eyes. They got closer and closer until they kissed. Their moment was interupted by Archie.
" Hey guys you're missing the..." he trailed off as he walked out to see Theresa laying on top of Jay and they were kissing.
They broke away from their kiss but were still lost in each others eyes. Archie just went back inside.
Atlanta walked up to him.
" Are they coming? What are they doing out in the hall?" she asked.
" They're having their own little party outside." Archie said with a smirk.
" Huh?" Atlatna was confused.
" Never mind." Archie said.
Atlanta just sighed and walked away. ' I wonder if she remembers what I said?' Archie thought as he watched her walk away.
Out in the hall Jay adn Theresa had gotten up from their awkward position on the floor. They were now sitting on a statue.
" Theresa, there's something that I've wanted to tell you since I met you." he started he was avoiding her eyes.
" Yeah..." she urged him to continue.
" Theresa," he took a deep breathe and looked her in the eyes, " I love you." he said.
Her eyes sparkled. She was overwelmed with happiness and joy.
" Jay you have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say that." she replied hugging him, " I love you too."
The two seperated from their hug and looked at each other. They were both a shade of red. Atlanta came out and stood there with her hands on her hips.
" Are you guys coming in or not?" she asked.
They looked at her and nodded. Both of them were at a loss of words. They got up, fingers interlocked and followed their friend back to the party. Atlanta noticed their hands nad pulled Theresa aside.
" What?" she asked, her cheeks still red.
" What's up with you and Jay?" she asked.
" Nothing." she replied smiling as she strode back to her brown haired leader.
Atlanta just sighed and rolled her eyes. " Right...' she thought as she turned to go find someone to talk to. As she walked around the room she found Archie. He was off to the side, looking out into the courtyard. She went up behind him and pulled his hoody hood up over his head.
" Hey!" he said as turned around, pulling his hood down.
He saw Atlanta smirking at him.
" Hi." she said.
" Uh hi." he replied.
There was a silence between them.
" Follow me." Archie said as he took her hand.
She followed him. He led her out to the courtyard where the sun was now high in the sky.
" What's up?" she asked as he let go of her hand.
Archie debated with himself whether or not to tell her.
" Atlanta, do you remember what happened when you were poisoned?" he asked, still not facing her.
" Uhhh, sort of." she replied, not knowing why he was asking her this.
" Do you remember when you ran away?" he still chose not to face her.
" No. Why?" she asked.
" So you don't remember what I said to you?" he asked.
" No. The last thing I remember is going for a run with you." she replied.
Archie took a deep breathe. ' Okay. I need to tell her. But what if she doesn't like me the same way? Well it can't be worse than what happened before.' he thought as he turned to face her.
" Atlatna, I... uh... I l-lo....uh I love.. y-you." he said, looking away.
Atlatna didn't know what to say. So many thoughts swirled in her mind. She just looked at him shocked. There was an uncomfortable silence. Then Atlanta opened her mouth to speak...

What will Atlanta say? Does she return his feelings? Will Archie be heart broken again? What will happen to Jay and Theresa? Read the final chapter to find out how everything ends up.

AUTHORS NOTE: Yay! Suspense! Atlanta may say she likes him back, but then again I could make it a happy ending for Jay and Theresa and an unhappy ending for Archie. Who's to say what I will do. evil laugh There's only one chapter left to this story tear. It will most likely be posted tommorow or... well all I know is that it will be posted before the end of the week. Well I hope you liked this chapter. Please R+R. Constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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