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Revenge is sweet

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Oneshot. This what happens when Jack sees one of his mutinous crew members who somehow managed to escape the noose. Please...please review!

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The blackness that surrounds your eyes taunts me, your rum-filled breath taunts me, your golden teeth taunt me. Everything about you taunts me. I can feel my mind snapping under your gaze. You're applying too much pressure, through your eyes. You want me to snap. I can see it in your expression.

You are smirking at me, noticing the beads of sweat gathering at my temples. You are too close, too close for my comfort. You are moving closer, and I back up. You hold up your mug of ale, as if making a toast and take a swig. You leave the cup on the table as you advance on me. I am tripping on my own insecurities. You are floating on your ego. People are staring now, I can feel their eyes on my back. I swallow, even though my mouth is completely dry. You have waited for this moment. A long time.

I am pressed against a wall now, and you are still walking closer, staring at me, willing me to break and give in to you. I am trying to convince myself that you can't see into the depths of my soul, to the black heart there. I feel no regret for what I did. I am a pirate, you are a pirate. I thought you would be understanding. But you aren't. You are looking for revenge. I am looking for escape. By now, you are much too close, too close for me to slip away. I could try to convince you that I did what I did to secure my spot, to insure that I wouldn't perish. Perhaps it would have been wiser to perish, for now I don't know what you'll do to me, before killing me.

Your eyes flash, a mischeivous flash, and I know you can see the fear in my eyes. You grab the front of my tunic, you pull me outside. The air is cold, and our breath steams. I am breathing hard, anxiety making my heart pump faster. You are calm. You are still holding my tunic with your right hand. Your left hand is balled into a fist at your side, your rings are glinting in the pale moonlight. So fast I hardly see, your left hand is at my throat. Squeezing all the air out of me. I never thought you could actually kill. But here you are, with your bare hands.

The world is dimming, going in and out of focus. I can't breathe and my lungs are crying out for air. I croak, but you don't loosen your grip. Your eyes are cold. You let go of my tunic and are now only holding me with your left hand around my throat. You smile an evil smile, a smile that holds no mercy, and you squeeze even harder. My legs fall out from under me, and your right hand flies under my shoulder, holding me upright by my armpit. I'm gasping. My thoughts are no longer constructed. My eyes roll into my head. You let go, and I fall to the ground, gasping for air, but getting nothing. You crushed my windpipe.

The last thing I see before the darkness engulfs me is your face floating in mine. You are saying something:

"Revenge is sweet....savvy?"

And my world goes black.
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