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A Real Dream Come True

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The heroes lives are better than ever. ( Final chapter * tears*)

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AUTHORS NOTE: Okay here's the last chapter to Illusion Island. tears. I hope you guys have liked my story and thanks to all those who've read and reviewed my stories. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!! Well Enjoy the last chapter. It's so sad, now I can't write it anymore. cries hysterically Oh well, there's alaway new stories to write. Oh and I was thinking about doing a sequel. So tell me what you think. Your decision will decide whether or not I write a sequel so please review. Anyways, enough out of me. On with the chapter...

" I- I- I-" all Atlanta could do was stutter.
She was completely shocked. She couldn't look Archie in the eyes. She lowered her gaze and focused it on the ground. Archie noticed this and his heart dropped. ' She didn't like him.' he thought. He turned to leave but she stopped him.
" A-archie wait." she said, her eyes still focused on the ground.
He didn't turn to look at her, but he did stop. So many thoughts raced through her mind. ' Do I like him? Should I tell him? What if this ruins our friendship?' she thought as she found the words she wanted to say.
" Archie I...," she paused, taking a deep breathe and looking up at him, " I love you too."
Archie spun around. Excitement and joy sparkled in his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her in a hug but she pulled away. Archie was confused. He looked at her. She only blushed. Then she looked up at him and gave him her mischevious smile. Then she leaned in towards him and kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back. As they broke the kiss she whispered.
" Hugs are for friends."
He smiled. She smiled back. Their moment was interupted.
" Finally." came Neil's sarcastic remark from the doorway.
The two looked over and saw their five friends standing there. They all wore huge smiles. Especially Theresa. The seven went back in to the party and had some fun.
By the time the party had ended it was after dinner. Everyone had had an awsome time, even Jay. They all headed back to the brownstone to relax and watch a movie. When they got there the seven heroes found that they had no new movies.
" Well why don't we just go rent one?" Theresa asked as she sat on the couch beside Jay.
" Okay." came the replies of the teens.
" Me and Atlanta will run to the movie store." Archie offered.
" Sure." Herry said.
" Race ya." Atlanta challenged as she passed Archie.
He took off after his fiery haired friend. The two reached the store within five minutes. They picked out a few movies to watch. One horror movie, one comedy and an action thriller. They raced back to the brownstone and Atlanta won. She waited for Archie before entering the house. He came up, breathless and red faced, she giggled. She reached for the doorknob but Archie grabbed her hand.
" There's just one thing I need to know..." he started.
" What's that?" she asked.
" Does this mean your my girlfriend now?" he asked, his face turning even redder.
She leaned in and kissed him on the lips again then smiled as she pulled away.
" I guess it does." she replied, smiling as she entered the house.
Archie stood there, even more breathless then he was from running fifteen blocks. His thoughts about Atlanta were interupted by a yell.
" Archie? Are you coming?" Herry called eager to watch the movies.
" Yeah." he called back as he entered the house, shuting the door.
He enter the living room to find that Jay and Theresa had curled up together on one couch, Theresa laying in Jay's arms, Odie and Neil sat on the other and Herry was in the comfy chair. Atlanta was laying on her stomach in front of the t.v. Archie smiled and snuck up on her. Since she was talking to Theresa she was distracted. He reached his hands out and tickled her. She let out a squeak and turned to face her attacker. He smiled at her and stopped as the movie started. Archie layed down on the floor beside her and she nudged him with her elbow. He looked her and she stuck her toungue out at him. He stuck his out at her in retailiation.
The seven heroes watched the first two movies. First the horror, then the comedy. After the second movie only the two newly found couples were still awake. Archie and Atlanta had moved to the couch were Odie and Neil had been sitting and Theresa and Jay wer asleep. About halfway through the last movie Atlanta fell asleep too, leaning her head against Archie's shoulder. As the final movie finished, Archie had also fallen asleep and everything was perfect.
When morning came Atlanta woke to the smell of food. She sat up and stretched. She looked around and saw Theresa and Jay still asleep on the couch, her still in his arms. She got up and walked towards the kitchen, with suspicion. Athena was at the school on weekends so who was cooking? Atlanta walked into the kitchen and her mouth dropped open. She stoood staring at Archie... and he was cooking. He turned around to see her staring at him. He blushed. No one had ever known that he could cook. Not even his parents. He had taught himself. Her look of shock faded to a smile. She took a seat as Archie pulled it out for her. He sat down across from her and they talked quietly. Soon Herry, Odie and Neil entered the kitchen. They had all smelled the breakfast that Archie was preparing.
" Arch, I didn't know you could cook." Odie said as he sat down.
" Yeah it smells delicious." Herry added.
Archie placed some eggs, bacon and toast in front of them. Neil looked at it, smelled it and then tasted it. His face lit up.
" This is the best thing I've ever tasted." he exclaimed as he ate some more.
Not too long afterwards they were joined by Theresa and Jay. Jay had taken a seat but Theresa had dragged Atlanta into the other room.
" So..." she said with a smile spreading across her face.
" So? What?" Atlanta asked as she sat on the couch.
" So what's with you and Archie?" Theresa asked, sitting beside her friend.
Atlanta couldn't help but smile when Theresa had mentioned his name.
" What about me and Archie?" Atlanta asked, trying to hid her smile.
" Oh come on. I see the way you look at him. And that kiss you gave him." she said, her smile growing wider.
" Well-" she was cut off by Odie.
" Hera wants us all down at the school. Training. Remember." he said as he headed for the door.
Atlanta sighed in relief, and gave Theresa a shrug before heading for the door after Odie.
Theresa got up and walked over to Herry's truck with Jay. While Herry drove, Theresa and Jay sat up front talking. Atlanta and Archie sat behind them debating about something and Odie was typing on his computer while talking to Neil. Jay looked at all his friends. ' Things are back to normal.' he thought. Then he looked at Theresa and she smiled at him. ' No. They're better than normal... they're perfect.' he thought as they continued to talk. The seven arrived at the school and went to see Hera. She congratulated Jay, Archie and Neil on saving them all. Then they were sent off to train with with Ares and Theresa was sent to see Persephone. The six had started training while Theresa went to see her mentor. The six were practicing sparing. Theresa entered Persephone's solarium and saw her mentor standing by a rose bush. Persephone smiled at Theresa as she walked closer.
" We are going to work on your telepathy today." Persephone said.
Theresa nodded and they began. They seven trained for about four hours before they were allowed to leave. Atlanta and Archie went for a run in the park and the others went back to the brownstone. Odie, Herry and Neil were watching t.v. when Atlanta and Archie got back. Theresa and Jay were up on the roof. Atlanta and Archie went up to join them. The two couples sat up there and watched the sun set. Theresa was leaning against Jay and Atlanta was in Archie's arms. Theresa and Jay went to bed as soon as the sun had gone down. They stopped at Theresa's door.
" Good night." He said as she looked up at him.
" Night." she said and kissed him good night.
Theresa entered her room and Jay went to his room. They both fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Back up on the roof Atlanta and Archie were sitting on the chairs. Altanta had fallen asleep in Archie's arms. He looked down at her and that was the last sight he saw before he fell into a wonderful sleep.


AUTHORS NOTE: There you have it. That's my story. I hope you liked it. Please rate and review. And tell me if you think I should write a sequel. If you want a sequel to be written it will be done... eventually (lol) Well Please read my other stories sometime... 'The Darkness Within' and ' The Long Lost Past.' Also I will be coming out with a new story sometime soon so watch out for that. Well Thanks again to all those you have read and reviewed my story. You all rock. I love you! ( in a non-wrong way.) ^_^
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