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OH MY GOD! I'm such an idiot! I by accident added this chapter to the wrong story! I'm so sorry, I'm an idiot. In this chapter, Delilah talks to Julius

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Delilah's point of view:

I woke up with the biggest heartache. It felt as if someone ripped my heart out. I got dressed in a hurry, to see how poor Juls was doing. I went to the hospital wing. I used the key that Al gave me. Julius was still sleeping in his glass box. There was no doctors in there at the moment, but a female doctor approched me.

"Delilah Devonshire?"


"Julius been asking all day if you came yet. He said he wanted you to wake him up if he fell asleep."

"Thanks...oh wait, does this mean I get to see him?"

"Of course."


I almost ran to the door of Julius' cage, but the doctor stopped me. "He might be contagious, remember?"

She took out a little white bottle, and sprayed it all over my body. "There, now you're good to go see him."

"Thanks." I replied.

"Before you go, I should warn you." She told me. "He's very weak, and is on lots of meds and pain killers. He probley won't talk that he's so weak. He'll probley be drowsy, too."

I went to the door of the glass building, and I hesitated to open the door, as if it might electricute me of something. Why was I scared to go in there? Was I scared seeing Julius in pain? I would want Julius to see me if I was in his position, so I sucked him up, and went in. When I shut the door behind me, Julius' eyes snapped open. He gave a weak smile.

I went up to him, and sat on the side of the bed. Julius starred at me, and I starred at him. I put his hand into mine.

"How you doing, hon?" I said.

Woah, I never called Julius "hon" before. That wasn't like me. I was hurt when Julius didn't answer, but I remembered her saying he's so weak, he can't even talk. Julius gave me a weak, comforting smile, and tighted his grip on my hand. I smiled back at him.

But soon, Julius' grip began tighter, and tighter, till it began to hurt. He then began to groan, like he was in pain. He than began to scream, and held his head.

"Julius?" I cried out, getting scared. "Julius?"

A doctor quickly ran in, and gave him some pills.

"These are strong pain killers," he explained. "He's been needing these lots lately."

The doctor then left, and Julius slowly calmed down.

"One hell of a day, hey Julius?" I asked him.

Julius managed to give a little smile. I found a cup of water with a straw in it on the nightstand beside his bed. I picked it up, took Julius' oxygen mask out for a second, and gave him a drink. Julius drank slow, and hardly drank anything. I then put the cup back down, and put the oxygen mask back on him. I grabbed Julius' hand again, to let him know I'll always be here for him. Julius held my hand, starring at me. Then, I did something that I never did before. I went up to him, bend down, and kissed him on the forhead. Julius fliched a little bit in surprise, but he smiled, with his pale skin blushing.

I then fixed Julius' blankets, and tucked him in as if he was a little helpless child. I thought Julius wanted some rest, so I was about to leave, when I heard him moaning. I turned around, and realized that moaning wasn't becaue he was in pain. It was because he wanted to get my attention. He extened his hand out to reach mine. He didn't want me to leave, and neither did I. I sat back on his bed, and held his hand again for the third time.

(a/n: sorry for the short chapter, but I'm gonna be late for voulenteering, later!)


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